British Judge: EU Human Rights Court creating ‘federal law of Europe’

That was the point of the EU all along.

Mail Online

One of Britain’s most senior judges has launched a fierce attack on the European Court of Human Rights, accusing it of straying beyond its role and seeking to create a ‘federal law of Europe’.

Funny that, I was just watching a YouTube video of Julia Middleton, the head of Common Purpose, the ‘Chatam House Rules’ charity which specialises in indoctrinating people into ‘leading beyond authority’. Listen carefully to her language. For data on Common Purpose, visit these sites: Common Purpose Exposed, and Stop Common Purpose.

Lord Hoffmann, the second most senior Law Lord, said he supported the adoption of human rights legislation by Britain but stressed that it should be for this country’s courts to apply it, not judges in Strasbourg.

The judge, no stranger to controversy, said European rulings that reversed domestic decisions were ‘teaching grandmothers to suck eggs’.

He stressed that detailed rulings concerning the British legal system should be made in London.

Brussels + Lisbon Treaty = Leading Beyond Authority

In comments that were praised by critics of the Human Rights Court, Lord Hoffmann said it had ‘been unable to resist the temptation to aggrandise its jurisdiction and impose uniform rules on member states’.

Lord Hoffmann, regarded as one of the cleverest judges of his generation, said the court had intervened on issues such as the right to silence, the use of hearsay evidence and even night flights at Heathrow Airport, which he said sounded ‘about as far from human rights as you can get’.

Lord Hoffmann also questioned the court’s ‘constitutional legitimacy’, saying its judges were elected by a committee chaired by a Latvian politician (Boriss Cilevics) and whose British representatives were ‘a Labour politician with a trade union background and no legal qualifications’ (Lord Tomlinson) and ‘a Conservative politician who was called to the Bar in 1972 but so far as I know never practised’ (Christopher Chope MP).

Not surprising really, as our own ‘Minister for Europe’, Caroline Flint, admits never having read the Lisbon Treaty, and why would she, it’s only her f**king job.

South African-born Lord Hoffmann, who is soon to retire, denied he was engaged in ‘populist Euroscepticism’ as he was not questioning the existence of the court but rather its scope and the ‘wisdom or even correctness’ of some decisions.

‘We remain an independent nation with its own legal system, evolved over centuries of constitutional struggle and pragmatic change,’ he said.

A legal system that is overruled by the EU. Lisbon Treaty, Declaration 17: Primacy of Law.

Shadow Justice Secretary Dominic Grieve said: ‘It is interesting that concerns we have about the operation of the European Court of Human Rights are shared by one of the most senior members of the judiciary.’

UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage said: ‘EU leaders are creating a single conception of justice which demolishes our common law that has served freedom well for 1,000 years.’

Exactly! And the new socialist utopia isn’t about freedom, that’s why common law must make way for Napoleonic law so we can all the equally enslaved to the supranational state and its thugs.

But Labour MEP Richard Corbett said: ‘His claim that the court represents a “federal law of Europe” simply isn’t true.’

And the director of the pressure group Liberty, Shami Chakrabarti, said that if Strasbourg was fallible, it was even more important to resist calls to scrap the controversial Human Rights Act, which was introduced by the Labour Government in 1998 and allowed British judges to rules on such issues.

There is no need for a Human Rights Act. Common law can resolve the vast number of issues we have. The yuman rites act is simply there to play groups off of each other, and to encourage conflict. I’ll explain this in more detail in a later article.


2 thoughts on “British Judge: EU Human Rights Court creating ‘federal law of Europe’

  1. Yeah well cults can’t survive with dissenting opinions or critical analysis. Her organisation is all about encouraging these Common Purpose ‘graduates’ to take power where they are not entitled to it, not explaining that the reason why power is decentralised is purely to stop greedy, corrupt scum from monopolising it and thus imposing tyranny on others.

    Common Purpose = The megalomaniac club.

  2. YouTube doesn’t seem to be accepting comments on Julia Middleton’s video. I wonder why not. I used a naughty word, but still…

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