Housewife ‘would be paid £30,000’

Every now and again, the mainsteam media vomits up another whimpering, baseless, superficial attempt to corporatise the family and pander to women.

Housewives would be paid more than the average worker if they received the going rate for their household chores, a survey has suggested.

A poll of 4,000 housewives for networking website suggested that the average mum worked for nearly nine hours a day every day.

Wow, I’m sure that’s impartial, but it is typical of these ‘studies’. Indeed, it is about as scientific as it will get, but the media know women are more emotional than logical…

Some 71% of those polled agreed that successfully running the family home was a full-time job.

“The survey clearly demonstrates that not only do housewives deserve a wage for their efforts, they also need a break from the daily grind,” said Carolyn Morris, spokeswoman for

Oh fuck off you femcunt. What happened to making sacrifices for the family? Now a woman’s contribution to the family is worthy of pay? By who? The taxpayer? Having a family is an honour, not a job. The ‘work’ one puts in is precisely because of this reason. But don’t expect this bitch to know anything about things like ‘honour’ and ‘sacrifice’.

The article then goes on, attaching money-values to every little thing a woman (apparently) does. Continue reading