Mills awarded £24.3m settlement – Follow Up

If you have a quick browse of the first post, Mills awarded £24.3m settlement, you will learn that Heather Mills is a self-absorbed bitch of epic proportions and legendary delusions of importance.

The divorce settlement was commented on by the author here:

The settlement will also see the former Beatle pay their four-year-old daughter Beatrice’s nanny and school fees and will pay Beatrice £35,000 a year.

What I’ve realised is that the £35,000 Paul is going to pay is only his half of their daughters’ upkeep. In other words, Heather Mills has to also contribute £35,000 a year from her cash pile (which is actually Pauls’ but nevermind that.)

Playing an old femcunt card trick, Mills went on the offensive, claiming victimisation and trying to cast her ex-ticket to riches husband in a bad light. She said:

Ms Mills made reference to the £35,000 a year their daughter would receive.

“Beatrice only gets £35,000 a year – so obviously she’s meant to travel B class while her father travels A class, but obviously I will pay for that.”

Aww, poor woman, having to contribute to their daughters financial needs. Note that last sentence…

 “…but obviously I will pay for that.”

You didn’t actually think she’d do what she said, did you? Continue reading

Mills awarded £24.3m settlement

Heather Mills has been awarded £24.3m in her divorce settlement with estranged husband Sir Paul McCartney.Speaking outside London’s High Court, Ms Mills said she was “glad it’s over” and “it was an incredible result to secure mine and my daughter’s future”.

I always wonder how women like her justify that kind of payment. More importantly, how they can refer to their daughter as mine.

The settlement will also see the former Beatle pay their four-year-old daughter Beatrice’s nanny and school fees and will pay Beatrice £35,000 a year.

Why aren’t they both contributing 50/ 50? Or does this hark back to the days of man, the provider? Somewhat different to the ‘equality’ women want today. Or is it only equality when it suits them, ‘traditionally treated’ when it suits them. As long as they can take as much as possible from others.

Speaking of taking, Queen of the Golddiggers was looking for a fair bit more than what she was finally awarded. Continue reading

Britain’s most expensive hooker award…

… Goes to Heather McCartney as she celebrates winning £50 million in a divorce settlement from Sir Paul McCartney after a measly 4 years of marriage (spent posing in photo shoots, getting famous off of Sir Paul’s name and spending lots of his money of course).

4 years, £50 mil. That’s £12.5 million a year. For what?

What the hell makes her think she’s worth that? What makes the Judge think she’s worth that?

Before I get a flood of emails or whatever moaning about ‘not all women are like that’ I say this:

Yes they fucking are. I can’t be bothered to constantly say ‘there are an exception’ because it’s so small I might as well not even bother.

Just remember this.

This female told Paul McCartney the whole ‘I love you I’ll do anything for you’ speech. As women do.

He believed it. He really wanted her to be one of those rare women who really care about their man.

That was his downfall.

You think your woman can’t switch completely once she knows she’s got you by the short and curlies?

She can, and if she so chooses, you’re completely fucked. No matter what you say about love and sacrifice and all that stuff, that all goes out of the window when it comes to divorce.

Women change completely when they want to. Or should I say, women show their true colours when they want to. Especially after they get married, mainly because they know the law is on their side in ways you don’t want to believe until it’s happening to you.

Why would you get married if you have anything to lose?

Man, don’t do it, don’t be stupid. Women initiate the majority of divorces, the entire divorce industry revolves around the selfish lying back stabbing bitches.

Fuck em.

Sir Paul, you should have listened to your daughter mate.

Heather McCartney is a money grabbing bitch, as are most women.

Edit: There are additional developments to this story. Apparently the settlement fell through. You see, the predatory female couldn’t just have the money, because the conditions were that she couldn’t talk about the breakup of the marriage. Which I would assume you wouldn’t do anything, seeing as it’s supposed to be a private matter. But all bets are off when a modern skank wants something…

Sources close to the case said a date has now been set for a five-day trial, adding: “It is finished. There are no more talks planned. The whole thing broke down without agreement. A trial date has been set for February next year and that is where we are heading.”

A major sticking point is said to be Sir Paul’s demand that Ms Mills, 39, promised not to speak about their four-year marriage.

It is understood McCartney, 65, offered her £50million, including a lump sum of as much as £30million, plus an annual income for their daughter Beatrice.

But Ms Mills, it is thought, was willing to accept as much as £15million less – provided she was free to discuss their relationship.

Sources confirmed the confidentiality clause was a major problem during yesterday’s eight hours of legal talks at the Royal Courts of Justice.

Yeah she wants to tell any newspaper and television show about the relationship. Sanctity of marriage? Respecting the privacy of a relationship? Hell no, that’s oppressing the poor wimmin! The fucking bitch.

Ms Mills, 39, a former topless model who lost a leg in a road crash, has been depicted as a golddigger, only out for the former Beatles’ money.

Really? Whatever would give someone that idea? The word golddigger doesn’t quite cut it anymore. You can also add the term ‘parasite’. Thanks.

But it has also been suggested that what she really craves is publicity and her apparent willingness to forgo many millions, allowing her – if she wants – to write a book and enter the US chat show circuit, appears to be evidence of that.

She has already hosted Larry King Live in the presenter’s absence – removing her artificial limb on air – and recently entered the US equivalent of Strictly Come Dancing.

I could swear constantly but there’s no point. Quite simply, the stupid parasite has absolutely no respect for the rules of relationships. It’s all about her. This leads me to my next point.

Modern women think about themselves. And generally, that’s it. When they say they want a husband, there isn’t some particular breed of man they want. What they want is a particular lifestyle associated with being married and having the man pay for everything. Even when she is telling you she loves you, she probably doesn’t mean it. She says it because she is going through the motions.

These days women want everything and don’t want to have to work for any of it. They just expect it to happen when they want it, how they want it. Here are some quick and easy translations for you men to keep in mind. I actually thinking of starting a separate page for this new dictionary…

‘I want to have a baby’ – I want children. So I’ll find some guy who will give me the sort of babies I want, (the right look, height, etc) then we’ll break up. He’ll want to see the kids but I’ll be annoyed that he stopped doing whatever I want. So I’ll stop him seeing them, how the children feel about it is irrelevant. It’s all about ME!.

‘I want to get married’ – I want to live the princess in the castle fantasy. Which means it should happen in exactly the way I want it too. He has to have (preferably) lots of money and be willing to give me the credit cards to show how much he loves me. Then he’ll give me children. Once I get bored of him, I’ll divorce him, get lots of his money (I deserve it because I deserve everything) then find some other guy who is more exciting/ violent (whatever fantasy I want to live at the time). It’s all about MEEEEEEEE!.