Independent thoughts to be considered mental illness

From Al Jahom’s Final Word.

As in the Soviet Union, categorising dissenting thoughts and non-(state and corporate) sanctioned behaviour would be enough to get to carted off to the psy-camp for chemical re-education.

They can go screw themselves, how’s that for a dissenting opinion. Fucking shrinks, always were a bunch of dodgy bastards.

3 thoughts on “Independent thoughts to be considered mental illness

  1. I posted this on Freedom Theory UK’s blog, might as well share it here:

    The DSM is an American text. They are fans of medicating everyone and everything. Bipolarism and schizophrenia in kids at age 6? Wtf? Only DiGeorge Syndrome could do that, and that’s a)very rare, and b) produces a whole host of problems before major psych problems.

    The British shrinks don’t like the DSM and we use our own system. For all you hear from the media, we don’t hand out psych drugs readily (except for short management courses to bring anxiety and grief under control and to buy some time to work out on some talk therapy.)

    I’ll point out that’s probably because most current psych meds have a habit of messing with libido and erections. And seeing as we have the NHS, we don’t hand Viagra out like candy, as they do in the USA. No Viagra, no sex drive, people stop taking meds yadda yadda

    • Yeah, it’s still insane (pun intended) how they try to label everything an illness. Of course, just means more drug sales for Pharma. But I think the corporate fascism of the States is more advanced than here.

      • Adverts to ‘consumers’ in America – forces demand up on branded and expensive drugs. Problem is because most people are sheeple, their belief in branded products being better makes them better – a la placebo effect.

        Hell, you can buy tranqs for your dog’s ‘anxiety’ in the States.

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