Multiple false rape accuser finally jailed.

Elizabeth Jones, 22, admitted she lied about the latest rape allegation because she “did not like” the man she accused of attacking her, Southampton Crown Court was told. Her latest victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was arrested and questioned for nine hours before being released without charge. After a judge jailed her […]

Serial false rape accuser, still protected

A woman drove a man to suicide by crying rape and forced a second innocent man to consider taking his life after falsely accusing him of a similar sex attack. Despite being exposed in court as a serial liar, legal restrictions mean the 21-year-old woman can never be identified. A jury took only 45 minutes […]

False rape Conviction

You don’t see that everyday. Before I quote the article, I want to provide a little background research on sentencing for rape, as to provide some context. The following is taken from, from ‘Rape Advice’, available here as a pdf, unless otherwise indicated. Firstly, the definition of ‘rapist’ does not seem to apply to […]

Woman guilty of false rape accusation, still protected by law

Mail Online A businessman has been cleared of raping a university student after jurors were shown footage of the sex session taken on a mobile phone. Gary Taylor, 41, was accused of attacking the 27-year-old woman after turning up at her flat with cocaine and a bottle of red wine. The woman, who can’t be […]

Another false rape claim, results in ‘modest’ sentence.

A filthy piece of shit lies about rape (again). Source: Daily Mail (Extract) A binge-drinking mother has been jailed after falsely accusing an innocent taxi driver of raping her. Joanne Rye, who kept up the lie for 20 months, was told by a judge her behaviour was despicable and was handed an eight-month prison sentence. […]

Women makes false rape claim – Jailed for ONE YEAR

Women’s right to choose extends to destroying men’s lives then. Source: Daily Mail A woman who cried rape was jailed yesterday after her false claim resulted in an innocent man being arrested and undergoing a ‘humiliating’ ordeal. In a childish attempt to make her family feel guilty following an argument, Kerry Saunders claimed she had […]

False rape accuser given 4 months

A young mother who tried to frame a secret lover for rape after her boyfriend found out about their one-night stand has been jailed for four months. Stacey Challoner, 20, falsely claimed John Mullholland had attacked her in woodland before forcing her into intercourse. Police later arrested Mr Mullholland, a 27-year-old married father-of-two and he […]

Another man falsely accused of rape – To ‘teach him a lesson’.

Another false rape claim. The case was thrown out after less than three hours’ deliberation. The jury had heard that Mr Gillett’s accuser, the daughter of a well-known personality, had twice left the room on the night of the incident, but returned. Two students in a nearby room testified that they had not heard her […]

Woman who falsely cried rape FIVE times – Gets SUSPENDED sentence.

A binge-drinking woman who acused five innocent men of rape walked free from court. Tracy Brooks, 26, wasted massive amounts of police time when she made two false allegations against two friends within the space of a month last summer. Crime number one. Wasting police time. The men were arrested, questioned, held for hours in […]

Another False Allegation of Rape

A 64-year-old man from West Sussex who served almost seven years in prison for sex crimes he did not commit has had his convictions formally quashed. He was released from a 10-year jail sentence in August. Now I would like to bring your attention to a few points in this article. He only got released […]

Male defendants to be granted anonymity in rape cases

Wow, equal treatment for both parties in a rape allegation until a verdict is given. Defendants in rape cases will now be granted anonymity under new rules set out in today’s Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition document. The move will turn the clock back to the 1970s when the Sexual Offences Act introduced anonymity for those accused […]

Jailed: The ‘evil’ 21-year-old who seduced soldier and then accused him of rape

A judge branded a woman who falsely accused a soldier of raping her after a one-night stand as “wicked” and “evil” yesterday as he jailed her for a year. A year. What is the average prison time for a man who is found guilty of rape? How does seven years sound? (Pg 13, paragraph A3). […]

Man hangs himself after being falsely accused of raping women and children

A man who lost his job after being falsely accused of a horrific sex crime has been found hanged in a shed. Ian Adams, 51, was suspended and then sacked from his job at a local IKEA store after his employers received a letter saying he had raped a woman and her two children. The […]

What is Date Rape?

I was reading through the comments to an article on the Daily Mail site, here. Most of the comments are just parroting the PC line in response to the main thrust (pun intended) of the article, some select quotes I’ll post below. Date rape should be treated differently from attacks on women by strangers, John […]

Another reason men are avoiding women…

Don’t get mad, get E-venge! Daily Mail. Natalie Lue would be the first to agree that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. When she discovered that her fiancé Tom had been sleeping with other women behind her back – one of her friends caught him on a date with someone else – the […]

Families in meltdown, judge says

What people like me have been saying for ages. A senior family court judge has hit out at the government over what he says is an “epidemic” of family failure that will have “catastrophic” effects. In a speech, Mr Justice Coleridge, a Family Division judge for England and Wales, warned the results could be as […]

International Woman’s Propaganda Day

A.K.A. International Feminist’s Propaganda Day Amazing. A day where women all over the world try and do their best to make men feel guilty for existing. It is also a day where feminists recycle the same old crap about women being paid less, domestic violence, rape, how great abortion is, women’s health problems, equal opportunities […]

The Credo

The Men’s Movement is a worldwide movement. It has been growing constantly for decades, but in recent years its growth has been phenomenal. This is mainly due to the following factors: 1. The injustices experienced by men has grown, as the Marxo-feminist totalitarian governments/ organisations have (with increased confidence in peoples apathy) stepped up their […]

One for the wenches…

Over at The Guardian a lady writes about the phenomenon of ‘LADS’, as she puts it. Her complaints are regarding an online magazine where guys take the piss and call members of the opposite sex various names, like slut, wench, bitch etc. Now apart from the fact she name drops literally all of the magazines’ […]