Vaccinate at eight weeks

More money for big pharma, more risks for your children. Vaccines make them money, adverse effects make them money.

Mail Online

Babies could be routinely vaccinated against hepatitis B under controversial plans being discussed by Government experts.

Cases of the disease, a blood infection which is often transmitted sexually, are said to be spiralling in Britain.

An influential committee on vaccination is considering adding it to a combination jab given to babies at eight weeks.

This would create a six-in-one vaccine which would also immunise against diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, polio and Hib disease – a form of pneumonia.

But campaigners are concerned about the ‘over-vaccination’ of children and fear any complications caused by adding hepatitis B to the jab would be difficult to spot.

By the age of four, a child will have received 32 vaccines, some in multishot jabs including the MMR against measles, mumps and rubella.

The driving force behind the change is concern that infected immigrants are contributing to a rising tide of hepatitis B.

Why don’t they screen immigrants at the border then, or is that against their yuman rites.

The British Medical Association and the charity Hepatitis Foundation UK have previously called for all babies to be immunised against hepatitis B.

The move would also bring the UK in line with World Health Organisation policy.

Nothing like being pulled closer into the United Nations to make you feel safe…

More information on vaccinations.

2 thoughts on “Vaccinate at eight weeks

  1. We have this in Australia already. When a woman is admitted to a maternity hospital in Australia, she is given a form to sign to give consent to vaccinate her child. Within minutes of being born, if consent is given, your child will have a hep B shot, along with a Vitamin A shot.

    I chose not to inject my brand new, tiny, little, six week premature baby with either of those things, and so found out just how much the “consent” form is worth.

    Because she was in special care for two weeks before we could take her home, I was at the mercy of the hospital staff. Not a single nursing shift went past without someone trying the “vaccination” lecture on me, and the doctor actually threatened us with legal action because we would not consent to have these “voluntary” vaccinations.

    I am sure a less researched, less confident new mother would have no hope of withstanding the kind of pressure that was applied. It really was extreme, and very disturbing.

    I hope your British mothers are spared the “option” of hep B vaccinations!

    • Mirdza Hayden

      “There are only four times in recorded history that the death rate actually fell. The first was in highly technologically developed Israel in 1973. During a one-month physicians’ strike, the national death-rate reached the lowest rate ever. According to statistics by the Jerusalem Burial Society, the number of funerals dropped by almost half.

      The same thing happepned again in 1976 in Bogota, the capital city of Colombia. There, the doctors went on strike for 52 days. The death rate fell by 35% (National Catholic Reporter and confirmed by the National Morticians Association of Colombia).

      Similar events happened in California a few years later, and in the United Kingdom in 1978 (see “Confessions of a Medical Heretic”, by Robert Mendelsohn, MD).”

      So, does in not stand to reason to find others ways to stay healthy, other than using allopathic doctors and getting prescriptions filled?

      Think about it…

      Experience physical, emotional, and mental health with Young Living:
      Taking a Closer Look at the Stories Ignored by the Mainstream Media

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