Save the British pub, Axe the Beer Tax

The point of the socialist governments attack on public drinking houses is simple; The pub is a location for people to congregate, socialise and communicate. Throughout history they have been critical in enabling people to meet and organise themselves, in regards to local government or the state. They would much prefer independent pubs to close, to be replaced by generic chain ‘bars’ because they are easier to control.

Man tries to buy a pint in Wetherspoons

This is the same thing that is happening with the police, the GP surgeries etc. Centralise it under the State. It also presents an opportunity for the pig bastard state to leech more money off of you, among other things, like conditioning the public to ‘show your papers schnell!!!’.

None of it is necessary, none of it needs to exist. Please visit these sites for more info, I hope you will find them useful.

Axe The Beer Tax

Save the Pub campaign

3 thoughts on “Save the British pub, Axe the Beer Tax

  1. Well I don’t think the police would need more money anyway. It would help more if the police actually had a constructive presence (as opposed to jumping motorists), and that the state didn’t seem to be hell bent on protecting the yuman rites of pondscum at the expense of the law abiding, who are too busy being taxed to death paying for this moron ape underclass to get together.

  2. Well, the moment you can find a better way than taxation, to stop the fifteen year old cunts in my area getting pissed and causing trouble, then I will support lower beer tax.

    You can’t pump more money into the police force, because technically, they’re socialised, which you’re claiming to be wrong, so you’d have to cut funding there.

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