A woman who deceives men into having children

Daily Mail

As a 31-year-old woman, she might be expected to have developed a more mature attitude to pregnancy and childbearing. The reality is anything but. Because Angelica, who claims to be ‘addicted to having babies’, readily admits to tricking three hapless men in succession into fathering half her brood of illegitimate daughters.

For all those women out there who have struggled to conceive children, Angelica’s story makes for bitter reading. But Angelica is proud of her achievements. She plans to tell her children the truth about their conceptions, seemingly with little understanding of the effects such knowledge could have on them.

This is because it isn’t about the kids, it’s about her.

Defiantly, she says: ‘I’ll tell them I wanted a baby, but that I didn’t tell their fathers I was trying to get pregnant. When they realise that I was prepared to lie to conceive them, they’ll know they were really wanted and much-loved babies.’

Or how manipulative and selfish their mother is.

It’s a very odd version of what love and parenting is all about. And the more Angelica talks, the clearer it becomes that she is creating baby after baby to fulfil her own deep-seated and alarming need for love and attention.

Which is about as narcissistic as you can get. Similar to when a woman deliberately indoctrinates the children against the father to hurt him (with no concern whatsoever with the damage she does to them by attacking their father constantly).

Further along…

Then, surprise, surprise, Angelica decided to use her partner as an unwitting sperm donor. She says: ‘I thought he was nice-looking and would make a good dad, so I stopped taking the Pill. I just thought: “It’s my body and I want a baby, so I’ll have one.”

Why don’t they say this when it comes to child support payments.

‘I didn’t feel bad. I knew if I asked him whether he wanted a baby, he’d probably panic and say no, because he was too young. So I decided to go ahead and make the decision myself.

‘I thought Oliver would eventually be delighted he was going to be a father. It took me a couple of months to conceive and I proudly presented him with the positive pregnancy test.

‘He looked stunned and said: “How did that happen?” I shrugged and said: “The Pill can fail, you know.” I didn’t dare tell him I had deliberately become pregnant.

You would be surprised how often this happens. It would seem in this situation, the biggest mistake a man can make is trusting the woman.

The full article is here.

3 thoughts on “A woman who deceives men into having children

  1. this has happened to me, on more than once, first time i was 15, she got herself pregnant by stealing my sperm from condoms, towels, etc, i know because i saw, then later denied the child was mine, had 2 more kids before she was 20, said the first child was mine then denied again. second time a girl i got married to shortly after meeting failed to tell me her cervical cancer came from the hpv virus, and decided to keep the child because she said”she did not know if she could have children and did not want to give one up.” leaving me with a vd, and saying i don’t have to be their but allowed me to give her child support and stay on my insurance to pay for medication she could not afford without my insurance, the third time and illegal immigrant who wanted to stay in this country gave me drugs and alcohol so as to get pregnant and get citizenship. i have only slept with 6 women in my life and 3 of them want nothing but money from me.

    • That is why I always say the most honest women on earth are prostitutes! You know exactly what you are getting yourself into, what to expect, no game, no trick, no manipulation, no nothing! It is not prostitutes that we should ostrasize and disrespect, but the whores in our lives – they are uworthy of nothing!

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