False rape Conviction

You don’t see that everyday.

Before I quote the article, I want to provide a little background research on sentencing for rape, as to provide some context. The following is taken from www.sentencing-guidelines.gov.uk, from ‘Rape Advice’, available here as a pdf, unless otherwise indicated.

Firstly, the definition of ‘rapist’ does not seem to apply to women.

Section 142 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 sets the definition of rape as follows;

Rape of women and men

For section 1 of the [1956 c. 69.] Sexual Offences Act 1956 (rape of a woman) there shall be substituted the following section—

“1 Rape of woman or man

(1) It is an offence for a man to rape a woman or another man.

(2) A man commits rape if—

(a) he has sexual intercourse with a person (whether vaginal or anal) who at the time of the intercourse does not consent to it; and

(b) at the time he knows that the person does not consent to the intercourse or is reckless as to whether that person consents to it.

(3) A man also commits rape if he induces a married woman to have sexual intercourse with him by impersonating her husband.

(4) Subsection (2) applies for the purpose of any enactment.”.

In fact, the rape section of the Sexual Offences Act 1956 (c.69) is entirely male specific, except in the event of incest where the law is equally applied. In the Rape Advice document, there is advice to further entrench male-only rape;

In   its   consultative   report 1,   the   Home   Office   Sex   Offences   Review recommended that the statutory definition of rape should be extended to include any penetration   by   the   penis   of   the   anus,   mouth   or   genitalia.

So according to the Act, as women don’t have a penis (and they are not male) that must mean they cannot rape, right?

The section on Male Rape makes no mention of female criminality either, one would think it was written by feminists. In regards to average sentence lengths;

As can be seen from the sentencing statistics summarized at Annex A to this paper, the  average  sentence for an adult offender  sentenced  to  immediate  custody  for rape in 2000 was 7 years 4 months (7 years 6 months on a not guilty plea and 6 years 10 months on a guilty plea). The majority of sentences (57%) fell within the range 5-10 years,  but  25%  of  offenders  received  sentences  of  under  5  years,  and  17%  were sentenced   to   more   than   10   years   (including   10%   whose   sentence   was   life imprisonment).

The document highlights the circumstances of a life sentence for repeat offenders.

37.       The Panel also agrees with the Court of Appeal’s description, in  Billam, of the circumstances in which it will be appropriate to consider a life sentence. A defendant who has a previous conviction for rape or another ‘serious offence’ will be subject to an automatic sentence of life imprisonment under section 109 of the Powers of Criminal

So in summary, the average length for rape is 7 years 1 month. Repeat offenders get an automatic life sentence. That is what a man is expecting to get if he is found guilty of rape, something that can happen based on no more evidence than hear-say from a woman. (A consequence of abuse industry campaigning to push up the number of convictions for rape, remove the ancient requirement of burden of proof, or necessitas probandi incumbit ei qui agit.) With proof being no longer needed, and a long list of false rape accusers getting no sentence whatsoever, even being protected by law, the feminists are getting what they want. Now to the article.

Estranged wife jailed for falsely accusing husband of sex attack

A man has told of the pain and humiliation he endured when his estranged wife falsely accused him of rape.

Anthony Scoones, 27, spoke out after Gemma Scoones was jailed for a year for perverting the course of justice.

One year, of which she’ll do less than half. I think they have to use the charge of ‘perjury’ because there is no charge of ‘false rape’.

He described how he was arrested at his home  -  he was watching TV in bed when police arrived  -  and spent 16 hours in a cell.

His clothes were taken for forensic examination and he was left naked so that DNA samples could be taken.

Mr Scoones said: ‘I wasn’t just stripped of my clothes, but of my dignity. I was stood there naked, with two police officers at one side of me and a doctor at the other side, having swabs taken from all over my body.

‘It was humiliating and degrading. I don’t blame the officers for investigating, but it is a heinous crime to be accused of and I’m still having nightmares now.’

To add to his ordeal, even some people he thought of as friends doubted his innocence.

The rape accusation was part of an ‘acrimonious separation’ from his 26-year-old wife.

Durham Crown Court heard that she told police Mr Scoones followed her home from a shop, forced his way into the house and raped her in a downstairs toilet.

She claimed she was hurt but had not been able to call police immediately because he threatened to petrol-bomb her house.

It was only after discrepancies emerged in a police interview with her that Mr Scoones was told he was in the clear and his ex-wife was charged with committing an act intended to pervert the course of justice.

Jailing Scoones, who had pleaded guilty, Recorder Neil Davey told her: ‘The course you embarked on was one of sheer wickedness.’

Mr Smith said: ‘She was upset and this built up in her as time went on. She accepts there was a degree of planning and she considered her actions for  several weeks.’

Premeditated. Kudos to the Police for actually investigating it and not just throwing the poor man to the wolves. But this isn’t the first time this has happened. Here are a few more from the Endofmen archives.

Another false rape claim, results in ‘modest’ sentence

A binge-drinking mother has been jailed after falsely accusing an innocent taxi driver of raping her.

Joanne Rye, who kept up the lie for 20 months, was told by a judge her behaviour was despicable and was handed an eight-month prison sentence.

Another man falsely accused of rape – To ‘teach him a lesson’

Women makes false rape claim – Jailed for ONE YEAR

Jailed: The ‘evil’ 21-year-old who seduced soldier and then accused him of rape

Man hangs himself after being falsely accused of raping women and children

Repeat offender, life sentence, remember?

Woman who falsely cried rape FIVE times – Gets SUSPENDED sentence

False rape accuser given 4 months

Another False Allegation of Rape – victim serves almost 7 years.

This is obviously just the tip of the iceberg. Here are some articles regarding the rise of false rape/ abuse accusations.

False Rape Accusations May Be More Common Than Thought

Half of all Rape Charges May Be False

In the UK today you can be accused of abuse on almost no evidence and without any proper witnesses to support the story

An alarming national trend: False Rape Allegations

6 thoughts on “False rape Conviction

  1. Convicting people on little more than word of mouth is exactly what they did during The Salem Witch Trials. Have we learned nothing from history?

  2. It is a fact: rape cases soars in the West by a landslide compared to the rest of the developping world and Japan! So civilised we are that we have the highest rape counts per year in the world, Sweeden topping the list! Like 1 in 13 women, a figure which would take even more dramatic proportion if we consider only women of 15-35 yrs/o age range where most rapes seem to do occur. Since this age group is a minority as the median age in most Western countries is now 39 this figure would be even more dramatic for such a small population! An apparent observer from India for instance might remark that the West is a very dangerous place for women to be indeed! And what are feminists saying about this? Apparently they believe that it is precisely due to our degree of civilisation that rape cases have been able to be exposed while they go otherwise underground elsewhere in the world! Feminists also believe that around 95% of cases go unreported while they ignore the 90% of cases which are dismissed before going to court because either the purported “victim” freak out or due to her unreliable testimony e.g she was drunk. Everything else being equal, if every cases should get reported, and all claims did go to court, it is not impossible to assert that every woman in the West would have been rape at least once in their life! According to feminists at least!
    So what are feminists doing about it?
    1) Organising “slutwalks” a masquarade which started in Canada, which they tried to import to London, but which thankfully didn’t occur as of 2012. Slutwalks is a protest that claims that it is a woman’s right to walk as provocatively as she will in, say, a park at night without fear of danger to herself. In otherwords a police officer must be placed at every square mile to protect her! After all you can’t blame the victim for her own behaviour, feminists argue! A woman can be irresponsible, she can claim rape, she can claim abortion [financed by tax-payers of course], and can claim child maintenance!
    2) Blaming the “double standards” i.e. society ostrasizing women for promiscuity. Women are encouraged to have one night stands and to be more promiscuious and engaging men they merely even know for the sake of equality. Where elsewhere in the world women in their 20s are more choosy, carefully picking a committed man to be her husband or to give off their virginity, women in the West mess about with every men they can in their 20s and when their market values have dropped, then they expect a man to come forward and submit to them in marriage!

    Is it difficult to see how rape can easily occur? Is it difficult to see why in 99.9% of rape cases the ‘victim’ knows the ‘rapist’ somehow? Women in the West do not need to be responsible at all and are in fact the most irresponsible women in the world without a doubt! The way rape is defined makes it even worst, as according to the law, if a woman doesn’t say “no”, that doesn’t imply she consentually says ‘yes’ either! So technically all sexual intercourse could be rape! Another thing you forgot to mention, is insertion of fingers or ‘objects’ in body orifices. I wonder if feeding someone food could be considered ‘rape’!?! Basically all it takes is for you to piss a woman during sex e.g. call her Amy instead of Mary, and you could be summoned for rape 5 days later!

  3. It is widely recognised in the law that being drunk is no defense for a crime, or bad behavior for that matter. For example, if I drive while drunk and crash my car or run over someone, I can not diminish my responsibility be the fact that I was drunk. I’ve I murder someone while drunk I’m still charged and convicted of murder. No crime accepts being drunk as a defense, and nor should it, since you chose to pour the alcohol down your throat before you done what you done.

    Then answer me this. It is considered rape to have sex with an intoxicated woman, even your wife. But it apparently isn’t rape for a women to have sex with an intoxicated man. So the law recognizes that a women being drunk can not consent, and makes the male responsible for her behavior, even if it’s just behavior that she usaully engages in when she is sober anyway, like having sex with her husband or boyfriend. So, what if the man is as pissed as a fart, say you regularly get pissed or stoned with your girlfriend, your both pissed, but you are not only responsible for your actions, your responsible for her actions and must make judgement on her ability to consent. She has no such responsibility for you being not able to consent, nor does she have to accept responsibility for her own actions.

    The bottom line is that a drunk woman is not responsible for her actions, or yours. You are responsible for your actions, and hers. If she is sober and you are drunk, nothing changes, she does not have to not have sex with you because you are in no condition to know what you are doing.

    The whole rape thing is rubbish. Lets go back to the real definition of rape, which is, when someone uses physical force or restraint to obtain sex from an unwilling person. Nothing else is rape. All other definitions are just femo nazi anti male propaganda designed to rope more innocent men into jail and claim more victim status for more women.

    By the way, I believe that women who make false allegations should be executed. Trying to totally destroy someones life with a lie is a far worse crime then rape. I know I’d rather be subjected to having my arse fucked by a by any guy rather then spend years in jail and face a lifetime of discrimination on all areas of life, jobs, relationships, etc etc. The consequences for a falsely accused and convicted man are far worse then for even the worst of rape victims.

    I say kill false accusers.

    • A woman is never responsible for anything. She’s an innocent angel by default while a man is a predator, guilty by default. A man always has to prove his innocence, while a woman is innocent until proven guilty!
      Sex with prostitute is much much better – no rape scam, no child maintenance fraud, no false promises, no tricks, no hidden costs, no manipulations, no lies, no pretence and deceptions. You pay for what you get, pay more get more, pay less get less!

  4. I noticed the fact that women cannot commit rape either a while back.

    However, throughout teh history of this country one or two actually have been convicted of the offence.

    Not for raping a man of course (nothing wrong with that according to the government), but for assiting a man in raping a female!

    Currently that’s the only way women get convicted of rape.

    • If an adult woman have sex with an underage boy and gets pregnant she’ll go to jail for while but the boy will still be liable for child maintenance should she get pregnant because it doesn’t negate the child’s rights. Whereas sex with an underage girl is like rape – she can give away the child for adoption and nobody can blame her or charge her for support. In some cases she might not even go to jail. It is well known that Justin Bieber has been doing adult women while he was underage but nothing came out of it.

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