Multiple false rape accuser finally jailed.

Elizabeth Jones, 22, admitted she lied about the latest rape allegation because she “did not like” the man she accused of attacking her, Southampton Crown Court was told.

Her latest victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was arrested and questioned for nine hours before being released without charge.

After a judge jailed her for 16 months, it emerged today that she made her first complaint in 2004 aged just 13 before alleging other men had attacked her over the next nine years.

Another disgusting bitch acting without impunity, mollycoddled by the misandric state who always views the female as the ‘victim’ regardless of the circumstances. And why not? Men are all evil right?

Even after all of those nasty lies, she only gets jailed for 16 months. In a comfy community centre prison. She’ll do half that. 

Do you know what the going rate is for a rape conviction for a man? Well, the sentencing guidelines suggest you begin from at least five years. (It’s on page 23).

I guess we’re not equal after all. What’s that? You’re expecting feminists to come out of the woodwork demanding equal sentencing?


I will declare Carbon Dioxide a pollutant: Obama

Obama to Declare Carbon Dioxide Dangerous Pollutant

Just like that. Not quite turning water to wine, but the Messiah of the NWO is getting there, eh. Click his fingers and turn a natural gas that has been around for billions of years (and which plants ingest) into a pollutant that can suddenly be regulated and taxed. Oh yes, you evil serfs poisoning the planet with your breathing! You smelly poor, stupid humans, how dare you! Gaia belongs to the fascist, socialist, one world government elitists like Obama, McCain etc.

It of course would give Obama the ability to control the USA’s industry, energy production and almost everything else, as Carbon dioxide production/ release is a critical side-effect of developed society, so to control it means controlling the things that produce it (enjoy your last free breaths). Pay no attention to the fact that the total CO2 in the atmosphere comes to a staggering 0.038%, whereas water vapour contributes 95% to the greenhouse effect.  This is the actual point of the AGW scam. To centralise control and power. Why not ban H20 use by humans (except the rich socialists of course, not that they’re human). Fuck it, while we’re at it, ban the Sun! That motherfucking thing forces climate change on the WHOLE SOLAR SYSTEM! I would suggest taxing it profusely, but it’s over a million times bigger than the Earth and it would be a bitch to enforce. We could ask God to help but that fella is caught up in a lawsuit at the moment.

CO2 a pollutant. Seriously? It’s no less a pollutant that Oxygen or Carbon, you know, that stuff life on Earth is based on. Oh wait a minute… Carbon… Dioxide… Tax and regulation on life, anyone? I swear, this crazy son-of-a-bitch is just one step away from declaring the human race as a pollutant.

Now what fascist Magog worshipping eugenicist One World Government Dictatorship dreaming elite-cockjockey dipshit socialist could say no to that… Yes We Can, it is then!

Modern environmentalism (Club of Rome) is merely another front for one world government using bog standard Hegelian Dialetic, only this time, the human race are the ‘terrorists’, not Tim Osman and his band of merry men.

What the fuck next… State-controlled thermostats or banning the incandescent lightbulb?

39 year old woman sleeps with 14 year old boy, walks free

Apparently it is because he ‘seduced’ her. A 14 year old seduced a 39 year old.

No, I’m not kidding.

Daily Mail

A mother who had sex with a 14-year-old walked free from court today after the judge said the boy seduced her.

Sharon Edwards’ husband, who suspected that she was having an affair, discovered that his love rival was a youngster from their two sons’ school.

The couple’s marriage was on the rocks when he began checking the 39-year-old’s computer for MSN messages and found his identity.

He told the boy’s mother who called in the police, said prosecutor Tina Dempster.

Blonde Edwards said that they had sex for the fourth and final time that night, and on another occasion it happened at her sister’s home when the sister was away.

Miss Dempster told Teesside Crown Court that Edwards’ husband Mark first became suspicious because she was exchanging 50 text messages a day with the boy.

The Edwards’s marriage was rocky by the end of 2007 and they decided to try to make a go of it.

But it became apparent to him by the end of October last year that his wife was having an affair. When he confronted her she denied it.

He spoke to her about the number of text messages she was sending to the boy but she said they were just having a laugh.

Yeah, it’s hilarious when female paedophiles get off scot-free. HAHAHA. Continue reading

Zeitgeist – Addendum is now online

Watch it, discuss it. Analyse your lives in the context of society. Research these systems, question your imposed reality. Free your mind and your body will follow.

You can view the first version of Zeitgeist here.

Happy Father’s Day

To all the Dad’s out there, wanna wish you all a good Father’s Day. Contrary to the scumbag feminists and communist liberal government minions, Dad’s are much needed and much loved, more now than ever.

Tyrants throughout the ages have always understood and appreciated the power of men in society, especially men with families. They knew that fathers really don’t take kindly to having their family attacked by anyone, people in the street to government.

Marx knew that the key to destroying civilisation was to take men away from their families. Governments know that separating a man from his children removes that natural protective barrier that Dad puts up. It is almost impossible to brainwash the next generation with Dad’s still in the picture. That is why the State seeks to remove men from their families. Fatherless families are responsible for almost all of societies ills.

I don’t care what anybody says, or how ‘un-pc’ it is, but as a general rule, single mothers don’t cut the mustard the way the compliment pandering media and feminists would have you believe.

Families in meltdown, judge says

The effects of fatherless families is well documented, on the page Discrimination Against Men, the following is stated;

Mother headed households tend to produce the majority of our criminals, and of our drug users. This is one of the principle reasons for the surge in crime rate both here and in the US. The rising crime rate has tracked the increase in the number of fatherless families. Many studies have found that that the presence of the biological father is a powerful protector against delinquency.

The study ‘Experiments in Living: The Fatherless Family” documents the effects carefully, it is definitely worth a read.

In the event of separation, we all know the reality of child custody. The idea that the children suddenly start not wanting to see their father tends to be down more to the mother manipulating the children against their dad. This is called ‘Parental Alienation Syndrome’. I personally know of many many example where women will use the children as an emotional battering ram to hurt their ex-boyfriend/ husband, disobey court visitation orders (with no repercussions) and generally do their best to keep the children’s father way from them, regardless of the detrimental effects this will have on the children. It goes to show how little these ‘mothers’ think, by attacking the children’s father they are attacking part of the children. But they don’t care, as long as they get what they want right?

Extracts from Justice 4 my father, says daughter of rooftop protester;

But then as Lisa points out, brushes with the law are nothing new to her 49-year-old father. During the decade he spent fighting for full access to his three daughters after his wife walked out and took them with her, the driving instructor faced 133 court appearances before 33 different judges, two stints in jail and went on a hunger strike.

The irony is that Mark’s case is now resolved: Lisa, his eldest, now lives with him. So does his 17-year-old daughter. Another daughter, aged 15, lives nearby with her mother, but visits at least twice a week. He now has everything he fought for.

I think this is more common than people realise. Once the kids meet their dad again and notice he isn’t the fire breathing psychopath their manipulative mum made him out to be, they end up wanting to get away from her. After his wife just upped and left, this happened;

‘She told me that she deeply regretted what she had done and asked if I would take her back,’ said Mark. ‘I refused. I was too hurt and angry. The following day, she changed her telephone number and from then on she refused even to answer the door to me, let alone let the children see me.’

Life soon became a round of court appearances. At first, Mark was granted unrestricted access. But at the same time his wife applied to have his visits reduced, saying it was ‘ confusing’ for the girls to see him.

The Family Court agreed and cut his access from three times a week to once a week and finally to once a fortnight.

A year after they separated, the couple divorced. And that year, 1996, Mark returned to court in a bid to see more of his daughters. This time, he asked if they could come and live with him. His wife retaliated by saying that seeing him was unsettling the girls. The judge’s response was astonishing by any standards: he severed all Mark’s rights of access.

‘I was devastated,’ he said. ‘But I couldn’t let that stop me being a father to them.’ To show he cared, he stood on the street and waved to them when their mother drove them to school each morning. His ex-wife took out an injunction to stop him.

The secret Family Courts seem all too happy to limit access to fathers, maybe it is part of their feminist ‘retraining’. His daughter was manipulated by her mother, but this story has a happier ending then most in this situation;

In the end, it was Lisa, not the courts, who resolved the situation-Over the years, she admits, she had given up on her father.

‘We thought he didn’t love us any more,’ she says.

When her father was jailed, it served only to reinforce what she says were her mother’s words: ‘I told you he was a bad man.’

Mum’s hate for dad seemed to run so deep, to keep her happy and get the social workers off my back, I told them all I never wanted to see him again. Turning love to hate seemed easier.’

Over the years, she occasionally saw her father on TV. ‘One day, I caught him being interviewed along with some other dads who were also banned from seeing their children,’ she says.

‘As I listened to them all talk about how all they wanted was to be allowed to be fathers to their own kids, I felt a pang for my own dad and what we’d lost.’

On March 21, 2001, she telephoned her father out of the blue, saying that she and her youngest sister were at a bus stop with their bags packed and wanted to come and live with him.

‘Seeing Lisa again for the first time in six years was incredible,’ recalled Mark, who has written a book, Family Court Hell, about his experiences.

It took that man an epic amount of work to see his own children, such is the enthusiasm of our disgusting anti-nuclear family socialist Social Services and Marxo-feminist scum in denigrating the positive effects of fathers. I went through similar situations with my dad and my ex-mum (bitch), but I’m not going to go into it, this blog isn’t about me or about how the CPS refuse to prosecute my ex-stepmum (feminist idiot) for abuse even though there are 5 written statements confirming it occured over a period of about 15 years with two generations of kids. ‘Not enough evidence’ apparently. I wonder how much evidence it would take to get a man in court for ‘abuse?’

Anyway, enough about that, this post is to show Dad’s we care, even if we don’t say it all the time, or if you make mistakes (or we do), it doesn’t matter. I’m so glad I wasn’t brought up by a woman… Fuck me that’s a scary thought lol.

A Father’s Day Moment: Only a Dad, But the Best of Men

In other news, I’ll be away for a week, finally getting a break away from the UK. I’ll return back to business, and with a new project I’ve been mulling over, hot on the heel’s of Irelands’ No vote and the ensuring shitstorm it is kicking up with that eternal enemy of the Totalitarian State, the People.

International Woman’s Propaganda Day

A.K.A. International Feminist’s Propaganda Day

Amazing. A day where women all over the world try and do their best to make men feel guilty for existing. It is also a day where feminists recycle the same old crap about women being paid less, domestic violence, rape, how great abortion is, women’s health problems, equal opportunities and other statistics regarding how hard women have it in our society.

As usual, the feminists wrap their lies up in emotions and ally themselves to proper causes like oppression under Islamic regimes, dictatorships, attacks on free speech and the like in order to try and give their lies more credibility by association.

It’s a bad thing in my opinion, this International Woman’s Day. Why? Because it is a day with no relative day for men, and puts forth the idea that women’s issues deserve an international day, whereas men’s issues do not (that is, women are more important than men). Continue reading

Right to choose

Something I see all the time (now that I have figured it out) is one of the schema’s in which these filthy idiots like feminists, politicians and other lowlife pond scum operate is using wordplay. They do it all the bloody time. For example, Bush’s War on of Terror. Illegal Immigrant Reform Amnesty, Equal Opportunity Outcome and a Woman’s Right To Choose Kill.

Language is one of the most powerful tools of human manipulation there is. Orwell recognised it in his novel, 1984 (among many other things) and he introduced it with ‘Newspeak’. As an aside, newspeak has been partially realised with political correctness. The ability to control the people’s language means controlling their ability to communicate. With a concerted effort to dumb down society, language becomes an even more powerful tool to control the masses. Replace the phrase Government Control with Government Protection and all of a sudden it doesn’t sound too bad. The international bankers that run the world are experts at this little trick. The United Nations is their central point for their plans for the One World Government (Novus Ordu Seclorum). Continue reading