Who says women aren’t competitive

I have been following the ever falling standards of female ‘artists’ closely over the years. The way they seem to have gotten more and more slutty, sexualised and pathetic in their attempts to 1. get media coverage for themselves and 2. get media coverage away from their ‘competition’.

That is what this boils down to. Attention. In this case, attention equals money. I mean, Grace Jones was outrageous in her way, but she was never slutty. How many male performers do you see cavorting on stage wearing just a jockstrap and top hat?

Why do women feel the need to sprinkle sex on everything they do? Well, now it’s more like whack dollops of that stuff on, to the point that you can’t even recognise what is supposed to be underneath it.

Instead of ‘would you like a little ketchup with that hot dog’, it is now, ‘would you like a little hotdog with that ketchup?’

Femscum go into a ‘totalitarian paradox’ when women start showing their true colours. It goes like this;

There is a resource, could be money, sperm, protection, homes, whatever.

Woman wants resource. Someone else controls resource. If that someone is a man, the easiest way to acquire it is to use sex (or the hint of it).

This is nature. Every year in England, a bunch of gorgeous brainboxes get together and do a beauty pageant thing. They smile, they’re fit, their smart, they’re having a bit of fun etc. But before you could say ‘can I solve your equation honey bunny.’ the local femscum (and mangina) always kick up a fuss. These women are being exploited apparently. Although their choosing to do it. You know, that ‘choice’ thing feminists keep banging on about.

I guess what feminists really meant all along was ‘women should be free to choose to do what we want them to do’. Which isn’t very free at all. But they can’t directly attack the women, that would show their true totalitarian colours, so they continue to perpetrate the myth of the victim. The person organising it is exploiting them! The hall they booked is exploiting them! The paper that reported it on it are exploiting them!

Even the bloody girls themselves say ‘piss off and leave us alone, we’re just having some fun’.

But no, the INDUSTRY OF VICTIMHOOD commands that for these feminists to continue to feel like they are doing something worthwhile (they’re not) they must continue to try and convince everyone they are needed, by convincing everyone that all women are victims of something. Anything, long as they can point a finger at a man in the end (and demand resources to continue to fund their pathetic hateful lives).

Can you imagine this mentality with black people, women, or Jews?

Feminsts, get a fucking clue. You’re about as useful as a fart in a spacesuit. You care about individual freedom about as much as Stalin and you are actually the enemy of men and women.

Buy a dildo or something, just leave us the fuck alone.

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