Matriarchal Self Worship 3

I don’t believe it. Another one!

You know what readers, after MSW 1 and MSW 2, what more really needs to be said about these weird bitches?

Why? Why would anyone crave attention so much? They either have really low self-esteem, or they are so full of Matriarchal Self Worship that they find it really difficult to resist throwing themselves on trash mag covers.

A woman is pregnant. That’s the crux of this story. So what? Sorry to break the news folks, but this isn’t the first time it’s happened.

Javine Hylton is the latest star to show off her pregnant curves by recreating Demi Moore’s now famous nude shoot.

The 25-year-old singer, who is now just days off giving birth, is expecting her first child with partner MC Harvey.

Nothing more relaxing for an unborn child than a photo shoot! Continue reading

Matriarchal Self Worship 2

Oh yes, continuing from my previous post, Matriarchal Self Worship, comes the ridiculous follow up, Matriarchal Self Worship 2!

The photo shoot was called the ‘Sexy Mama‘ shoot.

Narcissism, anyone?

Why do these women feel the need to advertise something that (I thought) was supposed to be intimate, and private?

Oh, money, and attention.

Why else? Continue reading

Matriarchal self-worship

Pregnant chick

Why oh why must women parade their naked pregnant selves in photo shoots?

Why do they even feel the need to? It’s nothing new, I think women have been getting pregnant for a while now. Maybe it is something to do with this matriarchy where women demand to be worshiped for whatever little thing they do?

News flash! Women gets pregnant! Take pictures and wack it on the cover. There’s nothing women are interested in more than themselves! Continue reading