Girls + Alcohol + Feminism = Record number of Abortions

More disastrous consequences of the government/ feminists war on families…

Drunken New Year one-night stands will bring record number of abortions

Drunken one-night stands over New Year will bring a record number of abortions among teenagers. A lethal mix of binge drinking and unprotected casual sex will also mean a sharp increase in sexually-transmitted diseases.

The warning from the Marie Stopes International organisation, which carries out around one in three UK abortions, comes as Ministers admit their £138million drive to reduce teenage pregnancies is failing.

It is no surprise that this is happening at the same time the nuclear family is being destroyed.

A target of halving the rate by 2010 now looks well out of reach.

There are fears that some girls see a termination as just another form of contraception.

Well how else would you explain almost 1 billion abortions worldwide since 1920? Continue reading