History has been feminised by women authors

Mail Online

British history has been ‘feminised’ by female writers who want to put women centre stage, according to TV historian Dr David Starkey.

In a controversial interview, Dr Starkey claimed that recent books about Henry VIII by women authors seemed to ‘subjugate the history of Henry … to that of his wives’.

In an interview with the Radio Times, he said: ‘One of the great problems has been that Henry, in a sense, has been absorbed by his wives. Which is bizarre.

The historian was speaking ahead of his Channel 4 series to mark the 500th anniversary of Henry VII’s succession to the throne.

‘But it’s what you expect from feminised history, the fact that so many of the writers who write about this are women and so much of their audience is a female audience.’

He said that in his new series, Henry VIII: Mind Of A Tyrant, ‘we’re trying to say, ‘Hang on a minute, Henry is centre stage’.

He said: ‘This is Henry – wives appear simply to explain or complicate the story of Henry. This is his development, his psychology and, above all, why he matters.’

Dr Starkey also said that modern attempts to paint many women in history as ‘power players’ was to falsify the facts.

He said that the way Elizabeth I was presented ‘as some sort of female icon is ludicrous’.

He said: ‘If you are to do a proper history of Europe before the last five minutes, it is a history of white males because they were the power players, and to pretend anything else is to falsify.’

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3 thoughts on “History has been feminised by women authors

  1. Of course feminists have been at the same old ridiculous spin for years now trying to re-invent and brainwash women.. I even heard the malarchy come from a young girls’ mouth once who said her female teacher told her that Watson & Crick did not discover DNA..but they stole the research from a woman… LOL… so ludicrous. But the damage is done as soon as feeble female minds read the rubbish like tabloids… and thats that. Undoing it is far tougher.

    History is dominated by men, men are dominant species, as are males dominant in all species.

    This unGodly mess is Satan’s ploy to get women to destroy men on his way to destroying the image of Christ…

    It is nothing short of this. To ignore the diabolical massive scale of these tyrants and who funds these female authors is to ignore a 1,000 lbg Gorilla in a China shop.

    The real truth is that Henry’s wives were mere concubines and nothing more to him. Putting them at center stage is just a feminist wet dream. “the Bolyen girls” movie is a good example… making it seem as if these women actually had “power” is like saying a rat in a cage has power over its owner because it decides which color cheese it decides to eat… the choices these women had was limited.

    Any mention of fictitious history as of late seems like something females will just quickly jump and latch onto..

    Like “The Secret”… have you ever laughed so hard at such malarky ?

    • You’re right of course. If by ‘The Secret’ you mean that ‘you can think yourself to happiness’ and that people are poor because they attract suffering to themselves with bad thoughts’ bollocks, then yes, I’ve heard of it lol

      Women, or writers wanting to appeal to women, always seek to romanticise these stories from a female perspective, as women are usually the biggest consumer and it is what appeals to them.

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