CCTV Part 1

There is something of a continual debate here in the UK regarding CCTV. On one side are those who see the technology as a benefit, to catching criminals etc, they usually have had something happen to them, or know someone who has so it is a lot more personal. Otherwise they just use the ‘well if you have nothing to hide…’ argument.

From The Guardian:

Your private life on show to civil servants? More bureaucrats, local and national, having access to your personal information – through data-sharing and data-matching bet- ween government databases, through access to your telephone and email data, through the national database that will lie behind a “smart” identity card. Your health records on tap to researchers by ministerial order – your doctor can’t say no. Local authorities, even health trusts, able to put you under covert surveillance.

I am firmly in the ‘NO CCTV’ camp. The idea that the ever-growing parasitic corporate government and its equally corrupt subsidiaries have eyes (and now ears and mouths) watching almost every square metre of Britain does not encourage the concept of a free people. Most people who bleat on about CCTV have little or no idea about how prevalent it is, who has access to it and the potential for function creep.

I am going to address some of these issues now.


Britain is now widely known as a surveillance society[1], it contains 20% of the worlds CCTV cameras. Quite high when you consider the fact that the UK only makes up 0.164% of the planets inhabited space.[2]

People say it lowers the crime rate. Well it doesn’t, the crime rate is rising.[3] (There are, to be fair, a large number of factors involved when producing the crime rate, as it represents a reflection of the state of society in general, I will deal with this later).

The first CCTV was more or less useless, with low resolution black and white cameras so bad they couldn’t spot the difference between a globalist and a human being. But it accomplished what it was really intended for, which was getting the people used to being watched. That means all of us. By placing cameras all over the place, the weak-minded public were brainwashed by the government into believing it is there to prevent crimes against them, like robbery, rape etc.

In some situations it has helped with evidence, but that is almost inconsequential in the scheme of things. The psychological consequence of the people thinking they are being ‘protected’ serves to actually disarm and weaken the public. By thinking someone or something else will do the protecting, the people lose the ability of doing it themselves. This is part of a larger plan to render you, the people of the UK, completely harmless and infantile, ready to run to your daddy government for any little reason.

Your complete submission and reliance on the government is the big picture here. Part of the justification of placing ever-more CCTV about the place is the idea of ‘combating crime’. As I said earlier, crime is a side effect of anti-social social policies. Encouraging chaos and fear is part of the Marxist governments idea of becoming your ‘saviour’.

It is the classic problem-reaction-solution paradigm. If you don’t know what that is, I suggest you read up on it as it is THE modus operandi of those who seek to enslave you.

So, now the ignorant, frilly entertainment loving, apathetic public have been desensitised to the point of attacking those who question the need or the real motives behind CCTV. the government is liberated to begin upgrading those CCTV with microphones and loudspeakers. Now they need to listen to your conversations and bark orders, 1984 style at you because you obviously cannot behave according to the state’s rules.

Remember what I said about infantilism? Now you need to be told to pick up your rubbish, you bad child!

And while they’re at it, you wouldn’t mind if they installed x-ray scanners in lamp posts to see through your clothes, who knows, you might be a terrorist. How about smart software to be able to judge and predict your behaviour from those warm cuddly cameras you love so much.

If you aren’t doing anything wrong how can you argue against them? It’s a classic excuse based on a a set of rules that have been arbitrarily defined by those who seek to dissolve your freedoms. They weren’t set by you or me. How about the idea of putting cameras in your house, in every room?

Oh you wouldn’t like that. ‘But my house is my private space, the street isn’t’.

No it isn’t, but the street doesn’t belong to anyone, or it belongs to everyone. It sure as hell doesn’t belong to the government so what makes you think it’s okay for them to drench the country in CCTV? How about if private companies starting putting them up on every street, selling the data they’re collecting on you. Using it to judge your shopping habits so they can market more crap to you maybe?

By the way, I almost forgot. Just because the state administers the cameras, don’t go thinking for one second that all sorts of private firms don’t have easy access to it.

What isn’t wrong with this picture?


From Spyorg:

Do you want CCTV images of yourself sold to broadcast TV and video companies, without your permission, and without paying any royalties to you ? Where CCTV images are used as evidence of crime, are there proper procedures to prevent unauthorised editing or tampering with the evidence ? Is it right that CCTV systems can automatically tag your behavior in a public place as “suspicious” ?

What are the criteria for removal of suspects images in facial recognition or video ID parade databases ? Are they entered for the duration of an investigation, or are you branded as a suspect for life, in the same way as DNA databases seem to be abused ?

Will the results of facial recognition analysis e.g. number of women, numbers of whites, asians or blacks walking down the street, be sold to marketing companies, or handed over to racists ?

How do you know these things won’t happen? Because the communist daddy state said so? Ah diddums, the government has already done back-room deals to sell the data it collects about you to private firms.

The fact that the government has decided that everyone needs to be watched all of the time should make you think.

Yes, think. Something you don’t do much of when you’re dribbling in front of the TV.

Think. The government wants to watch us all because it considers us all a potential threat. It wants to be able to watch and study our every movement, not because we are free individuals in OUR country, but because we are sheep in THEIR country. They have no trust of us.

But their job isn’t to trust us or not. Their job is to serve us. That’s it. Anything else they are doing has ulterior motives. It is that simple. You can try and avoid it all you like. ‘Oh the government wouldn’t do that, bleah bleah fucking bleah.’

You limp-wristed morons. Get a fucking spine. Unless you don’t mind being enslaved, with technology that can scan your face from a distance, track your movement through the city, link you with your purchases, spending habits, track everyone you come into contact with, analyse your walking pattern, see through your clothes, build an unbelievably detailed profile of you (which the state needs for what exactly, apart from selling it on?) and all of this to protect you? From what, terrorists? The same ‘terrorists’ who have the wonderful good luck of having this CCTV constantly fail whenever they were out there doing their alleged terrorist stuff. Seriously, 400,000 cameras in London and all over the Underground, and none of them were working?

Maybe if they were working they would have seen this:

Bruce Lait, in a tube carriage in which an explosion occurred:

As they made their way out, a policeman pointed out where the bomb had been. “The policeman said ‘mind that hole, that’s where the bomb was’. The metal was pushed upwards as if the bomb was underneath the train. They seem to think the bomb was left in a bag, but I don’t remember anybody being where the bomb was, or any bag,” he said. [Cambridge News]

Maybe they would have been able to show the same things this man saw:

Which brings up something else about CCTV. As the government markets their public surveillance network as an infallible crime-rate smashing-super-good-great-thing (which never seems to fucking work when it’s convenient for the government), the people grow to believe in it’s ‘truth’ completely (that is part of the psy op). So showing one frame of so-called footage is enough to convince the public that whatever the police say must be true, they’re got a picture! Sure it’s distant and grainy, and actually looks like it’s been forged, but it must be true! I mean, it’s on the TV!


Don’t you feel safe?

They want to make us feel like we don’t need our freedoms so we won’t complain when the government takes them (for our safety of course). It wants to administer your life, your money, your freedom to you when it sees fit. If it sees you and the body language recognition software flags you as a potential pain in the states’ arse, it can just send the police round, or get more invasive surveillance put on you. Technically you could be a terrorist. What I mean by that is, someone who incites terror in the scum bags running this country. (Like those who want their freedom and their country back from the globalists).
There is only so much power in any society. Societies always begin with the people having it, as societies are built up around communities, and for those communities to accept the idea of a council, the council must agree to serve the people.

This current UK government is Marxist/ Communist. This is apparent in its continuing attempts to power grab everything from the people, to control everything. Like I said earlier, it does this by convincing you idiots that you need the State to do these things because you can’t do it for yourself.

Wake up people, please, as time is running out. CCTV is a pinprick compared to other issues I have become aware of. But you have you understand the State is dedicated to scaring the shit out of you, then attempting to portray itself as your friend as it swoops in to ‘protect’ you from whatever fear-mongering IT has been doing to you. But you have to give up some of your power as people. Every time. Just a bit more here, a bit more there.

If I were you, I’d get MAD!!


‘We are waking up to a surveillance society all around us’

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Philip Johnston’s award winning article on the State.

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[1] Privacy International – Leading surveillance societies in the EU and the World
[2] Total inhabited land area: 148,939,063 km2. UK land coverage: 244,820 km2.
[3] Crime figures, Home Office.

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