Save the males! A new book says society is biased AGAINST men.

We could have told you this years ago, but nevermind.

Source: Daily Mail


Amanda Platell

Every once in a while, a book not so much lands on your desk as lobs itself like a hand grenade, exploding preconceived wisdoms and shattering the bones of the status quo. Save The Males is such a book.

It is the fiercest and most fearless defence of men, fatherhood and ultimately the family I have read in many years.

American author Kathleen Parker’s courageous thesis is that initially, through extreme feminism, then via its craven implementation into society, women have demonised men and trivialised their contribution, especially to family life.

I say courageous because, in the eyes of many women and of the liberal establishment, suggesting men have had a rough deal is nothing short of heresy.

Parker should be burnt at the stake, they cry. But isn’t it ironic that only a woman could make such a plea for men?

She argues: ‘As long as men feel marginalised by the women whose favour and approval they seek, as long as they are alienated from their children and treated as criminals by family courts, as long as they are disrespected by a culture that no longer values masculinity tied to honour, as long as boys are bereft of strong fathers and our young men and women wage sexual war, then we risk cultural suicide.’

It’s enough to set a feminist’s hair on end. Parker argues that in trying to make the world fairer for women, an adjustment most agree was vital, we have made it unfair for men. In our attempt to honour women, we have dishonoured men.

By bending over backwards to make single mothers feel good about themselves, by diminishing the role of fathers, by elevating women as the superior parents, we have gone a considerable way to destroying one of the basic tenets of a successful society – family life.

Apart from the effects of this seismic social shift on society, it is also grossly unfair. Can you imagine a world where men demanded women be more like them – dress like them, act like them, even look like them. Because that is effectively what our post-feminist society has done, but with the genders switched.

The traditional male values, what Parker almost poetically calls ‘masculinity tied to honour’, are now seen as nothing more than a direct assault on women.

Unless men are like us, the thinking goes, they insult us and threaten our existence: hence the feminisation of men, or as we so disingenuously describe it, getting in touch with your feminine side.

Thus Hybrid Man was born. An acceptable male model now is more likely to be of the David Beckham variety, wearing more make-up than the missus, hairless, perfumed, varnished, emasculated by his bossy wife and perhaps fond of wearing her undies.

Good dads, loving husbands, supportive male role models, they’re few and far between even in the fictional world of TV.

But in the real world it wasn’t enough that we demanded they be more like us, we superior human beings. We had to traduce men as well, treating them in almost all forms of popular culture as useless, ineffectual, even comic characters, or as violent, cheating and untrustworthy.

And so Sitcom Man was born. Parker challenges us to try to think of a wholesome, reliable role model in myriad ‘dads’ created on TV or in movies. Fathers are always portrayed as incompetent or inconsequential, mindless or mean, comic or cruel. If you relentlessly portrayed any ethnic or minority group in such a biased way, you’d be pilloried on air.

Parker cites many reasons for the dereliction of men. First, there has been the institutionalisation of motherhood at the expense of fatherhood.

‘We seem to accept that children shouldn’t be raised without mothers, but we regard the contributions of fathers as optional,’ Parker says.

Just last week, Nicola Brewer, the chief executive of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, said: ‘Fathers are being marginalised to the extent of simply “seasoning” in their children’s upbringing.’

And the state reinforces the ‘Mum best, Dad dodgy’ myth. ‘The family courts effectively make fathers a slave to the state, his wages become state property, his time with his children is determined by a family court judge, and he faces jail if for whatever reason he fails to pay his child support on time.’

Family courts in America increasingly approve of ‘virtual parenting’, which means Mum can take the kids and live wherever she likes and Dad can do it long distance, via the phone or internet.

‘Thanks to divorce, unwed motherhood, and policies that unfairly penalise and marginalise fathers, 30-40 per cent of all American children sleep in a home where their father doesn’t,’ she writes.

Parker believes that perhaps the biggest blow to men’s roles in families has come with the explosion and normalisation of single motherhood.

‘By elevating single motherhood from an unfortunate consequence of poor planning to a sophisticated act of self-fulfilment, we’ve helped to fashion a world not just in which fathers are scarce, but in which men are superfluous,’ she says.

The soul of feminism was always about destruction, an ideology of hate and division, death and suffering. Turn men and women against each other, bring in the State as God to preside over every little tit and tat, throwing out CCTV. regulations and fines at any excuse, growing in size and power at every opportunity. Destroy the family, attack heterosexuals, promote homosexuality as a superior way of life, kill children, abuse them, take away the fathers ability to protect his family. Force women into the workforce (more taxes for the State) and then force children into State schools (get them while they are young.)

Men have always been the biggest threat to these communists/ socialists and other NWO scum to want to create a global government. Men will fight for freedom, and would slap these crusty old globalists all over the f*cking planet. What would emasculated, effeminate, emotionally stunted girly boys do when the shit hits the fan?

Run off and cry, that’s what. What bloody good is that?

Unlike men (who built civilisation and everything in it) what have these feminists created other than pain and suffering?

Remember, feminism, communism and socialism are ALL THE SAME THING. All come from the High Priest of Death, Marx. When you hear of politicians admitting they are socialists, remember that also means communism, they just intend on taking a slightly different starting position. The goal is the same. The same way the eugenics was dropped in name (but not nature) after the fiasco of Hitler (it is now called Planned Parenthood) the commie scum decided that they had to change their name in order to continue their goals.

Now they are in power.

7 thoughts on “Save the males! A new book says society is biased AGAINST men.

  1. However, I don’t blame women for this, I blame men.

    The day we stop doing this – letting women off and blaming ourselves for everything – is the day we’ll actually start making some progress.

    Note that women are already blaming us for everything, and never fault themselves – and it’s not exactly harming their interests.

  2. davisoftheapes1 says:
    Homophobic? Not me, I like lesbians. (not ugly lesbians)


    Anonymous age 66
    Thanks for the link. Why is it 65MB?

  3. That’s one of the pillars of feminism. That women are victims, BECAUSE OF MEN. They will always be victims apparently, and there is nothing they can do about it (although they are supposed to be equal to men.)

    Therefore, as far as these selfish bitches are concerned, the only way to protect women is to destroy men, using the State and their taxpayer funded army of mentally stunted brown shirts.

    Fuck the state, fuck feminism and fuck all these pussy effeminate males. It’s pathetic.

  4. I agree with your premise. However, I don’t blame women for this, I blame men. Not being able to time travel back a few decades, it’s necessary to assert myself and simply refuse to be emasculated. Men being “marginalised” by women? Bullshit. You will only be a victim as long as you allow yourself to be one. That’s why I thank God that I’m not a woman. Testosterone is NOT a birth defect. I like big tits. So, I look at them. It’s not complicated. I don’t actually give a shit what women think. If I want an intellectual conversation, I’ll usually talk to a man. I’ve seen a lot of men with a feminine side and they look and act like a bunch of faggots. Well, so be it. Who cares? Homophobic? Not me, I like lesbians. (not ugly lesbians)

  5. But isn’t it ironic that only a woman could make such a plea for men?

    Don’t you just love that condescension?

    Men have been making such ‘pleas’ for years, and other men have been listening.

    The only reason this klutz of a woman journalist thinks Parker is saying something new is because she’s probably been too busy talking over any man trying to tell her anything.

  6. >>then we risk cultural suicide.’

    There is no ‘risk’. It’s a done deal.

    See to download a 1934 book which studied over 80 societies, and when women have complete sexual liberty that society is doomed within the life of that generation of women.

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