The Labour government’s anti-family tax system

How Labour’s tax system punishes couples for being married

Married couples are being brutally punished by Labour’s tax and benefit system, according to research to be published tomorrow.

Experts say that couples where one partner works and the other stays at home are the worst affected, paying a far higher proportion of their incomes to the taxman than in almost any other civilised country.

Britain is almost alone in failing to reward couples that stay together, according to the first international study of its kind.

And, compared to European Union states, the average family is paying 25 per cent more tax.

I am not surprised in the least. It fits the theory of socialism/ communism and also the method of keeping people closer to the poverty line while extracting more wealth from the hard working taxpayer. To spend on more CCTV and the like probably.

In other OECD countries, the tax paid by one-earner married couples on average wages is around 50 per cent of that paid by a single person on the same income.

But in Britain the figure is 75 per cent – even when tax credits and child benefit are taken into account. The findings will fuel concern that Labour’s tax and benefit policies are helping to destroy family life.

Often, critics say, couples who break up will be better off than if they had stayed together.

Which is the point. Broken families (single mothers and disenfranchised men) suit the agenda of big government. Women are more likely to vote the same government in because they benefit (or they think they do). Of course, thinking of society as a whole seems to be beyond the capacity of the empowered woman of today, instead choosing tyranny (being taken care of) rather than freedom (responsibility for their own actions) which is why Marx spoke of using women to turn society on its head.

Care said the tax system had been increasingly tilted against one-earner married couples with children.

Tory leader David Cameron is promising to deliver a major shift in the tax and benefit system which could mean an extra £3,000 a year for some couples.

The Conservatives also say they would end the “couple penalty” in the benefit system which gives a single parent the same amount that is offered to couples – effectively encouraging couples to part and claim extra cash.

Now in the UK the political parties are not far removed from each other, both worshipping the European Union and essentially will end up destroying Britain (unless there is revolution). This policy would make obvious sense though. Well, it would to anyone who actually cared about families to begin with…

Robert Rowthorn, professor of economics at Cambridge University, said the system had once acknowledged marriage and family obligations through special arrangements for married couples and tax allowances for dependent children.

He added: “These have been almost entirely abolished by politicians who regard themselves as the standard bearers of modernity and women’s emancipation.

“Those who question the wisdom or fairness of what has happened are dismissed as reactionaries seeking to turn the clock back to a mythical golden age.

“To accept their proposals, it is claimed, would put Britain out on a limb and cut off from the common practice of other economically developed countries. Nothing could be further from the truth – modern Britain is now the exception.”

Professor Rowthorn said: “The system is resented because it is so biased against one-earner couples who wish to look after their own children.

“There is growing recognition that it penalises stable couples and encourages family breakdown and un-partnered childbearing.”

Encouraging broken homes forces single parents to rely on the government more. Social(ist) services such as government childcare, schooling and benefits create a situation where the government has much more control over the demographic they are most interested in. The next generation. Women become more dependent on big government handouts and the children are exposed to ‘global citizen’ propaganda in schools (as the women have to work) and men are relegated to sperm donors, wage slaves and workers of the jobs women don’t want to do or that require highly specific skills.

Of course, feminists and their ilk will continue to attack women to ‘don’t recognise their own oppression’ by say, wanting to be with the children and not spend every waking moment slaving away in some shit hole. But I think it is established that they only group the selfish liberal middle classed spoilt bitches actually benefit are elitists. In other words, not you.

Government view other men in society as the enemy. Therefore societies’ men, being the staunchest defenders of freedom and individuality, must be disarmed so the government can wrestle power from society to itself. Along with other anti-social policies such as mass immigration, quotes like the following start should beginning to make a lot more sense:

“To achieve One World Government it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, their loyalty to family traditions and national identification.” – Brock Chisholm, while director of UN World Health Organization.

The nuclear family unit represents a system big government hates because of its intrinsic strength and loyalty to itself before ‘government.’ Big government is positioning itself as the centre of family life using the tax system. Why? Because it seeks to centralise power. All of these banker-Bilderberg controlled groups are centralising power and then signing it away to larger groups. Massive supra-national consolidation.

Mr Gordon ‘wasn’t voted in, refuses referendums, sold off our gold’ Brown is continuing to push the agenda for world government as I write this, while the public reel from constant fluff from corporate media and stress from social collapse and money worries.

Like a magicians trick, you must keep the viewer distracted long enough to take the wallet out of his pocket and he will never notice what happened until it already has.

5 thoughts on “The Labour government’s anti-family tax system

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  4. I agree. The government is using the already unfair tax system to bribe society in certain directions.

    Taxes should be a lot lower anyway, the government is keeping it as high as possible for wealth extraction.

    Like I’ve said before, there are so many corrupt money grabbing scum in government that the only thing will be revolution. It needs to be cleaned out.

  5. I don’t agree with evening things out by giving the couple more money. Where is this extra money coming from?

    What needs to be done is to keep the current amount for a couple, but drastically reduce the amount given to single parents since there is one less mouth to feed.

    More suckling on the government’s teet only creates a larger problem.

    Eliminating this huge benefit would force people to work on their relationships or to not get knocked up in the first place.

    Currently there is no incentive for the woman to work on the relationship, this is why divorce rates are so high.

    No relationship is perfect, there is no such thing as a “soulmate”, you realize that quickly when you reach adult maturity. Every couple has some problems. But most women today are unwilling to compromise or budge at all to make it work, since they receive more money if they leave.

    This is a simple cause and effect problem, really simple. Eliminate the benefits of getting a divorce, and you will fix many social problems.

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