The amorality of modern women

Another triumph of feminism I suppose.

Daily Mail

Three weeks ago, I bought a pregnancy test. As a single, childless woman in my late 30s, my exact thoughts while I was waiting for the result were as follows: ‘If I am not pregnant, then good. I’m happy.

Life continues as before. Panic over. If I am pregnant, then that’s terrifying. But thrilling, too. A happy accident that was meant to happen, whether I stay with the father or not.’

The test, as it happened, was negative which means, for me, another narrow escape or a lost opportunity – depending on which way you look at it.

But my life could so easily have gone one of two ways that day, and I couldn’t help thinking of that when I read about a new book on late motherhood called Accidentally On Purpose.

The author – single, 39-year-old Mary Pols – got pregnant as a result of unprotected sex on an ill-advised one-night stand, and the book is all about her emotional journey to single mumdom, not to mention her heroic attempts to forge some sort of relationship with the stranger who fathered her child.

In the book, she asks herself whether she conceived ‘accidentally on purpose’. The sex in question, she insists, was purely for pleasure. But was there a secret agenda at work?

She was, after all, like the rest of us maturing singletons, in the last-chance saloon as far as her fertility was concerned. True love, marriage and all that was passing her by.

Maybe she didn’t deliberately set out to ensnare the guy. But there was no way she was even going to consider an abortion once she discovered she was expecting, and now the child is five and the light of her life.

The truth is that there are thousands of other ‘accidental mothers’ out there. You have only to look at the statistics to realise that.

More than half of all conceptions are outside marriage, for a start. Couple that with the fact there has been a sharp increase in the number of children born to those in the 35-39 age group, and you get the picture.

Some of these women approach the task in a far more ruthless manner than Mary Pols did, purposefully going out and sleeping with men when they know they are at their most fertile.

In America, they even have a name for this – they call them ‘gotcha’ pregnancies. Many of the women involved deliberately avoid birth control and have no intention of letting their unwitting bedfellow know this.

There is another term too, ‘keep a man baby’. This is when a woman, afraid of losing her boyfriend, deliberately gets pregnant to try and trap him.

Here is the chestnut;

And much as I think it is immoral to set out to get pregnant in such a calculated way, sometimes you are just so bored with trying to find the perfect nuclear set-up that a small primitive part of you just thinks: ‘Ooh, let’s just see what happens with this one, and if this leads to a baby, then so be it.’

And women wonder why men avoid them (when they’re not blinding throwing ad hominem attacks, desperately trying to shame them into compliance). The other negative to this is, due to the sexist laws in the West, a whoops-a-daisy bitch can sleep with another guy and lie about it, getting another man to pay, and the State will do nothing, also sperm donors are sued for child support. Any more proof as to the non-existent rights of men to children can be seen here.

The rest of the article (and the comments) are here.

and another example of this here.


2 thoughts on “The amorality of modern women

  1. But if you do win don’t accept child support. This is not to get money it is to be with your children. To accept child support, is to say you choose this single parent route but can’t do it by yourself or with your personal support system. The more we let the Gov’t be involved in our life the less freedom and rights we have. Taking child support is equally wrong. Live free! If you made and won this type of life, take ownership of that decision. It doesn’t take a village. It takes you and the people who care for you!

  2. This is a weird society we are becoming when, we claim fathers are abandoning there children. But continue to do this to men. “Keep it in you pants!” , is the typical responds to this type of claim. So men are to bear all the fault. Pony up guys your the reason she got pregnant, your fault, all yours. If you weren’t so controlling, it wouldn’t have happened you pig! If you fall for this like so many of us have fight if you can. If you don’t hire a lawyer, don’t pay and accept “breach of court order” jail time you hurt the system terribly. This type of evil would quickly die. With no income the system fails. To pay into a Gov’t child support system says you accept this type of tyranny. We all want to love our children and be part of their lives. It is by being Fathers we do this, not wallets or slaves. How many of us have wished our children were never born. This is a natural feeling, even if keep secret. The only way to fight this is to fiscally cripple the system. Some of us will go down and some children will suffer.

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