Zeitgeist – The Final Edition

I have been waiting for this for quite a while.  There are two types of people reading this site;

Those who know about Zeitgeist and will watch the new edition (time permitting).

Those who do not know about Zeitgeist and therefore should watch this film. If you are interested in the truth this film should be required viewing.


The official Zeitgeist site is here.


The domain mensmovement.co.uk is back up. I’m going to be using it for a number of things, mainly:

1) a way to get people together with a common consensus with the idea to actually make change as opposed to just talking about it online, and;

2) a data resource for make it easier for other researchers to find relevant studies, statistics and other data sites to help them with their articles.

The way I see it, anti-social policies have been imposed on society for decades, before most of us were born, even. An unstable society is much less likely to be able to pay attention to the criminal activities of a corporatist government.

And that is what our (UK) government is. A corporate tool. It has been controlled by bankers for a very, very long time. Read the history of the Rothschild dynasty (which starts from 1743) here. The Rockefeller history is here. Continue reading