Give me sperm and give me money…

Following up from my earlier post, Fathers have no rights to children, children have no rights to father where I explained how the male-hating government is ‘protecting’ women by attacking fathers’ rights to children, comes a the next logical step.

You donate sperm to a bunch of stupid femcunt lesbians, you have no rights to the child. But you still have to PAY for it.

That’s all men are good for these days…

Oh, and working themselves to death doing the worlds’ most dangerous occupations.

Fireman who donated sperm to lesbian couple fights demand for child maintenance

What can I say? This man should have read this blog. He’s an idiot.

A London man who donated sperm to a lesbian couple is being made to pay child support, it was revealed today.

Andy Bathie, 37, a firefighter from Enfield, agreed to help Sharon and Terri Arnold after they assured him he would have no involvement in the children’s upbringing and no financial commitment.

But he is now having his pay docked to pay thousands of pounds in child maintenance even though he has no legal rights over the boy and girl the couple had.

He says the payments mean he and his wife cannot afford to have children of their own.

Well he should have thought of that before offering his sperm to a couple of skank dykes.

Mr Bathie added: “The only reason these children are here is because they wanted children as a couple which means they should take responsibility.

The CSA admit that mine is an unusual case — this is double standards and I’m having money stolen by the Government.”

Yes you are. But this is what happens to men in this society. You are sperm donors and tax payers and that, is, IT.

The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority is now warning “DIY” donors they are liable financially unless they donate through a licensed clinic.

The HFEA said: “We would warn men providing genetic material that the only time they are not the father is when they donate through a licensed fertility clinic. This does not apply to unlicensed websites or home insemination.”

Fuck that, don’t ever donate sperm to any bitch, anywhere. Fuck ’em all! Let them rot.

Lawyers say an increasing number of men are seeking legal advice after being approached by lesbian couples desperate to conceive but who cannot afford clinic costs.


If these fucking feminists had it their way (if men don’t start getting vocal about this shit) they would pass laws FORCING men to donate sperm at the whim of women, and then FORCE men to pay for it.

Seriously. Why GIVE your precious baby batter to some random bitch because she ‘needs’ it?

Fuck her needs, and fuck her.

This is one way you can make them suffer. ESPECIALLY lesbians.

As time goes on, I find my feelings getting stronger and stronger about this shit.

The odds of you finding a woman who is WORTH your time, let alone your spermatoza is about 10,000 to 1.

It is way too easy for nasty parasitic bitches to use you to serve their own selfish ends, so don’t give them the opportunity.

How’s this for a description of current developments in the War Against Men.

You meet a woman. She acts nicely etc. You have sex, with a condom obviously.

Over a period of time she starts saying ‘why not have sex without a condom?’

Wherein your reply, ‘fuck off, I’m not giving you my sperm, bitch’ (or words to that effect.)

She then says this:

‘I don’t care, give me what I want or I’ll say you raped me, and you know I don’t need evidence anymore.’

Now you can’t win. Give her a baby, and you pay for the rest of your life, don’t give her a baby and you pay for the rest of your life.

Now who is discriminated against?

This is the growth of The Matriarchy. Where men are reduced to slaves, to serve the whims of women.

Fuck this.

Altogether now!


11 thoughts on “Give me sperm and give me money…

  1. I agree 100% to everything that has been said in the author!!! Everything except the hate communism, but everything else is more than true! And as for all those gruntling about rape here – know that rape is a social construct, a subjective crime completely fabricated and that is why it is particularly prevalent in Western Societies – societies where women engage in all kind of irresponsible behaviours and expect to get credit for it. If it was for me there’d be only sexual assault, rape is a waste of judiciary time and tax payers’ money.

  2. Yes, this issue is rather thought provoking.I find it ridiculous that the man has to pay to support a child made by artificial insemination. Particularly if it was a sperm donation.

    I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but we don’t care about getting sperm. Trust me, being pregnant is not exactly a joy ride– what with rising costs, flushes, mood swings, the inability to squat down and the joy of having a lovely labour that lasts hours. Why don’t we switch roles (and organs as well)? We females will be the ones who impregnate while you guys have the pregnancy.

    As much as you hate women, it would be greatly appreciated if you stop shoving certain reproductive organs where they don’t belong. It is to my understanding that many women are raped every minute in India. Unwilling? Nope. Most people even gang rape to protect ‘family honour’. Besides, without your sperm, definately there’ll be a low population growth, which will translate to bigger taxes towards the working population who will have to support the elderly. And when you grow old, you probably won’t have enough people to look after your health. Your government has to scout for foreign talent (but then again, looking at this biased post which seems to reflect some men’s thinking), they’ll probably not come.
    In fact, I’ll say that most areas in your governemnt are currently in the men’s favour. You don’t ‘serve’ us just because we are petitioning for equal rights. Everyone is equal.

  3. Wow. I see a lot of angry, closeted homosexual men posting in your blog. For your information, there are at LEAST 51 (yes, FIFTY-ONE) other species besides human that engage in homosexual and bisexual relationships. Women are not allied against you, you’re just not attracted to them. Accept and move on. Jeez.

    Homosexuality is a “fundamental turning point in the way we breed”? Are you serious? I refer you to the last 10,000 years of written record of human existence, and ask that you note all the homosexuality going on. Please go get an education, preferably not in an inner-city public school.

  4. Most women do not want an equal partner in life as they claim. They want MONEY, TROPHY HUSBUND and SPERM.
    Why do men have no rights to their offspring in spite of the fact that the financial responsibility falls on them?
    My advice to other men is to keep your dick in your pants or have your self fixed.

  5. I am a transsexual woman. I sometimes dream of having children but at the same time I know I don’t deserve them. I truly believe that I do not have right to demand sperm donation and surrogacy to have a child. I made my choice and I will live with the consquences. I want heterosexual people to have and raise children. That is the reward for that. And to you communist liberal gays, social revisionists, stop trying to kill humanity. You hate yourselves, but don’t hate the rest of us. Leave heterosexuals alone, and give men a break.

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  8. There’s another aspect to this that bothers me. Men who donate sperm are inseminating women who they often would never have even considered banging. There’s a good reason they wouldn’t, even if we may not fully understand or acknowledge it.

    I find a good number of the opposite sex sexually repulsive. There is something primal telling me ‘don’t mix genes with that one’. I know nearly everyone else feels the same influence, as I hear the sentiment expressed all the time.

    I can’t explain it, and I don’t think it needs to be explained. But it seems to me to be the most natural thing in the world to be sexually attracted to some, and repelled by many.

    This demand by lesbians that they have a right to be impregnated relieves them of any effort to make themselves attractive to
    a member of the opposite sex, and submit to intercourse – something completely foreign to any other species. It’s a fundamental turning point in the way we breed. It’s far too serious a thing to be foisting onto innocent young kids and relying on crooked politicians operating on motives that have nothing to do with wisdom, good governance and leadership.

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