The high-maintenance man

Daily Mail

Following the divorce of Madonna and Guy Ritchie, estimates have suggested the film director was awarded
£45 million from his ex-wife’s £200 million fortune, including a country pile and a London pub.

It’s set to be the latest in a long line of table-turning settlements where high-grossing women are forced to hand over hard-earned cash to less-successful husbands. Think Kate Winslet and first husband Jim Threapleton – who received £500,000; and Vanessa Feltz, who was ordered to pay her surgeon ex £1.5 million (after he cheated on her). But these pale in significance next to the £20 million Anne Robinson was reported to have paid her ex – who is also her ex-manager – after 27 years of marriage.

And it’s not just celebrities who are feeling the pinch. Britain’s leading divorce lawyers are seeing a surge in such cases, with Northern law firm Pannone noting a 300 per cent increase in husbands trying to claim their wives’ assets in the past two years. This equates to around 120 cases in the past year alone.

‘This is an upward trend, mostly with professional women divorcing lower-paid men,’ confirms Fiona Wood, a partner at the company. ‘Many women are taken unawares. The husband may have earned £20,000 a year, but the court will account for the fact that her £200,000 wage gave him expensive holidays and a nice car, so he’ll be awarded enough to retain that standard of living.’


It’s all about the comments, here’s a sample;

“But is it fair”.

Of course it is. It’s called “equality”.

It’s what you wanted. Now you have got it – live with it.

Unless of course, women thought it was “equality when it’s convenient…. and privilege when it ain’t.”

In which case, tough luck. – Chris, Wokingham, England


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