Sienna Miller in desperate bid to win back billionaire oil heir lover

I guess she doesn’t realise her sh*t stinks after all. This behaviour reminds of the twisted self-interested morality of such women. What is right or wrong is not defined by social rules and expectations (external things), but by what she does and does not want (internal).

Source: Daily Mail


Looks like Miller Time is over lol

Looks like Miller Time is over lol

Sienna Miller is said to be ‘devastated’ after her married lover ran home to his wife and four children.

Sienna, 26, has been furiously calling and texting oil fortune heir Balthazar Getty after learning he had returned to Los Angeles to attempt a reconciliation with his wife, Rosetta.

A source said: ‘Sienna and Balthazar were in New York for a few days together and then he told her he was going to LA to work and see his kids. But the reality is he is desperately trying to get back with his wife.

‘He realises he’s made a terrible mistake. He is trying to keep Sienna at arm’s length and hasn’t told her it is over yet so she is going frantic.

‘She has been calling and texting him constantly and is planning to go to LA herself as she believes she can win him back if they have a face-to-face meeting.

‘She’s devastated that he has distanced himself from her both emotionally and geographically.’

Obviously this Sienna Miller has absolutely no regard nor respect for the family of this man. That doesn’t matter. It is about what she wants. That wife and children? Mere obstacles in the pursuit of a billionaire.

According to a producer friend of 33-year-old Getty – a former drug addict and alcoholic who is receiving counselling – he has definitely dropped Sienna.

The producer said: ‘Balthazar and Sienna seemed infatuated with each other when they were in New York last week but I heard the reason the whole Sienna fling happened was because he fell off the wagon.

Very rich man, fallen back onto drugs, so possibly vunerable. Sounds like MILLER TIME!

‘As soon as Balthy arrived back in LA on Monday he started pleading with his wife to take him back. He told me he’d gone to their house but she wouldn’t let him in. He stood outside crying.’

The producer said: ‘He came back to a hotel and was on the phone to Rosetta on and off for two hours, crying and constantly calling and she finally agreed to let him back in the house.

‘In his mind he has definitely dropped Sienna but he’s in a very confused state at the moment. His biggest fear is losing his kids.’

See, the difference between these two is that the man recognises he messed up. She doesn’t, because in her selfish little, little mind, she hasn’t. She is just trying to get what she wants.

One of them said: ‘He stopped ringing his counsellor and stopped going to meetings. Rosetta is convinced that him not being sober is the key to the whole mess with Sienna.

‘She is saying the only way she will take him back is if he agrees to addiction and marriage guidance counselling. He humiliated her but he is still the father of her four children.’

Actress Sienna, who dated Jude Law while he was still married to Sadie Frost and then dumped Rhys Ifans for Getty, has been confiding in her mother Jo, a drama teacher.

A London-based friend said: ‘Sienna has been on the phone to her mother in tears asking her for advice. Jo knows Balthazar as she was with them in Italy.

‘Jo has been telling Sienna to give Balthazar space. But Sienna is worried if she gives him too much space she will lose him. She already knows he is drifting away.

If she knew he was at the house with his wife she would not like it at all.’

A public relations executive told The Mail on Sunday: ‘Sienna’s reputation in Hollywood has gone from bad to worse.

‘People didn’t like it when she was running around with Jude Law while he was still married but this whole thing with Getty is the pits.

Women have a respect, logic and honour deficiency. Probably as a consequence of being brought up in a society that says this.

3 thoughts on “Sienna Miller in desperate bid to win back billionaire oil heir lover

  1. She is a has been and she owes thanks to her mum for helping to make it so!
    I read a great line: Love is wanting for the other person what they want for themselves and never seeking to change them, seeing them in the morning and in the evening and being glad that they live! Sluttyienna only loves Sluttyienna she looks in the mirror in the morning and evening and sees a pitiful, shameful washed up, home wrecking female!

  2. Gosh, remember that old saying, something like:

    “If you love something, set it free. If it doesn’t come back, it wasn’t yours.”

    I am not sure 100% that is correct, but there is some truth to it. If his wife can get him back, he wasn’t Millers.

    I betcha’ she would be cured instantly if another billionaire took her in.

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