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Question the mainstream media, question the government. Question everything with critical thinking. It is what you have a brain for.

I do not consent to this Government

PJC Journal

A Cromwell was the cry of the Revolutionaries as they swept towards the Bastille in 1789, we have to fight these tapsters and wastrels in a corrupt Parliament, and reduce their powers over us.

Obama quoted Tom Paine in his speech, let me give you another quote from Tom Paine-

….governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed; that whatever form of government becomes destructive of these ends; it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it.

I no longer consent to this Government, it was elected on a fraudulent electoral manifesto that ensures minority rule of fanatics wedded to the power of the State. Parliament no longer represents or reflects the will of the people. To quote Cromwell- In the Name of God Go.

Until such time as we have a written constitution that guarantees our Liberties and an Electoral system that reflects the diversity of political thought in this country. I do not consent to be ruled by it.

This British Government is one of liars, thieves and traitors. A bunch of sub-human bumbling pondscum who should have never gotten within a mile of Parliament, let alone be employed within it.

I do not consent to this government. Gordon Brown wasn’t even elected, so it is impossible for anyone in this country to have given him consent anyway. No consent means no mandate, no authorisation to act on our behalf. No right to make decisions for Britain.

As the (wealth creating) private sector stumbles, trying to hold itself up under these State-manipulated conditions, the (wealth destroying) public sector continues to expand. More civil servants, more pay rises, more non-jobs. This results in higher taxation for the private sector, coupled with ever increasing regulation from Brussels (via our ‘Health and Safety Directorate’, which is essentially an EU proxy) it is obvious to see that this is a war on our economy and our society. Such is the desired ends of the Frankfurt subversion of Political Correctness.

The goal of these one world government types is to eventually dissolve Britain into the EU. To destroy Britain as a nation, the national institutions must be infiltrated and manipulated, the economy ransacked, the education system and the media controlled, the nuclear family taken apart, with the resultant rise in crime and social disorder blamed as a Hegelian argument for ever more laws and regulations.

And this cycle is supposed to continue until there is nothing ‘British’ left. Just look at the new coinage. Why redesign the currency? What was wrong with the old design? Well, for one it is synonymous with British identity, so it had to be changed. Apparently it no longer identified with ‘modern Britain’, which is supposed to be seen a merely another state in the socialist dictatorship of the EU, hence the coins having the Royal Arms broken up and spread across them like so. When viewing individual coins, one gets the impression (subconscious or otherwise) that the coin, an unit of a sovereign currency, being just a part of ‘something bigger’.

That’s my opinion anyway.

There is no doubt in my mind however, that this is all contrived. The promotion of Islam in Britain is also part of the plan to create division and social chaos. Destabilise the region, then re-arrange society and the state in the chaos into what they want, which I guarantee will not be in the interests of individual liberty.

Ordo ab chao.

Fuck this government, I want FREEDOM.

The coming horror of ‘Eco-bulbs’ or (CFL)

I recently came across an article on the Daily Mail site regarding a Labour peer who just happens to own shares in a firm who recycles the new ‘eco-friendly’ lightbulbs the enviro-fascist government is currently forcing into all homes.

Lord Barnett, who was Treasury Chief Secretary in the Seventies and later vice-chairman of the BBC, is a major investor in a company that stands to reap massive profits as the new-style bulbs are recycled.

Why must these bulbs be recycled in this way (as opposed to normal bulbs)? Well it is because the new ‘environmentally friendly’ bulbs contain mercury, one of the most toxic substances on Earth.

Breaking one of these bulbs in your home technically qualifies that area as a toxic waste site. The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has issued guidance in the event one of these ‘eco’ bulbs breaks, which will release mercury vapour into your home, and incase you are wondering…

..there is no safe level of mercury, and no one has actually shown that there is a safe level. I would say mercury is a very toxic substance… – Dr Lars Friberg, Former Chief Adviser to the World Health Organization on Mercury safety.

The mainstream excuse for this pushing of this product is to reduce CO2 emissions by lower energy consumption and ‘waste’ through heat etc.

CO2, a naturally occuring gas that exists in trace levels in the atmosphere is essential for plant life. The 0.038% of the atmosphere that contains CO2 represents the planets total outgassing, not just man-made which is again, a trace of the above percentage, but I have written about this here: I will declare Carbon Dioxide a pollutant: Obama. Those useful idiots pushing for global centralisation of power in the name of ‘stopping global warming’ fail to mention that there hasnt been any global warming since 1998. Polar bear numbers are at an all time high and there has been a record increase in sea ice, which is now back to 1979 levels. On top of that many are predicting cooling for years to come. Quite simply, CO2 exists in trace quanitites, and is less of a greenhouse gas than methane, and a gas called nitrogen trifluoride (NF3), used during the construction of solar panels, among other things, is 17,000 times more potent than CO2.

But let’s focus on mercury, otherwise we will be here all day.

By forcing people to buy these new bulbs, the proto-global government is forcing one of the worlds most toxic elements into your home, an element that is toxic to all life and will now help you save the planet (by potentially poisoning and killing yourselves), and with your own money too! Sounds like the thinking of the anti-human elitists to me.

I wanted to a) find out what the ‘acceptable’ level of mercury exposure was, and b) how much mercury is in each bulb.

After a bit of digging, I found a document called ‘Minimal Risk Levels (MRLs) for Hazardous Substances’, published by the Department of Health and Human Services (US). Fluoride is listed in it by the way. According to this document, which defines the MRLs as “an estimate of the daily human exposure to a hazardous substance that is likely to be without appreciable risk of adverse noncancer health effects over a specified duration of exposure.”

The minimum risk for mercury exposure is 0.0002 mg per m3. That is, twenty thousandth of one milligram per cubic metre.

Fine, now how much mercury does one of these new fangled bulbs contain? According to the Health Protection Agency (haha), “Nowadays, the typical amount is around 4 milligrams per lamp – just enough to cover the tip of a ball point pen and just enough to last the expected life-time of the lamp.”

So, 4 milligrams per lamp. Back to the first Daily Mail article we see this;

‘There are 20 million households in the country. That means between 700 million and 800 million lights will need replacing and will have to be recycled.’

So one may not think that a broken bulb in the home is a big deal, even if that bulb can release 40,000 times the maximum acceptable amount of mercury into your locality. How many people will put all of these CFL’s into a special bag and take them down to the controlled recycling environment? What will happen to all of that mercury when dumped in landfills? We cannot even be sure that councils in the UK will recycle the bulbs, as they haven’t been doing the same for all the other materials suitable for recycling. Doesn’t 3,200 kilogrammes of one of the worlds most toxic substances, mercury, being put into the environment sound healthier than CO2, a naturally occuring gas? How does mercury poisoning of the water supply sound? Good!

I didn’t fucking think so, but I suppose CO2 doesn’t have quite the same effect on the brain, on child and fetal development, on reducing sperm count and countless other negative effects which can be easily researched online, but the following statement warrants mention:

All forms of mercury are toxic to the fetus, but methylmercury most readily passes through the placenta. Even with an asymptomatic patient, maternal exposure can lead to spontaneous abortion or retardation.

This doesn’t even touch on all of the other issues this kind of light can generate in people;

dermatologist Dr John Hawk, told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that some people already find it difficult to tolerate the fluorescent-strip lighting that is widely used in schools and offices, which works in the same way as the eco-friendly bulbs.

He said: “Fluorescent lights seem to have some sort of ionising characteristic where they affect the air around them.

“This does affect a certain number of people, probably tens of thousands, in Britain, whose ailments flare up just by being close to them.

Why has the government forced these bulbs on the population? If we had ‘free market capitalism’ (which we don’t) these two families of products could compete openly, but the state deems it necessary to impose their sick agenda on the people without their consent. There is nothing FREE about being FORCED to do anything. It is like ‘compulsory volunteering‘. This in itself should have your spidey-senses tingling. I suppose the unelected scum do not believe you are capable of making these decisions for yourself, I am under the impression that this is part of a larger agenda of 1. funding a new industry 2. released neurotoxins into the general public 3. providing the health ‘industry’ with many sick serfs for decades to come, 4. attack fertility (population control) 5. condition nations to accept rulings from supranational agencies.

By the way, there are ways of cleaning the emissions of coal-powered plants of CO2, mercury etc. Would be better to clean it there than to distribute it to 20 million plus locations than collect it at the source?

Maybe I’m being stupid, but this whole issue makes me fucking sick. More fascism from the elites and more ignorance and apathy from the public. Remember, concern yourself first with the EFFECTs of their proposals, ignore the EXCUSES. These bastards will say anything to make you go along with their agenda, and people will believe it because it’s easier than realising they are pathetic slaves and thus have to DO something about it.


In Lies We Trust: The CIA, Hollywood and Bioterrorism – Official Release

This feature length documentary about medical madness, cloaked in bioterrorism preparedness, will awaken the brain dead. It exposes health officials, directed by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), for conducting a “War of Terror” that is killing millions of unwitting Americans. This urgent life-saving DVD comes without copyright restrictions.

The New World Order Gun

What new world order… No such thing, that is why they didn’t etch the phrase into the Desert Storm Commemorative Glock, which doesn’t exist either and is not on the site, The Glock Faq.

Anyone who talks about the non-existent new world order is a  ‘crazy conspiracy nut’, like George Bush Senior and friends.

That can’t be healthy

As Dutch would say…”What the hell are you?”

From here.

In fact, while I’m at it, try this too.

I would make a joke about Christmas turkey, but I’m a minute too late lol.

Dr. Phyllis Mullenix on the toxic effects of Fluoride

Old Thinker News

Comment from Old-Thinker News: Dr. Phyllis Mullenix became well known in the field of neruotoxicology when she developed a new, more accurate system of analyzing chemicals effects on the brain and central nervous system. The new technology was called the Computer Pattern Recognition System. She received funding from a variety of high profile sources, and consulted with Exxon, Mobil, 3M, DuPont and others in her early career. She was very well received until she began to investigate the effects of fluoride on the central nervous system. Ultimately, her career was destroyed because of her investigation. This presentation by Mullenix at Clark University in 1996 was done two years after she was fired from her toxicology position at Forsyth Dental Center. Mullenix covers vital information regarding secrecy surrounding Fluoride and the Manhattan Project and much more. For more information be sure to check out Christopher Bryson’s book The Fluoride Deception.

A vital piece of information that Mullenix covers is a communication that took place between Harold Hodge (head toxicologist for the Manhattan Project) and Lt. Col. Rhodes on May 1, 1946. Hodge writes in the letter, in which he uses “F” to abbreviate Fluoride,

“Would there be any use at making attempts to counter-act the local fear on part of the residents of Salem and Gloucester counties through lectures on F toxicology and perhaps the usefulness of F in tooth health?”

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Federal Reserve Hires Failed Bank Executive from Bear Sterns

Excuse me? Did I miss a memo or something?

Source: ABC News

The Federal Reserve Bank is drawing jeers for hiring a former top executive from the now-defunct investment bank Bear Stearns to help it gauge the health of other banks.

“How’s this for sweet irony?” business publication needled the pick.

Michael Alix was head of risk management for Bear Stearns for two years until the institution imploded this spring, a victim of its (risky) subprime-mortgage related investments.

Last Friday, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York quietly announced it had hired Alix to advise it on bank supervision.

“You’re kidding me,” said economic policy expert Dean Baker, of the Washington, D.C.-based Center for Economic Policy and Research. While he didn’t know Alix personally, he said, “You would think [his record] would be a big strike against him.”

Not if they’re all in the boys’ club it isn’t. Oh yes, corporate fascism at its finest, and people have the nerve to talk of the ‘failure of capitalism‘.

Sometimes I think there really is no hope.

Or maybe there is.

UK Company Offers “Carbon Credit” Gift Packs

Source: Infowars

It’s the perfect green gift – and even the packaging is offset! Offset your carbon emissions, support CO2 reduction schemes and learn about how to do more!

You can reduce the amount of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere in two very important ways – by learning about your personal impact on greenhouse gases and ways that you can make a real difference, and by supporting a range of CO2 reduction schemes!

Everyday activities that we take for granted contribute to global pollution. This includes basically everything we do, but some of the major ones are driving, flying, heating our homes, food travel miles etc.

For every pack purchased 250kg of CO2 will be offset or prevented from entering the atmosphere by direct investment in Worldwide schemes such as Biopower from sugar in India, wind power projects in China and Turkey, and a methane recovery project in Germany.

Information about the projects can be found inside the pack and all are officially recognised ‘VERs’ (Verified Emission Reductions).

Go fuck yourself, global banking scum. This is one of the biggest scams ever. Subscribing to it means the entire human species being bound to the group of individuals who run the international banking cartel. ‘Carbon credits’ is a bullshit scam based on a bullshit scam perpetuated by a bunch of fat, psychopathic bankers who make a living bullshitting the planet. And with Obama, prepare to become a slave of Gaia Ltd, subsidiary of the Rothschilds.

Gordon Brown shakes hands with former Al Qaeda terrorists

Source: Daily Mail

Thanks for helping us destroy Britains freedom and sovereignty guys, good work! The CIA has your cheques in the mail...

Brown: Thanks for helping us destroy Britain's freedom and sovereignty guys, good work! We've got the peons bent over an oil barrel. The CIA has your cheques in the mail... Via the ISI, like usual.

Can you think of a better caption?

New World Order doesn’t exist! Crazy conspiracy nuts…

While doing some research for an article, I thought I would post some links I came across regarding the phrase ‘New World Order. All from the BBC

New World Order – video
New World Order
New World Order
Blair’s push for new world order
Poster Boy for a New World Order
Brown wants a ‘new world order’
Reshaping of the old world order
Pope calls for fairer world order

Some quotes below…

“No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he will take a Luciferian Initiation.” David Spangler, Director of Planetary Initiative, United Nations

Continue reading

Remember remember, the 5th of November

You want to free yourself and your country from the tyranny of the current state (and the mainstream alternatives are all equally treasonous?)

Then begin NOW! Your body is your own, your life is your own. The State has no place dictating your life to you. Many of us have many plans, which are going to be put into effect sooner rather than later. I’m up for it, are you?

Source: Libertarian Blog

This book cost less than a fiver; are you prepared to spend the price of a couple of pints for your freedom?

On November 5th 1605 Guido Fawkes, ‘the only man to enter Parliament with honest intent’, sought to end the repressive rule of a King from Scotland who brought repression to the Country. The rule of the Stuarts ended on the battlefield of Naseby, with Absolutism subordinate to the rule of Law and Parliament.

The United Kingdom has now become riven with Cameras, unaccountable Local Authorities losing millions in Iceland. Who are speaking up for the people of this Country, as we are plundered as taxpayers to prop up the Banks, not the MPs that’s for sure.

We want to send a message to Parliament, we want 646 copies of ‘1984’, one to be sent to each member of Parliament – make your pledge at to send a copy to arrive on November 5th.

The Libertarian Party with the support of other organisations will ensure that each member of the Cabinet will get a copy, with an appropriate message.

If you cannot be bothered to Act stop whining and continue to be ‘taxed unto your meat and drink’

I am one of those who do not believe that a national debt is a national blessing, but rather a curse to a republic; inasmuch as it is calculated to raise around the administration a moneyed aristocracy dangerous to the liberties of the country.

— Andrew Jackson

Zeitgeist – Addendum is now online

Watch it, discuss it. Analyse your lives in the context of society. Research these systems, question your imposed reality. Free your mind and your body will follow.

You can view the first version of Zeitgeist here.