1 in 5 Men ‘Wrongly’ Identified by Mothers as Father

Source: The Guardian Nearly one in five paternity claims handled by the Child Support Agency end up showing the mother has deliberately or inadvertently misidentified the father, figures show. Since DNA paternity testing figures began to be collected in 1998-99, 4,854 paternity claims have turned out to be false after DNA testing. Under child support […]

80% of UK ‘Laws’ actually from the European Union

Daily Mail Amid the silly soap opera that now passes for British politics, in which we are supposed to care more about hairstyles and mannerisms than about the country, there was one moment last week when a decent man said something important. The brief flash of truth shone out like a gold coin on a […]

News Round Up

Hello all. First up is a piece about some ‘unmarried’ mother in the BBC. Well, she likes to use them term. A comment left is more enlightening than the article. I didn’t write the title. Meet the Credit Crunch Crumpet Gosh. Stephanie Flanders, the economics editor of Newsnight, has just told me that she rather […]

The attack on men continues…

With a series of reforms being pushed through that include ‘being given written instructions to “dispel myths” about victims‘ and allowing video ‘testimony’ and hearsay ‘evidence’ in court. And in case you have any doubts about what the aim of this is, the next quote from the Daily Mail article states it, clear as day. […]

David Cameron in the feminists pocket

Remember in Why Feminism is a Fraud I mentioned how feminists get into government and start influencing policy? Well here you have it. It’s quite long, so I’ll just post quotes. My emphasis. Cameron to urge tougher rape laws Conservative leader David Cameron is expected to call for the law to be tightened to ensure […]

Women’s No PAYDAY Debunked

Mercian at AntiMisandry brought this latest perpetuation of the Gender Pay Gap MYTH to my attention, so now I’ll debunk this stupid Women’s Day nonsense. Here we go again. This is a campaign originating from the evil misandric feminist Fawcett Society. It mindlessly repeats the same old ‘pay inequality’ myths that have been doing the […]

Where I Stand

I feel I should clarify a few things about my position within the Men’s Movement. At the moment, although I see the movement growing in leaps and bounds, it isn’t due to masterly organisation or planning. It is more due to the effects of feminism in society, and men being able to put a name […]