Immigration drives down wages? A success then.

As I have mentioned in my post ‘Gordon Brown is a Marxist Clown‘, rampant unchecked immigration continues in earnest. With most of the mainstream media whitewashing Brown’s scheming as ‘incompetence’, people don’t actually look deeper into Brown’s Marxist methodology. Most these days may have heard of Karl Marx, but have absolutely no idea who is […]

Muslim ‘Lord’ threatens Parliament, Islamification of UK Police

From Cranmer. Lord Ahmed is a repugnant individual. Not only in appearance, but in association, character and morality. And to hear that he has threatened jihad on the House of Lords if their lordships should fail to meet his demands only serves to intensify Cranmer’s loathing of the man. It appears that a member of […]

Gone in ninety seconds (your ability to have children that is).

Oh yes, from the Record Abortions/ eugenics/ global depopulation file. This can be considered Part Two of my previous post, Abortion rates rocket to record high in Britain. This also functions as a good example of complex dialectics. I mean this in the sense that one dialectical argument can create an environment for another, seemingly separate […]

Record numbers of women are having two or more abortions – UK

Source: Daily Mail Record numbers of women are having two or more abortions, fuelling fears that they are increasingly seen as an alternative to contraception. One third of terminations are carried out on women who have had at least one before  –  and some have had eight or more. Some girls are on their fourth […]

Family Being Replaced with Feral Gangs In Socialist Britain

This could not be more obvious. Relaxing the divorce rules to cater to feminists, claiming marriage was oppressive, along with the ridiculous guarantee of the woman asset-stripping the man contributed to the huge explosion in divorces. On top of that, the Socialists/ Feminists in Government have created a tax system that actually rewards single mothers […]

Why Ireland should vote No to the Lisbon Treaty

I am going to keep this simple. Firstly, as I am sure people following the progress of the Lisbon Treaty will know, Ireland is the only country in the European Union who’s Constitution requires the ratification of the Treaty to be put to a public vote. Good. The re-wording of the original European Constitution to […]

Psychopolitics – Dissimulative language example

Asylum applicants should be called ‘sanctuary seekers’, says new report The word “asylum” should be phased out in relation to foreigners seeking safe haven in Britain and replaced with “sanctuary”, a new report said today. A poll for the Independent Asylum Commission found that only 28% of people viewed “asylum” positively, and 33% viewed it […]

British tourists are told to put EU stickers on their passports

Daily Mail Britons are to be asked to put a sticker proclaiming the rights of European Union “nationals” on the back cover of their passports. From July 1 next year all new passports issued in the UK and other member countries will quote Article 20 of the EU’s founding treaty. But in the meantime the […]

EU Map deletes England, replaces it with Regions

Conspiracy? What conspiracy? From The Telegraph; England has been wiped off a map of Europe drawn up by Brussels bureaucrats as part of a scheme that the Tories claim threatens to undermine the country’s national identity. The new European plan splits England into three zones that are joined with areas in other countries. The “Manche” […]

Brussels’ elite rule Britain. World elites rule Brussels.

As Britains’ sovereign laws are stripped by treasonous scum like Gordon Brown and the Queen, to be replaced by a Pan-European Communist Dictatorship. You may notice that I stated the Queen. Ignorant serfs would like to believe that the parasitic Royal Family only works in the interests of Great Britain. They are elitists, and therefore […]

Police officers to be microchipped and the plan to chip YOU

The banking/ old money elites want you ‘chipped’. This means inserting an RFID tracking chip in your arm so they can watch you, along with a cashless money supply which will then be on the chip, enabling these elites absolute control over the money supply. It is part of their plan, as is detailed by […]

1,300 women have had at least FIVE abortions

As campaigners claimed that termination had become just another form of contraception, figures showed that about 1,300 women had at least their fifth last year. Almost 950 of those having a termination had already had four. Almost 200 had already had five, 110 had had six before – and 54 seven or more. At the […]

Who is your Master, serf!

Pupils to ‘swear oath of allegiance to the Queen’ under new British citizenship plans British schoolchildren could be encouraged to join in citizenship ceremonies and to swear allegiance to the Queen under proposals to be published by ministers today. Pupils could be asked to give a commitment to Queen and country in the ceremonies, which […]

Nine in 10 UK jobs go to foreigners

Almost nine in 10 new jobs created over the past decade have been taken by foreign-born workers despite a sharp increase in the number of skilled British workers, official figures show. The number of British people in work has slumped to the lowest level since Labour was elected in 1997, undermining claims made by Gordon […]

BREAKING NEWS- PLEASE DISTRIBUTE!: Multiple wives will mean multiple benefits

Husbands with multiple wives have been given the go-ahead to claim extra welfare benefits following a year-long Government review, The Sunday Telegraph can reveal. I beg your pardon? The outcome will chiefly benefit Muslim men with more than one wife, as is permitted under Islamic law. Ministers estimate that up to a thousand polygamous partnerships […]

The Labour government’s anti-family tax system

How Labour’s tax system punishes couples for being married Married couples are being brutally punished by Labour’s tax and benefit system, according to research to be published tomorrow. Experts say that couples where one partner works and the other stays at home are the worst affected, paying a far higher proportion of their incomes to […]

News summary

A collection of recent news articles I have come across that I think people should know about. In regards to my post ‘Gordon Brown is a Marxist Clown‘ and specifically the section on Immigration, here is an article in the Daily Mail. (I would leave a comment on the site but I think they have […]

Where I Stand

I feel I should clarify a few things about my position within the Men’s Movement. At the moment, although I see the movement growing in leaps and bounds, it isn’t due to masterly organisation or planning. It is more due to the effects of feminism in society, and men being able to put a name […]

Gordon Brown is a Marxist clown

I keep coming across articles about this Labour government speaking of it’s incompetence, ‘it’s missing the point, ineptitude, not listening to the people‘ etc. You see speeches of Gordon Brown, speaking of the ‘new invigorated Labour’, making it the party for the people, accountable to the people on the one hand, and trying to secretly […]