Free speech only for Islamic supremacists

Note, that this is the same Choudary scumbag who states that ‘only Muslims are innocents’ (Killing of Non-Muslims is Legitimate) and hot on the heels of Geert Wilders being banned for wanting to speak honestly about Islam.

Religion of Peace march

Religion of Peace march


“The startling move comes just days after processions celebrating St George were banned for being racist” and “despite a previous demonstration in which some of his supporters chanted: ‘Bomb the UK.'” All in the name of “diversity.”

“Hate preacher get OK to run sharia law demo,” by Tom Savage and Ross Kaniuk for the Daily Star, February 28:

HATE preacher Anjem Choudary will march in London today calling for Britain to adopt Islamic Sharia law.The startling move comes just days after processions celebrating St George were banned for being racist.

Choudary was given the green light yesterday despite a previous demonstration in which some of his supporters chanted: “Bomb the UK”.

Publicity for the march, in the East End, carries 41-year-old Choudary’s personal mobile number and says the aim of the campaign is to “emulate the Prophet and his companions, by calling for Islam and speaking out against the oppression of man-made law”.

Bet Choudary can’t wait till his band of muhajirun becomes strong enough, so they can begin emulating Muhammad’s Medinan phase, that is, full blown jihad — complete with British plunder and concubines. Too bad for him, though: he probably has to wait a few more years for that to be possible.

It says that Britain is full of “disbelievers” who are involved in prostitution, gambling, alcoholism and worshipping other gods.The publicity says women are welcome to join the march but they must walk at the back of the procession as “strict segregation will be enforced”.

The demo comes 18 months after three of Choudary’s supporters were jailed for soliciting murder in a London protest against cartoons of the prophet Mohammed published in Denmark.

That was when some demonstrators chanted “Bomb the UK” and “Europe, you will pay with your blood”. Organiser Choudary was fined.

Today’s march won permission after a council withdrew funding for a St George’s Day parade in the Midlands – on the grounds that it was “racist”.

Parade founder Mark Cowles, 40, of West Bromwich, said yesterday: “I can’t believe Choudary’s event can go ahead.

“The British establishment is trying to take away the British voice but other cultures choose to force their way of life on us.”

UPDATE (from Robert Spencer): This march took place as scheduled. Pamela has details and video here.

More: Banned cleric Omar Bakri addresses conference at London primary school;

Omar Bakri, the radical cleric banned from Britain, has addressed a conference at a primary school in London in which he called for the country to become an Islamic state.

6 thoughts on “Free speech only for Islamic supremacists

  1. Some people, who subjected themselves to organised religion which claimed to be Christian, may have been as bad as that.

    That is no justification for extremist Muslim behaviour now though is it?

    It is certainly no justification for why we must sit back and allow their (Muslim, or whoever) assertions to go unchallenged.

    The ones we should really be aggrieved with – is our own establishment; traitors!

  2. Well it isn’t misleading in the context of the article IS IT.

    What the hell do climate change and anti-war demonstrations have to do with Islam? Unless you want to add evidence to the statement that Geert Wilders was discriminated against, while the BNP are allowed to protest.

    Those in favour of Islam are allowed to express themselves, those in opposition are not. DO YOU GET IT YOU MORON.

    But I know, you’re one of those Guardian reading fake liberals. ‘The people should be free to do what we tell you’ nanny state nonsense.

  3. “Free speech only for Islamic supremacists” – Slightly misleading title given that i’ve sat and watched a BNP rally similar to that islamic rally, with signs saying “Allah is a cunt”.
    Slightly misleading given that i’ve been to climate change rallies and anti-war rallies, both of which were nothing to do with being pro-muslim.
    And given that Nationalism is on the rise here, you’re preaching bullshit. Daily Mail type bullshit.

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