Rocket MAN flies to 8,200ft

How cool is this?

Swooping and diving above the mountainous town of Bex in western Switzerland, the self-styled “Rocket Man” flew at 8,200ft for more than five minutes thanks to an 8ft jet-powered wing strapped to his back.

It has always been Mr Rossy’s ambition to fly freely, but it has taken four years of working on his jet design for that dream to become reality.

To achieve his bird-like status, the former Swiss fighter pilot was taken up in a light aircraft, just like a normal skydiver.

On jumping from the plane he appeared to plummet towards earth, before his fall turned to a glide and he ignited the four small jet engines attached to the carbon wing. Once under power and using a lever to control the fuel, he had the freedom to soar where he chose.

Clearly enjoying his first public flight, at speeds of up to 186mph, Mr Rossy tipped his wings, flipped onto his back then levelled out again, performing a 360-degree roll.

Unlike Icaraus, the Greek mythological figure who flew too close to the sun and did not live to tell the tale, the 48-year-old landed safely using a parachute.

“This flight was excellent,” he said afterwards. “It’s like a second skin. If I turn to the left, I fly left. If I nudge to the right, I go right.”

Now he is planning an even greater challenge – to fly across the Channel.

I was reading this and wondering why there aren’t more women conceiving and constructing things like this, especially considering all of their women-only tax schemes and business initiatives continually being set up to pander to them.

Well consider this.

First you actually have to find something like this interesting (as opposed to the latest celeb crap gossip). You then have to study engineering and construction so you can understand the limits of what is possible compared to what you want to achieve. You then have to dedicate years of your life to trying to build it.

And there is no guarantee it is going to work. So its all very time consuming and requires much effort that may not result in a gain.

Except that, the desire to build it, and the journey trying to build it is what makes it fun.

This brings me to the point of my little rant. Women and girls love trying to denigrate men and boys, saying they’re useless, clumsy, girl power and all that bollocks.

For guys who may benefit from a bit of a boost from the constant onslaught of anti-male attitudes and propaganda… Who’s flying in the jet suit like a Centurion? Who designed the machinery that enables that light bulb to shine when you flick the switch…

It’s amazing, the level of delusional grandeur women will wallow in. Like this silly bitch.

I tried not to laugh. MMs (Macho Men) can be unintentionally hilarious. The way to deal with a modern MM, I realise, is to channel his energies into things you need him to do, like fix the car, and ignore the rest, or at least don’t let him see you smirking. It might hurt his ego, poor lamb.

The reality is that the mechanics of civilisation are invented, built and maintained by men, contrary to media-fed femmie-pandering propaganda. Remember to think about what IS, not was IS SAID.

Don’t forget that.