The husband beating wives…

In case you didn’t know, the reality is that domestic violence is committed equally by both sexes. The feminist organisations and government would have you think otherwise, but that is because they have their own agenda (money and power).

The first time I struck my husband was during an argument over money. He’d decided to pay off a loan without telling me and we ‘ d gone overdrawn. I was worried and tried to discuss it with him, at which point he left the room.

I felt we hadn’t talked it through properly and followed him. The next minute, I was hitting him around the head.

I remember losing control and my limbs lashing out.

Afterwards he was upset and I cried – I felt scared and ashamed of what I’d done.

I apologised and thought it was a one-off, but in fact it was a pattern that carried on for the next ten years.

I met my husband through mutual friends at Durham University. I was 19 and he was five years older, more worldly and mature. He was less serious, too, and made me laugh.

We married five years later. He had a job in IT by then and I started work as a divorce lawyer. The early days of our marriage were steady, but as the stress of my job and responsibilities grew, I took it out on him.

After that first time, it happened again about 18 months later. I felt a surge of rage I couldn’t control. My anger would escalate during arguments over household chores or my husband coming to bed late. I remember feeling I was out of my body, watching myself and telling myself to stop, but I couldn’t. I would hit him hard; hitting to hurt.

One time, I picked up a table and crashed it down so hard on the ground that it broke. I left bite marks in his arm a couple of times – it was similar to the way siblings fight, yet he never once struck back. He’d hold up his hands to shield himself, which made me feel even worse.

Yes, this happens a lot more that people realise and it is good that it is getting attention. Women aren’t angels. They’re just people.

4 thoughts on “The husband beating wives…

  1. No you not a person…you get the same comment as a man would get if he was hitting his wife…you are a dog/bitch and should be in jail…..we dont give men the benefit of doubt so nether should we give it to you.

    • And this is where the media tells us “But, oh! Women are so weak and mild and could never hurt a fly! You couldn’t be mad at her for that! It probably didn’t even hurt him.” An where my internal battle starts. I have many debates with my fiance over this same matter. I know I am physically weaker and couldn’t cause the same damage as a man. But, the intentions were the same. Do intentions deserve the same punishment as actual carried out actions? In court, pictures of damage done are shown to prove how “bad” it was, and I’m guessing would be a bit more difficult in a case such as this. I don’t know. I know what is MORALLY right to me, which is she should get the same punishment, but the thought of it to me is somehow wrong.

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