Mother beats 21 month old baby to death, jailed for ‘life’

A mother who punched and kicked her 21-month-old son to death was jailed for life today.

Collette Harris, 30, must serve at least 16 years behind bars for the murder of Bobby Louch.

He had more than 80 bruises and injuries on his tiny body and head, as well as a burn to his right hand, when he died four days after Christmas in 2008.

He had fatal damage to his brain and abdomen and his injuries were so severe they would normally be seen in a car crash, the Old Bailey was told.

But Bobby had been treated for a broken leg three weeks earlier and was kept in for a scan when bruises were seen on his forehead.

The toddler’s mother, Collette Harris, complained she was being ‘victimised’ and said the bruises were the result of Bobby banging his head on his cot.

Victim? Of what! Victimised by a baby?

She screamed ‘Oh my God’ and collapsed in tears as the jury found her guilty of murder.

Harris whispered ‘I did not touch my son’.

She had tried to blame her new boyfriend, James Phillips, who denied killing Bobby or causing the injuries.

Drug taker Phillips, 25, of Erith, Kent, was found not guilty of murder and alternate charges of manslaughter and causing or allowing the death.

After ‘boyfriends’ and ‘step-fathers’ the biggest group of child abusers are biological mothers. I wonder how they knew this guy didn’t have anything to do with it?

I left out further details of the injuries the baby sustained, it’s hard enough reading it, if you want to know, read the full article. Another symptom of the breakdown of the nuclear family, one of the foundations of feminism.

3 thoughts on “Mother beats 21 month old baby to death, jailed for ‘life’

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  2. True, woman = victim is a mantra repeated throughout the ‘system’. Just like men = child abusers, but this goes to the core of what feminism was and is all about. A way of weaponising women against lower status males, who the ruling classes know are the most likely base for resistance against tyranny.

    Every single case of women lying, cheating, murdering or abusing will feature her as a victim somehow, which is interesting, considering they’re supposed to be ‘equal’ to men. I guess not when it suits them.

  3. The boyfriend probably had an air-tight alibi, like being in a police cell for the week leading up to the death or something.

    As for the ‘victimised’ mother, she’s probably talking about the State/NHS having it in for her.

    I’m only just finishing my first year at medical school, and the number of times they’ve talked to us about abuse, and criminals and subterfuge is shocking.

    The fembot social workers try to constantly pin the blame on men (though they can’t explicitly say anything). Meanwhile my (awesome) proffessor of statistics and epidemiology tries his best to give us the red pill. Trust no one, not even yourself, is his overall message.

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