British govt to air ‘please don’t attack us’ ads in Pakistan

I don’t believe this. I don’t fucking believe it.

PJC Journal

Leading Indian Newspaper the Express India is reporting that The British government will air ads on Pakistani television urging terrorists to not attack Britain.

Prominent British Muslims will star in the British Foreign Office-funded £400,000 campaign that is set to break on Pakistani television next Monday.

The three-month public relations offensive, called ‘I Am the West’, will also include high-profile events in regions such as Peshawar and Mirpur, Seven in ten British Pakistanis are Mirpuris.

The first three ads in the project will feature British Communities Minister Sadiq Khan, UK manager of Islamic Relief Jehangir Malik, former England Under-19 captain and promising Worcestershire allrounder Moeen Ali, and the Lord Mayor of Birmingham, Chaudry Abdul Rashid, a Mirpuri.

It has four key aims, the daily reported: ‘to ensure Pakistanis realise the west is not anti-Islamic, that British society is not anti-Islam, to demonstrate the extent to which Muslims are integrated into British society and to stimulate and facilitate constructive debate on the compatibility of liberal and Muslim values’.

Read the rest (and more great articles) here.


3 thoughts on “British govt to air ‘please don’t attack us’ ads in Pakistan

  1. They are encouraging the Muslims. They’re saying: ‘look here – see how weak and pathetic we are’!

    When the trouble they are fermenting eventually goes ‘bang’ – everyone will look to the state to restore order.

    When the state moves to repress us all the more – we will be thanking them as our saviour.

    I guess that’s the plan anyway.

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