Muslim ‘Lord’ threatens Parliament, Islamification of UK Police

From Cranmer.

Lord Ahmed is a repugnant individual. Not only in appearance, but in association, character and morality. And to hear that he has threatened jihad on the House of Lords if their lordships should fail to meet his demands only serves to intensify Cranmer’s loathing of the man.

It appears that a member of the House of Lords had invited the Dutch politician, Geert Wilders, to a private meeting in the Palace of Westminster. She had intended to invite her colleagues in the Lords to a private viewing of his ‘documentary’ Fitna, followed by discussion and debate in true parliamentary fashion. This is, after all, a liberal democracy, and their lordships enjoy the rights of freedom of expression and freedom of association, not to mention certain parliamentary privileges for the protection of their function in the legislature.

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From the Opinionator.

When I first saw the title of the below news article – I thought that this MUST be a joke – surely not serious. But, to my dismay, the article is true – Police in (the once) Great Britain have dhimmified-up enough so that they now offer a HIJAB UNIFORM for female muslim police.

Sughra Ahmed says “”There may also be women who are already with the force who do not wear the scarf but choose to later. Again, this will be positive for them.” ——–Oh let’s be sure we encourage hijab wearing — plus you can be sure those muslim women who have chosen to not wear the veil will soon receive “pressure” from the Islamo-Sharia-police to do so. (Despite his prior comment)

For in-depth discussion of Muslim women and the veil – go to HERE

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I can tell you know, this is making me fucking sick. Parliament should have kicked that pompous litte prick out of the country, let alone the House. What a bunch of pussified spineless cunts!!! This is supposed to the global home of Freedom (which is of course why the socialists are so determined to destroy it).

The first duty of any Muslim is to Islam so how the fuck can he be a Lord, let alone occupy any position of central political power? If you look at any Muslim-based group, you will see in their charters that they must always seek to promote and protect Islam. Britain will never be Islamic, and anyone who thinks it will can just go fuck yourselves. All of you. As far as I’m concerned, the real Britain (not the Fabian shithole it is now) represents individual liberty, equality under law and THAT’S IT. And for all of your politically correctness arsemunching spineless wankers, Islam is not about tolerance. It is a fascist political ideology. It isn’t a religion. And if Mohammed is a ‘prophet’ then Jesus is the Devil, because only a fucking evil cunt would advocate the killing, subjugation and enslavement of others, the demand that others sacrificed their lives for him, that supposedly got his ‘revelations’ not from god, but from Gabriel, a lesser being, who personally beheaded hundreds of Jews, raped, pillaged and murdered like the filthy 7th century barbarian that he was, and his sociopathic unthinking followers.

I’ve been studying Islam for ages, what a bunch of evil nasty cunts. I also know of the deals the EU has done with Islamic nations, to ‘guarantee’ respect for the fascist belief system (along with immigration), labelling the analysis and criticism of a fucking STORY, hate speech. Not surprising considering the EU is fascist too. Easy way to destabilise western nations for the NWO. Use Islam to attack western society, and enslave and destroy Islam later.

People need to get clued up. Britain is being attacked with every trick in the book, so it the United States and most of the western world. Why? Because the global government see the end in sight and actually believe they can have a one world socialist dictatorship in their lifetimes.

Well fuck them all.

16 thoughts on “Muslim ‘Lord’ threatens Parliament, Islamification of UK Police

  1. They shouldn’t be too successful of course. People still have to be convinced there is a good case for all the surveillance and state intrusion.

  2. This may be interesting: There is a quote from Lord Ahmed where he says something like: those who preach division should be isolated! :-/ (That’s from other Muslims presumably.)

    They are looking for Muslims to accept their own wishy-washy liberal interpretation of Muslims’ own religion.

    Remains to be seen how well it goes down. They seem to have done a good job with Christianity though (witness the C of E).

  3. Re: our government’s (idiotic) policies. I wonder what the ‘master plan’ is once the culture clash with Islam blows up in our faces; a move to ban all religion, or impose some new sort of belief system perhaps? We are probably nearly there; it’s a wishy-washy liberalism – where basically anything goes. Tolerance will be re-defined as meaning everything is right. Disbelief in that ideology will not be tolerated!

  4. Islamic states (with Sharia law).

    Palestine has always been a tinder box (even before WWII). Thank the British Empire for maintaining order there some years before that (which the Jews hated).

    Israel is a parliamentary democracy which tolerates different religions and secularism.

    There are extremist Christians, but I can not think how anyone could possibly interpret Jesus’ teachings as condoning violence. Jesus didn’t kill people who disagreed with him; he did the opposite — he sacrificed himself on other people’s (sinners) behalf (so the story goes). I don’t think you can say that about Muhammad.

  5. judaism and zionism are two different things, yes, evidence can be seen in nuetra keurta (sp?) that rally against israel’s illegal occupation of palestine.

    you said “Islam is the only religion that advocates such violence towards others, and also pushes for a totalitiarian global government, based on slavery and fear”.

    This is simply not the case. Islam, does not have a ‘state’ which implies its ideologies on others. and if you are going to bring up islamic terrorism in response, dont bother because they are extremist groups. what your statement does remind me of is the zionist state of israel, its allies, USA and UK.

    I have travelled across the world, eastern asia, middle east, australia, southern europe, and during my travels in the middle east i observed them as being very peaceful and practicing their religion in peace. i went to a mosque in latakia syria and had discussions with noble sunni arab men. they do not want their islam invading christian homes, or minds for that matter. they live peacefully alongside their christian arabs. live and let live.

    tell me, why is it since israel invaded arab land after wwII that suddenly all these issues regarding the middle east and muslims began propping up? immigration also sky rocketed like the plague. this is becuase of the neo con zionist agenda. they want to make the arabs and muslims look evil and bad and make the white majority countries white minority.

    of course that the muslims would probably believe that their religion is great and whatever but i dont believe they want to impose it on others.

    i believe your facts about islam are coming from unreliable sources who highly exaggurate facts into myths created from translation of the koran. Or simply coming from extremist sects within the islamic world. let’s not forget that in suadi arabia you can have your hand cut off from the wrist simply for shoplifting.

    Their are several sects of islam sunni and shia. one of the right wing roots of sunni islam is wahabi (sp?) islam. this is most likely where you’re getting your info from and let me just say that they are ALL extremists in this field. these are the people who advocate more than one wife, hitting women, executions, you name it.

    i think if you research islam, its roots, without bias (social or personal), without social opinion & prejudices, etc, you will be surprised from what you thought was real.

    you also state that, “Islam itself isn’t a threat though, the government, by capitulating to it, by promoting it at the expense of British culture and identity, are giving Islamists an inflated sense of power. ”

    well, you can attribute this to your own government. it is not a religious problem that you allege that islamists have an inflated sense of power.

    to keep the discussion simple, remember this, that the UK government serves the interests of israel first and foremost in all middle eastern or islamic de-marketing (if i could use this term here) matters.

    In the end im certain we all know what’s right is right.

  6. Islam is the only religion that advocates such violence towards others, and also pushes for a totalitiarian global government, based on slavery and fear.

    Actually, it’s almost identical to the Zionist agenda, which contrary to your assumptions, I’m well versed on.

    Judaism and Zionism are two different things. Don’t mix the two.

    You speak of knowing nice Muslims, that’s great, I wasn’t attacking the global population of muslims, I’m attacking the Quran, and the recorded barbaric history of Islam’s prophet. The same way I attack the Patriot Act or the Civil Contingencies Act.

    Islam itself isn’t a threat though, the government, by capitulating to it, by promoting it at the expense of British culture and identity, are giving Islamists an inflated sense of power.

    Remember, Muslims are commanded to promote Islam at all times. If that conflicts wit any other oath, belief or loyalty, they are to promote Islam ahead of it.

    Using this logic, it isn’t possible for a Muslim to technically represent the British people faithfully, seeing as the vast majority are not Muslims, and in the event of any conflict, Britain must come second.

    Try reading the Quran, as I’m sure you haven’t.

    And of course terrorism is being used as a pretext for tyranny at home:

    Just like the war on drugs and other propaganda machines, but people need to be made aware of things happening in their vicinity so they apply this knowledge to current events.

    I could always go on about the Trilateral Commissions’ origination with aliens, but people couldn’t apply that to anything useful.

    It’s tactics.

  7. i don’t see islam as a threat, i know many muslims who dont fit the picture of the ‘threat’.
    having said that your point about governments using islam to dissolve the national identities of western countries, i believe islam, is not the only ‘threat’ to use your term.
    in that case, jews, buddhists, hindus, etc are all a threat as they are non european religions. it is unfair to give one religion a threat to euro countries.

    western governments in my opinion have not tried to dissolve their own national identities through bringing in islam. the answer to this is because what they have done is created national alarm across their own countries by racial profiling, passing legislation that deprives any one (who is suspected of terrorism) to be held without any legal respresentation for over the usual period of 48 hours. this was recently seen in australia with dr haneef case which was appaling case of not only framing the innocent but deprivation of natural liberties which our so called democratic nations pride ourselves on.

    as you have stated, ‘the bigger agenda itself’ can be seen throughout the news, radio, papers on which every middle eastern is portrayed as a negative backward individual, yet the kike is always seen as noble and articulate. they have even turned our white women into trash throuh reality tv shows whilst our own people stand through it, like germany’s guilt over wwII and how they are still aiding and supporting israel massively.

    multiculturalism itself is part of an agenda that is controlled by few very powerful individuals on earth, and im not talking governments either, they even control them.

    and they have you by the neck just like many other people who are distracted by the ‘muslim threat’. i just laugh because it is nothing compared to the global agenda the zionists have in mind which dragged young men to their graves in iraq and afghanistan.

  8. george, it isn’t only the number of deaths, it is the cultural imperialism which is a cornerstone of Islam. I have studied it. It isn’t a religion, it is a political ideology.

    Their prophet wasn’t any such thing. He was a sociopath and a murderer. That’s all. He got upset that the local Rabbi’s wouldn’t accept him as the new prophet, so he decided to wage war on them.

    He started off by being nicey nicey to other faiths, only because he needed to get recruits, but once he had a gang of scum at his command, he began invading villages, slaughtering the men, raping the women and enslaving the boys.

    They would then divide up the booty and go to another village and do it again etc.

    He was a warlord. He stated that Islam MUST take over the world, and because he never expected this to ever happen, he intended for Jihad to be eternal.

    In this context, Islam divides the world into two camps, the non-islamic Dar el Harb (world of war) and Dar el Islam (world of islam).

    The highest duty of any Muslim is to convert Harb to Islam. Whether through financial means, cultural warfare or physical violence.

    Considering this, our governments are still doing more to damage our societies than individual muslims groups, but they are using Islam as a dialectical argument to dissolve the national identities of western countries, which is part of a bigger agenda in itself.

    Multiculturalism’s real name is cultural Marxism. It isn’t racist to rally against it. Just like it isn’t racist to insist Muslim kids sit with non-Muslims. Culture isn’t a race, just like ‘religion’ isn’t. You don’t need to add disclaimers here, this isn’t the BBC 🙂

  9. although i agree with alot of what this site represents, i disagree with this article ( or some parts of it) islam is not threatening, and only is due to the mass hysteria created by the western media regarding islamic terrorism. ‘islamic terrorism’ has probably killed no more than say 7000 people (that is a very high number but i just want to be on the safe argument side) whereas the coaltion of forces in iraq have killed many many more innocent iraqis, and israel has also killed countless numbers of innocent civilians in lebanon, palestine, syria, egypt, etc since the 40’s!! therefore, muslims are not a threat in my opinion.

    before 9/11, if you remember, muslims werent looked at in such a negative way. sure, they were different and still are culturally, or simply what they wear. Israel for example, is much more terrorist than any muslim would ever be, and is a danger to the western world in my opinion, much of which britain helped create in 1940’s.

    Now, concering britain and islam, my own belief is i am against multiculuralism. not because i am racist but becuase every country is and was culturally unique in its own way, and must stay that way in the future. britain should stay british just as pakistan should stay pakistani. period. i’d like to know other people’s thoughts on this matter.

  10. EU Manual of Manipulation from Anders at euro-med an excellent site for all upcoming NWO moves.

    In addition that anyone can ever believe what Fabian Brown says re- the financial crisis again.

    Basically, the apocalpse coming our way. following Keynsian economics, which we still are following.
    666 A more suitable tag for Brown and co.
    Notice dated…2003 6 years ago..

  11. Fascism is the merging of state and corporate power. The EU is fascist. Islam is not fascist. Totalitarian perhaps, intolerant and intolerable, but not fascist.

    You are right. I stand corrected. – FM Watkins

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  13. Oh we’re rightly screwed. I would suggest that people read Mark Steyns book, America Alone.

    The EU is turning into a socialist fascist state. The only reason why this progression has slowed down is because us Irish rejected the Lisbon treaty. But that’ll change soon enough when we’ll have another vote. The polls indicate a yes vote this time as people assume the best place to be to weather the financial crisis is to be in EU. That’s what our useless politicians are telling us anyway.

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