Schools used for ‘social engineering’, claims headteacher

To be expected with Socialists who wish to re-design society around the worship of the State.

Source: Telegraph

A leading headmaster who is leaving one of the most popular schools in the state system to work in the private sector has accused the Government of turning teachers into “social workers and surrogate parents”.

Rod MacKinnon, the head of Bexley Grammar School, south-east London, said schools were being forced to shun traditional lessons as ministers manipulated the education system for the purposes of “social engineering”.

“There are those who wish to use children and schools as social engineers with a view to creating a different society but we should not even be trying to do such things,” he said. “Children need to be nurtured, educated and cared for, not thrown into the frontline of social reform. Muddled thinking is guaranteeing failure for the noble aspirations we all commonly hold for the education of the young.”

The children are the nations’ next generation. By propagandising and brainwashing them, you can achieve massive social changes in a matter of decades. As long as the State can keep it up long enough for the older generations to die out or leave without a revolution, they could theoretically achieve their Orwellian Dream. Children now growing up believing that they are a cancer of the planet, State surveillance is necessary, (perceived) security is more important than Freedom, and that War is Peace. Can you see it?

3 thoughts on “Schools used for ‘social engineering’, claims headteacher

  1. The State of California at one point declared home Schooling Parents to be defacto Criminals. It caused an uproar and the Appeals Court backed off. But the trend is clear, dumb down the populace of the Sheeple to make them easier to control. If they are uneducated and unable to think for themselves they will be defacto Peasants who will take their orders from their Elite Leaders.

    We cannot have a populace who knows History or who are Independent thinkers.

  2. Is not the headline ironic? “Claims?!?!?”

    Social engineering is EXACTLY what the State run public schooling system is doing in the UK and USA to advance the cause for a socialist one world government!

    Don’t know the exact details as it goes in the UK…but given the proliferation of mass delusions such as feminism and environmentalism, I don’t doubt the UK’s educational establishment is actively dumbing down the masses to be more susceptible to mind-control in the same way in which the US system is.

    Check this guy’s online book out: The Underground History of American Education

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