EU Map deletes England, replaces it with Regions

Conspiracy? What conspiracy?

From The Telegraph;

England has been wiped off a map of Europe drawn up by Brussels bureaucrats as part of a scheme that the Tories claim threatens to undermine the country’s national identity.

The new European plan splits England into three zones that are joined with areas in other countries.

The “Manche” region covers part of southern England and northern France while the Atlantic region includes western parts of England, Portugal, Spain and Wales.

The North Sea region includes eastern England, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands and parts of Germany.

The goal of the EU is nothing less than the eradication of national borders and sovereign identity.

German ministers claimed that the plan was about “underlying the goal of a united Europe” to “permanently overcome old borders” at a time when the “Constitution for Europe needs to regain momentum”.

As time goes on and these elites get closer to their goal of an communist super state, more of these issues will start coming to light. These issues are not new however, it is just people are thick and cannot see the forest for the trees, too busy coming up with excuses to not have to get off of their arses and do something.

People really do not understand the gravity of the situation. If the Lisbon Treaty Constitution is ratified none of these other issues (10p tax, NHS, immigration etc) will matter.

It is a Constitution. It does contain all of the elements of the previous Constitution. Pro-EU shills like to simple dismiss this as ‘anti-EU propaganda’ but what else is one to think when the man responsible for the original Constitution admits the following about the Reform Treaty;

Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, the architect of the abandoned European Constitution, has admitted that the document has been rewritten by EU leaders in a different order just to avoid the need for referendums.

“Looking at the content,” he wrote “the result is that the institutional proposals of the constitutional treaty….are found complete in the Lisbon Treaty, only in a different order and inserted in former treaties..”

He made clear that the purpose of the rewritten Treaty (now called the Lisbon Treaty) was to make people think the new version did not merit being put to the people in referendums.

Got that? More evidence for this can be found within an great article in The Spectator.

“The substance of the Constitution is preserved. That is a fact.”
(Angela Merkel, German Chancellor, Telegraph, 29 June 2007)

“We have not let a single substantial point of the Constitutional Treaty go… It is, without a doubt, much more than a treaty. This is a project of foundational character, a treaty for a new Europe.”
(Jose Zapatero, Spanish Prime Minister, speech, 27 June 2007)

“90 per cent of it is still there… these changes haven’t made any dramatic change to the substance of what was agreed back in 2004.”
(Bertie Ahern, Irish Taoiseach, Irish Independent, 24 June 2007)

Czech Republic
“Only cosmetic changes have been made and the basic document remains the same.”
(Vaclav Klaus, Czech President, Guardian, 13 June 2007)

“There’s nothing from the original institutional package that has been changed.”
(Astrid Thors, Finnish Europe Minister, TV-Nytt, 23 June 2007)

“The good thing is…that all the symbolic elements are gone, and that which really matters – the core – is left.”
(Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Danish Prime Minister, Jyllands-Posten, 25 June 2007)

“The original Treaty for a Constitution was maintained in substance.”
(Austrian government website, 25 June 2007)

The new treaty “takes up the most important elements of the Constitutional Treaty project.”
(Guy Verhofstadt, Belgian Prime Minister, Agence Europe, 24 June 2007)

“As for our conditions… I outlined four red lines with respect to the text of the Constitution: to keep a permanent president of the EU, to keep the single overseer for foreign policy and a common diplomatic service, to keep the extension of majority voting, to keep the single legal personality of the Union. All of this has stayed.”
(Romano Prodi, Italian Prime Minister, La Repubblica, 24 June 2007)

Lithuania has “100 percent fulfilled the tasks set forth before the meeting, including the primary objective of preserving the substance of the Constitutional Treaty.”
(Office of the President of Lithuania, official press release)

“The substance has been preserved from Luxembourg’s point of view.”
(Jean-Claude Juncker, Luxembourg Prime Minister, Agence Europe, 24 June)

With the new treaty, the EU gets “content that is not essentially different from the Constitutional Treaty… All key institutional solutions remain… Some symbolic elements will be cleared up and some formulations toned down.”
(Janez Jansa, Slovenian Prime Minister, Government Communication Office, 23
June 2007)

The author of the EU Constitution
“This text is, in fact, a rerun of a great part of the substance of the Constitutional Treaty.” (Valery Giscard d’Estaing, Telegraph, 27 June 2007)

European Parliament
The European Parliament “welcomes the fact that the mandate safeguards the substance of the Constitutional Treaty.”
(European Parliament resolution, 10 July 2007)

The European Commission
“It’s essentially the same proposal as the old Constitution.”
(Margot Wallstrom, EU Commissioner, Svenska Dagbladet, 26 June 2007)

A detailed analysis of the constitional treaty can be found on (downloaded here). Please visit these sites for lots of additional information.

Speaking of additional info, Lord Christoper Monckton, the former policy advisor to Margaret Thatcher has written an article titled;

EU’s Lisbon Treaty Means Dictatorship”.

I strongly suggest you read it in its entirety as it offers an insight in to the legal functioning of the EU. I shall post a quote to offer you a little example of the ‘rights’ you will have under the ‘New World Order‘ regime (my emphasis).

As of this year, under the pretext of compliance with a European anti-terrorist Directive, the right to a fair trial before a properly-constituted and impartial court was abolished in the UK for any criminal case defined as “serious”: and even offences as trivial as dropping litter in public places are now treated by the regional gauleiters as serious. Without a hearing, without the right of legal representation, the gauleiters can imprison any UK citizen for five years at a time, confiscate his house, freeze his bank accounts, close or compulsorily take over any business which he may own, or extradite him to any overseas country (including the most unspeakable dictatorships) even in the absence of any prima facie evidence whatsoever against him.

With the EU’s exponentially growing list of ‘regulations’ you can imagine it being impossible not to find yourself breaking them. Point 9 from EU Truth explains further;

9. Businesses closing under EU regulation
The EU’s 111,000 regulations, when fully enforced, will transform Britain from a free market economy into a Soviet style command economy, closing hundreds of thousands more businesses. They will also control our personal lives far more closely than were those of Soviet citizens. (In a Parliamentary answer to Lord Stoddart in January 2003, the government admitted there were 101,811 EU regulations, growing at 3,500 pa).

The cost of Britain’s 8,500 quangoes is £124 billion a year, and they raise an additional £40 billion from us in charges, according to the Cabinet Office. The Public Bodies Directory 2006 describes only 882 of them. Most exist to enforce EU regulations; nearly all should be closed.

Membership of the communist regime doesn’t come cheap either. Annual Cost of the EU = £275bn or 20% of GDP, and let us not forget that The auditors for the EU have refused to sign off the bloc’s financial accounts – for the 13th year in a row.

MEPs vote for pay increase and then to cover up European Parliament fraud

This is just the tip of the iceberg. I cannot stress the importance enough of NOT voting for Labour/ Conservative or Liberal Democrat and not being distracted by fluff entertainment and irrevelent stories about bulemic politicians and the latest lies pouring forth from Gordon Brown’s treasonous cakehole. Use your vote while you still have one.

I will be voting UKIP.

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