Emerging Hotties of 2008

I feel like pissing off feminists. You know those ‘men make women into sexual objects and therefore oppress them’ crowd. I’m also tired of reading the narcissistic ramblings of those haggard, crusty, old, weak, socialist scum hiding under the banner of ‘Women’s Rights’ but are much more interested in ‘Re-shaping Society to suit out Communist Goals’.

But seriously, the right women are as great as the bitches are evil. Good women are now in the minority, so don’t hold your breath in regards to finding a decent one. Concentrate on honing your mind and your abilities, at least then you know you’re investing in something that will definitely benefit you.

Anyways, it’s the weekend and I’m tired of ranting. I want to prove something.

That men adore women.

Also, as you look through the list, try and explain how they are ‘oppressed’ by these images. Feel free to look over them again to try and clarify your thoughts LOL. Gemma Atkinson and Odette Yustman will do nicely. And Jessica Lucas. And Kate Mara… Anything but this.

COED Presents: Emerging Hotties of 2008

By the way, I suggest watching Shooter if you can. It’s a class movie.

Have a good weekend, folks.