Sienna Miller discovers that her sh*t stinks

Terrible, a selfish little woman experiencing accountability. She did it for the lulz?

Source: Daily Mail


I prefer other womens men myself...

I prefer other women's men myself...

Just a fortnight ago, she was pictured frolicking topless on a yacht with her new multi-millionaire actor boyfriend, but Sienna Miller has spent the past week in hiding after being snubbed by friends on both sides of the Atlantic.

For those who don’t know, she dumped former boyfriend Rhys Ifans, slept about and eventually ran off with married multi-millionaire family man, Balthazar Getty, causing untold grief and upset to his family, although he isn’t exactly innocent either.

The 26-year-old actress, who has been nicknamed ‘Sluttyienna’ and ‘Serial Miller’ because of her increasingly long list of lovers, has fled to New York – where her father, banker Ed Miller, lives – to escape the backlash over her affair with Balthazar Getty, 33, I can report.

Sources close to the GI Joe star say she has been ‘stunned’ by the fallout since her affair with the married father of four was revealed.

What is there to be surprised about? She targeted a married man. She’s been sleeping around with men like she’s on commission. People call her a slut, because she’s acting like a slut. I guess these little princesses aren’t used to being criticised for anything. Stunned. Idiot.

Sienna has told friends she plans to keep a low profile for the rest of this summer.

Run rabbit run.

Meanwhile, Balthazar has returned to Los Angeles to be with his children, and sources in Hollywood say his estranged wife, designer Rosetta Millington, has started an anti-Sienna team among her chums.

The man was an idiot. No doubt about it. Got a wife and kids, what the hell was he thinking? Well probably wasn’t thinking, that was the problem. What I like about this is that this Sienna Miller creature f*cked with the wrong woman.

‘Sienna could not stay in London for fear of bumping into her ex, Rhys Ifans, whom she dumped in June, or worse, his friends who hate her,’ explains a source close to the actress.

‘She also got the message that she wasn’t very welcome in LA. Rosetta is very powerful and well connected.

‘Patricia Arquette is a childhood friend and Demi Moore is one of her best friends. Naturally none of them will be inviting Sienna over for tea.’

So, everyone hates her. Good. I like hate. A nice big plate of hate, please. Her actions resulted in a negative reaction from people around her. The only reason she is shocked it because she thinks the sun shines out of her (probably violated) arse. Hopefully she will learn a lesson about behaviour from this. One of the reactions of feminism was to absolve women of responsibility or consequence of their actions, by simply blaming men for everything. Woman stabs man? Probably his fault. Woman microwaves baby? Probably the mans fault. Man cchastises woman for action inappropriately. He’s a sexist pig who thinks woman belong in a kitchen. Personally I feel that women these days should stay away from kitchen’s as they can’t bloody cook. Or clean. Or shop economically. They can open their legs to men who will spend money on them however. Where have I heard that before

3 thoughts on “Sienna Miller discovers that her sh*t stinks

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  3. It serves her right. I know that Getty is guilty as well, but she knew what she was getting herself into. Women such as her have to understand that they can’t keep acting like sluts and then get sympathy. Note, I said women such as her, and not women in general. I also hope that Getty’s wife kicks him to the curb.

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