Draw Mohammed Day is TOMORROW!

Don’t forget, if you have blogs, websites etc, or you just want to join in the fun, tomorrow is Draw Mohammed Day (links to Facebook group).

As you know, it is essentially based on a reaction to people who believe they are so superior and perfect to the rest of us, that their beliefs (not facts) should be protected from analysis and critisism, forever. Hence their eternal outrage at things ‘offending Islam’.

This is something of a boggle, seeing as Islam isn’t a person that can be offended, but merely an ideology. I guess it’s okay for Muslims to depict non-Muslim faiths and beliefs as pigs, demons and the like, so long as it’s one way. Like I said, they believe they are superior. You have no ‘right’ to draw a picture of their so called ‘prophet’, even if this person actually received his ‘revelations’ not from God, but from a Demon.

No matter. What is important is that you FOLLOW ISLAMIC RULES and do not do what millions in the West will be doing tomorrow. Depicting this warmongering, paedophile fuck face.

It is going to ‘offend’ Muslims. Well who gives a fuck. I’m more offended by Muslims actually going out and KILLING PEOPLE.

By the way, now is a good time to post this excellent video, a speech by Bat Ye’or, a scholor of Islam.

Remember. Whether you want it or not. This is war. ‘Islam’ believes that the world was always Islamic, and the 15,000 acts of violence since 9/11 in the name of Islam are merely good Muslims trying to bring the world back to where it belongs.

Well I say fuck that.

In the West, everyone and everything is open to criticism. It’s the basis for separating fact from fiction. If Muslims want to threaten lives on this issue, then they are merely seeking to impose islamic rule on non-muslims, as part of their holy war.

Tomorrow I’ll have a pic up. You can count on it.

3 thoughts on “Draw Mohammed Day is TOMORROW!

  1. You clearly do not know the difference between Islam, and the bias propaganda that is portrayed in the media. With your logic, if you believe that all Muslims want to kill everyone else in the world, than you must also believe that all Christians wear white hoods and leave burning crosses on lawns. The only way to know what Islam actually means is to go out and find the answer for yourself by talking to Muslims, reading books and articles by Muslim scholars, and doing your own research.

    Do you even know why Muslims do not portray the image of prophet Mohammed? I would venture to say that you do not, yet you are so quick to criticize Muslims for their reactions. Your article is very obviously steeped in hate and offense, and until you get rid of all that and approach this issue from a well researched and sound minded perspective, you will never truly understand this matter.

    When you trust your television, what you get is what you got. Because when they own the information, oh they can bend it all they want.

    – John Mayer

  2. Hello and good day

    I cannot read your article and simply not say anything as i have been taught silence is the virtue of fools.

    Firstly, there is such prejudice and hate interpreted through your words for over 1 billion people world wide.

    I have always said, if Islam was a problem you would sure as hell know about it with over 1 billion people worldwide claiming Islam as their religion.

    I think the media particularly in the western countries has contributed to gaining an unfavourable opinion amongst citizens particularly those who do not seem to question the ‘facts’ they hear and read.

    If you truly want to know the truth about Islam you would take the time to educate yourself by reading many articles (not modern newspaper articles) by scholars, history proffessors, historical facts, scientists, etc and understand what it actually is. What is Islam? What is its true meaning. What is the purpose of faith? Instead of insulting a prophet, and in consequence, a whole religion.

    If you do not believe in the theory of Islam that is another issue, my concern is that you should still show respect.

    Must I add that the original picture depicting the prophet was a negative portrayal, and this was disrespectful to muslims worldwide. You can see many illustrative depictions of prophets that are in use today that are in no way offensive – You may draw one of these if you desire.

    My best to you,and I hope you are true enough to yourself to understand what hate and resentful tone you are speaking in.

    Kind Regards

  3. Women have taken over the workforce and are hiring other women over men despite qualifications. No where is this more true than in the design industry.

    Look at the TV – you can’t have a high profile design job as a guy unless you are gay, look gay or are designed like a girl. Nobody can believe the overweight white straight guy has any talent because the entertainment / public brain washing industry is too busy making them look like fools.
    Very strong social prejudice towards men are driving slanderous, cartoon like characterizations of us that are just perpetuating the problem and justifying the results.
    Women were allowed into the club and the hypocrites are doing everything they can to exact revenge. The more they get in power the more they can exercise their hatred for men.
    What if Nelson Mandela took over in South Africa and he decided to start getting some payback on the whites? He didn’t because he was smart and he had honor. Men understand these things. Also, he probably knew he would have ended up on the wrong side of the rope along with his followers eventually. And with it, back at square 1 for his people.

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