Gordon Brown is a Marxist clown

I keep coming across articles about this Labour government speaking of it’s incompetence, ‘it’s missing the point, ineptitude, not listening to the people‘ etc.

You see speeches of Gordon Brown, speaking of the ‘new invigorated Labour’, making it the party for the people, accountable to the people on the one hand, and trying to secretly sell Britain’s sovereignty to Brussels on the other. That is of course, continuing on from Tony Blair’s legacy of signing over chunks of this country to the EU too.

The articles lament on how ‘Brown isn’t listening, poor us!’ and other defeatist nonsense, some even going to far as to criticise the New World Order puppet. But they are all missing the point.

People don’t want to admit it, and even those that do seem to have their views restricted by the mind control of political correctness, but the truth is Gordon Brown couldn’t give a fuck about Britain or the people in it. He answers to the Bilderberg Group, just like that other minion, Blair did.

In theory, the voice of the people is supposed to be the deciding factor in every decision the government makes. Nowadays that is just a useful sentence the politicians use to get applause at their conferences.

It is all fake.

We are not living in a time of democracy, we are now living in the era of Corporatism. Corporate interests dictate the actions of the government. In fact, you could consider it a corporation in its own right. Keeping this in mind, I’ll explain a few things about what that little shit at Number 10, Downing Street is doing and why.

Firstly though, I think I should set a few main goals of his so it will be easier to see how it all fits together. Remember, he couldn’t give a crap what the people want. He will keep trying to push this agenda until he is STOPPED.

1. Globalism – He has been ordered to put Britain into the EU at any cost. Why? Because the people who control him, want a one world government, headed by the UN. One currency, one religion, one global fascist technocracy. They are also attempting the second part of their agenda by merging the United State, Mexico and Canada. They call this the North American Union. Union is such a nice sound word isn’t it? I would have used that word to convince the sheep that it was for a good reason. Also, exactly like the European Union, they also want the replace the three countries currencies with one. The EU has the Euro, the NAU will have the Amero.

This also involves a legal framework that centralises power. That is, the laws and regulations of all nations absorbed into this ‘Union’ will be governed from a central place. There would also be a redistribute of the wealth of the middle class and working class amongst all involved. This is obviously very helpful in destroying said classes. The elites however, well, they get even richer and more powerful by having lower wages, creating a huge employers’ market. Less power for the people. Wonderful. Reminds me of communism.

Speaking of wages and low earning potential, lets move on to the immigration ‘farce’.

2. Immigration – This is complicated because it helps the globalists in many ways. As part of their drive to destroy nations such as Britain, they identified certain aspects of society that must be eliminated to reduce the resistance to the new world order of a one world government (with the Rothschilds, Rockefellers et al in charge. That means, you’re not). Rampant immigration. Millions flooding into Britain. A welfare state that, for some reason, immigrants are entitled too instantly. In fact, they are more entitled than Britain’s citizens.

Terrible you’d think. Not if you’re a globalist scumbag. You see, this corporate-government wants more money and more power. This means the people have to have less money and less power. High immigration means lower wages. This undermines the minimum wage, health and safety and employee rights, as the immigrants are frequently willing to undercut the standard rates of pay, standard rules of the workplace etc.

Bad news for workers, good news for corporations. Low wages means higher profits for Browns corporate buddies. Also means more taxes for the government.

Another plus for this huge immigration is national identity erasure. People don’t enjoy being in ‘Britain’ anymore because of the current influx of immigration, high taxes, crime etc. So those people would be less interested in defending Britain from being murdered by the private bankers. Also conditions the people in regards of globalism as each year they find themselves less and less able to interact with British people (you know, with a British accent) etc.

Also contributes to social unrest as communities are destabilised, the government pushes it’s political correct agenda of undermining anyone it doesn’t approve of under the guise of ‘helping minorities’.

So people will eventually start saying ‘fuck Britain’ – ‘Excellent’ the globalists will say! ‘They won’t complain when we merge them into the EU then will they?’

So whenever you want to rant and rave about ‘those bloody immigrants’, focus your attention on who is actually inviting them all in and why. That would be the ‘politician of the people’ Gordon Brown. Don’t blame the immigrants, you’d probably to the same thing.

3. The police state – This is a another really big subject. So I’ll try and keep it concise. The government desires to be able to track and trace every person in the country, all of the time. They want to take away your freedom, your right to privacy, freedom of speech etc and regulate everything you do.

The ID card’s countless failings, security risks and information about how the government has already penned deals to sell your private data to corporations, can be found here.

This biometric ID (show me your papers!) card is also closely related to the vast DNA database the government is building. Why is it the worlds largest DNA database? Because they take the DNA of everyone they can, even if they are innocent. And they don’t delete it. For your protection of course. (It’s always ‘for your protection/ safety’).

Britain also contains the more than 20% of the worlds CCTV. It has been proven that CCTV doesn’t reduce crime. The government knows it, so why are they doing it? Because they’re ‘inept?’

No, because it wants to be able to watch everyone. Even with CCTV that don’t work, it is about conditioning you to accept being watched. Which is also why they are taking children’s DNA and fingerprints when they want to take a book out of the library.

For those of you who think ‘it’s for your safety’. It isn’t. It’s so the government knows what you’re up to. I can’t personally see what’s so ‘safe and free’ about having my transactions logged, DNA, retina image, fingerprints, vital statistics, face photo’s taken, CCTV movement tracking, web surfing habits, telephone conversations, x-ray images by lamp posts and being asked for ID everywhere I go to be stored and sold to fuck knows who. On an insecure database of course.

At a cost of countless billions to the taxpayer. They take our money and try and enslave us with it.

Britain is a surveillance state.

4. Feminism – This ideology got into government decades ago, and it has been allowed to stay because it is so effective at attacking the fundamental unit of a strong society. The family. It also serves to attack them, distracting them from seeing what the government is really up to. Contributes to generation after generation of dysfunctional, feral brats who’s fathers have been removed, and who rely on the government for support. That’s a funny coincidence.

It generally revolves around destroying men, and having the nations’ men replaced by big daddy government, this is the main thrust of this blog.

5. Political correctness -Read here. The main crux of it though it division. Dividing the people by claiming certain groups deserve special treatment. At the moment that would be women (especially single mothers), Muslims and gay people. In fact, the only group of people not protected or catered to in PC are heterosexual men. Especially white men, in fact I’d probably be called a racist saying that. I’m not white though, and I also couldn’t give a fuck even if I was. It’s the truth and people need to start rejecting political correctness publicly and speaking their mind. I encourage it.

6. Religion – Although Britain is now a secular country, its heritage is Christian. Inviting Islam to run riot serves to attack this institution. Now contrary to the PC brigade, Islam is not a religion of peace. I should know, unlike the liberal limp-wrist arse-kissing wankers like the BBC and these so-called experts, I’ve actually studied it. I’ll do an article on Islam when I have the time. But to cut a long story short. The goal of Islam is ‘to bring the world into the House of Allah’. This means having the world under the laws of the Qur’an. There are two ways Muslims are instructed to do this. One is by force of war. Second is by undermining the country it wants to defeat, financially, spiritually, legally, whatever works. This would explain Muslims wanting Christian graveyards dug up for them, attempts to have British law replaced with Sharia law etc.

And yes Muslims are perfectly able to lie, the concept is called Al-Takeyya. More about it here. Islam is essentially a fascist regime where there is no freedom whatsoever. Helpful in destabilising Britain. (Also presents a great enemy for the War on Terror but that’s for another article).

Between these main issues, Gordon Brown is successfully destroying Britain. Which is what the goal was to begin with.

Apathy won’t get you anywhere.

Fuck the government.

Fuck the NWO.

28 thoughts on “Gordon Brown is a Marxist clown

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  5. Trust yourself only!!!! Not God Queen and country Queen and country, and stuff the banks, above all!!! don’t trust the labour goverment for one split second. if so, you will go where angels fear to tread. written by myself, who as been thru the second world war, three depresstions, abject poverty, trauma, despaire, and at long last being in controll of my own destiney. please take note, you must tell them all, to fu-k off out of your life.

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  9. Loved that it speaks my kinda language Bravo!

    Don’t miss out though the main ones that set all this evil up.
    The Fabians and their gradual ways of destroying anything and everything.

    300 in Westminster Brown and Mrs Brown fabians.
    All the new intake 97 were young fabians.
    Here’s the rub, Obama and Mc Cain are fabian.
    Meaning the CFR Won the 08 election for president.

    Easy, Bilderberg hater,,,They are just part of the web..Commitee 300-club of Rome.CFR.UN.NATO.RAND CORP..ETC ETC ETC….

    3 years study into these groups that have all corners covered.
    Like a cat playing with a mouse-thats’ us THE MOUSE…

    Thinking caps on-now what can we do?
    Cease paying all taxes,fines etc…they need our money.

    And Westminster is a corporation we elect new board members thats’ all…A for profit corporation as are the met police….comes clearer eh?
    Taxes fines ever increasing to satisfy the share holders….

    see http://WWW.TPUC.ORG details of said corporation there…plus lots more goodies of those illegal fines and illegal EU laws…1689 English bill of rights…EU is Illegal thats’ the laws of England.

  10. You are right Gordon Brown is a Wanker why Bilderberg members want to destroy their own country for a Muppet orginisation like Bilderberg i will never know. Not to worry, The Bilderberg groups days are numbered

  11. Great article and very insightful. When New Labour came to power, they only had one goal and that was to dismantle everything that was once good about our country, until there’s nothing left but a broken country and a broken people. This will make it easier for the EU to assimilate us into their fascist dictatorship!

    I despise the tories, but come the next election I have no choice to vote for the lesser of two evils and being a realist I don’t think it’s going to make a whole lot of difference. Cameron will probably just continue where Brown left off. The only chance we have is for the entire country to vote UKIP, but like that’s ever going to happen. Oh well, better get my passport renewed before Biometric ID cards come into effect and leave this sinking ship to the fascists and sheeple. Or like my grandfather before me, should I stay and fight!

  12. Gordon Brown has ruined this nation and its very identity its the same old shitty system were the rich prosper and the poor suffer he has no idea about how to run this country and needs to be overthrown or to eat his own shit…..lol

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  16. My entire family have moved abroad to gain better opportunities, or in my parents case to avoid the strangulation of small businesses in this country. Personally, and I was asked to move to France and buy property by my own mother, I decided to stay.

    I am staying because I hate this shower of a government with all my heart and I am determined that they will not drive me out, only to replace me with a labour voting immigrant. They will not take my country so easily, but it’s difficult to resist a government that has turned the term civil servant on its head.

    So I am here till the next election, ill fight and blog and try to make people see the treachery, but if Liarbour win the next election then I’m off to Australia. I won’t let my children be raised by these idiots.

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  24. Great overview FMW.
    I think when you cover items in depth it really sparks up your points.It’s easy to see how the goalposts shift with each move down the line to totalitarism..we’re expected to forget each lie/half truth after a while
    -I wonder if people are now at the stage when they really are frightened to say too much.
    You know…elephant in the room syndrome.Don’t mention it! Keep low profile-all will be OK some day etc.
    When the ID system bites 2008/09 it will be well down the line for easily getting out of the machines’ maws!
    Bad deal all round.People don’t seem awake…
    Maybe a general election will be the saving issue?
    What could trigger that- Broon will delay till the last.

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