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Found via Antimisandry.

It seems more than obvious that whilst rape is a very serious crime, being accused of rape is just as serious. With rape, the stain of being accused does not wash away with the verdict, it stains a character and prevents an equal footing guarenteed by law, especially since until the verdict is given, the accused is innocent.

There is no plausible argument for releasing the name of the accused as this does nothing to further justice, but only serves to punish them outside of the judicial system. The only punishment for rape, should be passed down by a judge, not by newspapers, their peers, or their employers. Therefore revealing their identity is an unjust punishment without basis in english law.

We therefore request that ALL parties to a rape case are anonymous, until a verdict is reached. You have to be a British citizen or resident to sign.

Please comment in this thread: Petition To Treat The Accused And Accuser With The Same Anonymity

Also, Hawaiian Libertarian has a very good post about young women’s sexual behaviour, here. ( Also put HL on my links, I don’t know why he wasn’t there already…) Continue reading