You are a slave to the Government


One thought on “You are a slave to the Government

  1. Thanks for the video!!! The ruling elitist puppets of their master use government to spread their despotic one world global dictatorship aka the beast system.


    John Rackliffe writes, “Welfare programs, Social Security and other government entitlements have INCREASED THE NEED FOR MORE TAXES, putting pressure on the middle class to pay for the programs for the poor. What God and the founders did to bring people together, the Progressive movement and a growing government has undone,
    driving people apart across an economic divide that grows wider with each passing year.” [ DIVIDE & CONQUER ]

    When we look to God for help, then we must by definition regulate our own actions. We become a self-disciplined people. But when we DEPEND on the GOVERNMENT to regulate us, we surrender the ability to regulate ourselves.

    As long as we permit GOVERNMENT TO REPLACE GOD, we will never ever regain the former STATURE AS A NATION. We will become, to paraphrase Peale, sheep bleating for security rather than lions roaring for liberty. We will continue our descent from proud Americans to whiny brats demanding endless entitlements.
    Tyrannical Acts – Big Brother Watch |||

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