One thought on “Harriet Harman reveals her utter contempt for men

  1. You talk about this woman hating men when whoever wrote this article clearly has major contempt and severe hatred towards women. There you moronic socially inept men go again with the only words you can muster for women-bitch twat cunt etc. Women did used to be men’s property long ago under the guise of “marriage.” Most are treated the same way today. She is right about soo many things that she said-it’s hard to be a woman in society and yes-white hetero men DO rule the world!! Where have you been? Women are still NOT being treated as equals. In other countries it’s much worse. It’s been that way since the beginning of time. Since when were men denied the right to vote? Your picking on a woman who has every right to speak out about how she feels shows you can dish it out but can’t take it. Men are doing an awful job ruling the world-inbetween raping hurting and harrassing women of course..

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