Changes coming to End of Men

I am having the strong urge to delete all of the posts on this blog and begin again. I have already exported all of the posts into an XML file and feel like the posts I have done for so many years amount to baggage. It feels like a mess in my mind. Too many posts do not have sufficient data links, messy tags, unhelpful language etc. It began as a way for me to vent my spleen about feminism mainly, but as with many of us who germinated in the MRA, our research expanded beyond the trappings of feminism, linking it technically to the larger ideologies and global organisations pushing them. Supranational agencies, globalist banking families, secret agreements and tyrannical ideals.

Feminism is still an issue, but there is a much bigger picture. I want to focus on that picture now, especially where my home, Britain is concerned. Like Queen (the band) says; these are the days of our lives.

I refuse to spend the days of my life, the hours, months, years, knowingly trapped in a system designed to be as invasive as it is invisible. I know that massive changes are going to happen to the societies of the world in my lifetime, and when the dust settles, I want Freedom to be triumphant, not Tyranny.

This blog will take a different tact. One of data gathering, analysis and logical arguments, designed to make these issues transparent to all but the most brainwashed prole.

Thanks for reading,

FM Watkins


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