Women’s Right to Choose in Full Effect

Let’s see how the wimmins revolution is coming along…

TOTAL  – Summary of Registered Abortions Worldwide, through April 2010

1922 – 2010: 863,000,000 reported abortions, estimated 950,000,000 total abortions.

Estimated current global monthly average: 1,237,000 abortions.

Wow, and there I was thinking Marxists killed a lot of people.

mmary of Registered Abortions Worldwide, through April 2010

Genocide Spectrum: Largest mass killings in History

**************** ALL TIME CHAMPION *************
258M 20th century by govt. “Death by Government”
180M Evil deaths caused by govt or religion in 20th century
120M Partial Total Karl Marx inspired killings

10 thoughts on “Women’s Right to Choose in Full Effect

  1. There would be fewer abortions if people wanting to control others’ lives wouldn’t make it so hard to get contraceptives and sexual education. Damned if you and damned if you don’t right?

    Example: Bush cutting out funding of aid project in Uganda unless it stops distributing condoms to the population.

    If I don’t want to make another benig out of my own flesh, blood and bone, that is my business, thank you very much. Sorry to blow up your control freak fantasies. This is about control, and your anger about not being to control the bodies of women, who the hell do you think you are? You have no say in anyone else’s body, male or female. Go see a shrink.

  2. The title of this blog is entitled “The End of Men”, and while I have yet to read any other posts, I fail to see how abortions have anything to do with what I would like to believe to be the main theme to this blog: anti-misandry. Please, tell me more about how you would like a child so bad that you’d choose to carry it around for 9 months. I could understand if this post was meant to show that men have no say in weather they get to have a child or not, but even then, the last time I checked, deciding to have a child is mutual. The woman doesn’t want one, you don’t get one with that woman. Anyways, get the fuck over it, it’s not your body.

  3. Well I guess if a woman is raped by you savage men out there who can’t control your stinking cocks she should be forced to have the baby right? Even after having to deal with the horror of rape-she should be forced to raise and “love” a baby she did not want? Oh-and she has to deal with the fact that the baby will have her rapist’s features..Lovely. “Why don’t I have a daddy mom?” Will soon come up and what will she say? Abortion is a woman’s issue-not a man’s. He’s not the one who has to carry the baby around in his stomach for several months! Until that happens-you guys can say nothing about abortion. Stop telling women what is right for us! It’s our body and our lives-not yours..

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  5. Pretty horrible stats. My Russian relatives talk about how they use abortion as birth control over there. Lots of women have had 6-10 abortions before they ever even think of finally having a child.

  6. Margret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood was a fan of Eugenics, she hired a Nazi to help her create Planned Parenthood with the goal of sterilizing N.Y immigrants as well as black women. She hoped to enlist a black pastor to help get black women on the abortion bandwagon. Good Job, Mrs. Sanger it seems you have efficiently furthered the goal of the NWO to exterminate Millions.

  7. “Well fuck me, that’s a lot of abortions.” – No pun intended I presume lol.

    Next question is, how many of these abortions were funded by taxpayers?


    That is something I really have a problem with. All operations initiated by lifestyle choices should have the costs borne by them alone, not the population at large. In the Western world, over 90% of abortions are the lifestyle type.

  8. Well fuck me, that’s a lot of abortions.

    You could argue though that feminism is a bastard child (no pun intended) of Marxism.

    Also, I personally don’t see abortion before 29 weeks infanticide, but to prevent errors and significantly dodgy moral judgments, support the limit at 22 weeks (max limits of viability).

    Then again, I do not hold sacred the sanctity of human (or a person, you can be human, but not a person – think drooling vegetable, or a feotus) life. Capital punisment is fine. Control of your body is fine.

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