Researchers Question Wide Use of HPV Vaccines

Source: New York Times (Extract) Two vaccines against cervical cancer are being widely used without sufficient evidence about whether they are worth their high cost or even whether they will effectively stop women from getting the disease, two articles in this week’s New England Journal of Medicine conclude. Both vaccines target the human papillomavirus, a […]

HPV Vaccine Hoax Exposed

Like we didn’t know this already… HPV vaccine hoax exposed: FDA documents reveal HPV ‘not associated with cervical cancer’: A NewsTarget investigation has revealed that the FDA knew as early as 2003 that Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) was not linked to cervical cancer. Despite this knowledge, the FDA, along with key pharmaceutical companies, has […]

HPV Vaccine Gardasil 2

Following on from the initial article ‘HPV Vaccine Gardasil‘. Schoolgirls to get ‘cancer jab’ Schoolgirls in Britain will be vaccinated against the virus that causes cervical cancer from September 2008, ministers have announced. This goes further than recommended by experts, with all aged 12-13 eligible, and a catch-up campaign up to 18. It is thought […]

HPV Vaccine Gardasil

Part two of these articles, imaginatively titled ‘HPV VAccine Gardasil 2‘ is here‘. Gardasil is a cervical cancer vaccine made by a firm called Merck. They are pushing the vaccine to be injected into all the girls between 12 and 13. And now they want to inject boys with it. Why? Why boys as well […]

1,300 girls experience adverse side-effects to cervical cancer vaccine

Daily Mail More than 1,300 schoolgirls have experienced adverse reactions to the controversial cervical cancer jab. Doctors have reported that girls aged just 12 and 13 have suffered paralysis, suffered convulsions and sight problems after being given the vaccine. Dozens were described as having pain ‘in extremity’ while others suffered from nausea, muscle weakness, fever, […]

Gardasil Cancer Vaccine Linked to Pancreatitis, and more.

Source: AOL Journals By: Sylvia Booth Hubbard Gardasil, the cervical cancer vaccine, which is being advised for all young women, may be causing pancreatitis, a painful, debilitating disease that can be fatal. Australian sources reported that three women developed pancreatitis shortly after receiving the vaccine. Gardasil protects women from strains of the HPV (human papillomavirus) […]

Give Gardasil to boys, Big Pharma can double profits!

Source: Daily Mail Teenage boys should be vaccinated against cervical cancer alongside girls because they contribute to the spread of the disease, an infectious diseases expert said today. Where have we seen this before… Dr Paul Yeo said the Government vaccination programme should be widened because they risked leaving a ‘pool of infected individuals’ who […]

Cervical cancer vaccine punted to 300,000 more teenage girls

Source: Telegraph An additional 300,000 girls aged 17 and 18 are to be offered a controversial vaccine to protect them against the sexually-transmitted infection that can lead to cervical cancer, the Government has announced. The girls, who will be offered the Cervarix vaccine from this September, would not have been eligible for it before the […]

News Round Up 2

Hot for Teacher: 18 Sexiest Sex Offenders The well known double standards between the application of the law (and the perception of the public) towards female criminals, especially sex offenders, continues with this article. I can’t see the title of ’18 fittest male rapists’ being published somehow… Anti-depressants don’t work Seems to be an avalanche […]

The Lies of Fluoridation and who Benefits

Flouride. You get it in toothpaste, some get it in their drinking water from the tap. There are two types of flouride. Naturally occuring and artificial flouride, or sodium hexafluorosilicate or hexafluorosilicic acid, These compounds originate as side products from the processing (“defluorination”) of phosphate ores to prepare fertilizers, food additives, etc. Fluorides such as […]

Gardasil vaccine deaths in UK

It was only a matter of time. HPV Vaccine Gardasil HPV Vaccine Gardasil 2 Cervical cancer vaccine punted to 300,000 more teenage girls HPV Vaccine Hoax Exposed Alert over jab for girls as two die following cervical cancer vaccination. A jab that could be given to hundreds of thousands of schoolgirls this autumn was at […]

Immigration drives down wages? A success then.

As I have mentioned in my post ‘Gordon Brown is a Marxist Clown‘, rampant unchecked immigration continues in earnest. With most of the mainstream media whitewashing Brown’s scheming as ‘incompetence’, people don’t actually look deeper into Brown’s Marxist methodology. Most these days may have heard of Karl Marx, but have absolutely no idea who is […]