Economic warfare serves a one world government agenda

According to the Guardian, Iceland is to be fast-tracked into the EU, due to the economic shitstorm they find themselves in.

Iceland will be put on a fast track to joining the European Union to rescue the small Arctic state from financial collapse amid rising expectations that it will apply for membership within months, senior policy-makers in Brussels and Reykjavik have told the Guardian.

Olli Rehn, the European commissioner in charge of enlargement, said: “The EU prefers two countries joining at the same time rather than individually. If Iceland applies shortly and the negotiations are rapid, Croatia and Iceland could join the EU in parallel. On Iceland, I hope I will be busier. It is one of the oldest democracies in the world and its strategic and economic positions would be an asset to the EU.”

Well it is important for the supranational dictatorship to swallow all of the remaining democracies in the region, seeing as the EU is about as democratic as the former Soviet Union, one can see where this is heading. Iceland had successfully stayed out of the Eurozone until now. The EU’s economy is contracting also and will drag member states (formally nation states) down with it. Funny how a bit of deliberate economic warfare and a little help from the Financial Oligarchy’s useful idiots can cause such a rapid change in events for a nation. But that isn’t all (my emphasis).

The conservative government in Reykjavik, in power for 18 years, collapsed this week, the first government to fall as a result of the financial meltdown which has wrecked the Icelandic currency, the krona, wiped out savings and pensions, required a massive IMF bailout, sparked unprecedented riots in Reykjavik, and forced the formation of a caretaker centre-left government until new elections can be held, probably on 9 May.

EU membership will be a central theme of the election campaign, with the social democrats – the senior partner in the coalition interim government with the anti-EU Left Greens – pushing to join the EU and to swap the krona for the single European currency as soon as possible.

Although the people rioting against the government because of economic mismanagement is expected, such events, if encouraged and directed, can be used to generate particular responses. In the Greek riots at the end of 2008, there have been reports of police dressed as rioters (agent provocateurs) put there to encourage violence and property damage. We also know that the ex-Italian President is on the record saying: “Provocateur Riots Then “Beat The Shit Out Of Protesters”

Former Italian President Francesco Cossiga has offered a solution to the Italian government in dealing with widespread demonstrations by students and teachers over a cut in state funding of education – use agent provocateurs to start riots and then have the police “beat the shit out of the protesters”.

Cossiga, former Italian President, Prime Minister, Minister of the Interior, and one of the founders of the Operation GLADIO covert intelligence unit, encouraged Silvio Berlusconi and current Minister of the Interior Robert Maroni to “do what I did when I was Minister of the Interior,” namely infiltrate what so far have been relatively peaceful demonstrations, radicalize them, start riots, then engender public support for a heavy-handed police response.

Problem-reaction-solution. Thesis+Antithesis=Synthesis. This could have easily been the case with the Iceland riots and now as a result of the government being dissolved, ministers are coming out of the woodwork claiming that “The krona is dead. We need a new currency. The only serious option is the euro.”

Though deeply indebted and in dire straits, the Icelandic economy is minuscule compared with the main EU member states and therefore unlikely to prove a destabilising force. Iceland has already secured a multibillion pound IMF loan and is unlikely to prove a drain on the EU budget.

In other words, Iceland is truly up shit creek. And the same thing is being planned for Britain. These constant bailouts are not supposed to help the economy, they are supposed to devalue the Pound with the plan to force Britain into the Euro. These bailouts also help the biggest companies avoid the contraction of the money supply, which results in lenders calling in loans. People losing their homes, smaller businesses going under etc. The same technique is being used in the United States. If you want to help the people, scrap the Income Tax and reduce public spending. But the opposite is happening.

From the Telegraph;

Jose Manuel Barroso, the commission president, said that his conversations with British politicians persuaded him that “the people who matter in Britain” are now thinking about euro membership in the wake of global economic and financial turmoil.

And this isn’t all. The EU, which is a socialist dictatorship has its eyes set on more British assets. Redistribution of wealth is the M.O. of communism to widen the gap between the ruling classes and everyone else.

The only thing that will stop this is action from the people who really matter.


7 thoughts on “Economic warfare serves a one world government agenda

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  3. Thanks for this Rob. This is one of the many benefits of globalisation to those in charge of the international financial organisations.

    They can see how all of the ratings and transfers of these countries interact, constantly collecting vast amounts of data on transactions. They can then use this data to generate models of the global economy.

    Small deliberate manipulations that be done to markets to gauge the response, and that can then be fed into the models. Over time they have enough data to push forward in a big way.

    Funny how in the wake of this completely deliberate global contraction, socialists are coming out of the wood work claiming this is a failure of capitalism and we should actually adopt socialism, when these bailouts are nothing less than corporate socialism. Privatise the profits, socialise the losses.

    This is how they achieve ‘equality’. Socialism and communism are obviously the same thing. They redistribute wealth and reduce rights until everyone exists on subsistance to the state, except the secret ruling classes of course, who use the state to confiscate all property from the people.

    So people can be ‘equally’ enslaved to the state, and they in turn can be dissolved into international ‘unions’, like the EU, which eventually will all be merged into a global socialist dictatorship, run thusly:

    “The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto determination practiced in past centuries.” – David Rockefeller, Trilateral Commission Founder 1991

  4. A little bit off topic, but not really – because, FMW, I know you understand the dialectic is an important part of all this.

    Here is a little tidbit that I find interesting from a Canadian perspective and I have not seen anyone mention it yet, so forgive me if I may ramble on as I explain it, but here is how I view how this “economic warfare” has been unleashed globally against ALL nations.

    When this whole nonsense started in the US and Europe/the EU, because of bad equity debts, Canada was essentially unaffected. Whereas the States deregulated banking (in the 90’s I believe – not sure when the EU did), Canada never did. We have stupidly conservative banks here in Canada, but, in this particular situation, it saved our asses. Whereas the States’ deregulation has resulted in something like a 1/40th equity-debt ratio, and some members of the EU at 1/50th, Canadian banks were still slogging it out the old fashioned way – requiring 1/10th equity-debt ratios – plus things like (in personal banking), never lending money to a person if their obligations exceed 40% of their gross income etc. Like I said – very conservative, and the exact opposite of what was going on in the States & the EU.

    Therefore, going into this economic situation, Canada was (is) one of the few industrialized nations that is (was) well positioned to weather this storm. Our banks can afford to take a bit of a walloping – it might hurt them for a while, but there was little danger that they would collapse.

    Now, here is what happened when the bailouts started.

    People/banks/businesses didn’t want to do business with American banks anymore, because they were unsure of their balance sheets – and therefore did not want to do any business lending in the meantime, out of fear that overnight an institution could fail and all moneys awaiting interactions would disappear into bankruptcy.

    Therefore, in order to keep the “economic lubrication” going, the American government said they would back up their banks – essentially co-signing their debts. This was, of course, followed by the EU banks sheepishly admitting that they too were a bunch of fuck-ups, and, in fact, were even more fucked-up than the US banks, causing massive bailouts by governments all around the globe, all essentially co-signing their banking system’s debts.

    Now, remember, Canadian banks had pretty good balance sheets. There was not really too much danger that the Canadian banking system would fail. We didn’t need the government to co-sign our banking industry’s debts. However, this is not what happened – we ended up being forced to co-sign for our banking industry anyways – through dialectical forces.

    Here is how it happened. (In a massively simplified way – I will just use an example of simple credit ratings, co-signing, and bank write-offs).

    Let’s just say that before all of this stuff began, every Western nation had a “Triple A” credit rating. But, after this began, Western nations’ credit ratings began slipping… down to AA, A, and then, they were solid “B” or, in cases like Iceland, “F” credit ratings (or however the hell they rate them when things are going the shits).

    Now, remember, Canadian banks hadn’t really screwed themselves up – so, essentially, there is no excuse for their credit rating to fall.

    That is not what happened however.

    Let’s say that when you have an “AAA” credit rating, the “default rate” is a low 5% risk.

    Of course, the further down the scale you go, the larger the “default risk” increases – someone with a “B” rating might have a 15% risk-rate of defaults on loans, and “F” being 100%. Anyway – you get the general idea.

    So, when all of this hubbub started, the countries with banks that had really screwed the people over, should have seen their credit ratings fall – as they should, according to market forces. Banks/countries that did not screw up their system, ought to have kept their high credit rating, and, as the crooked banks declared bankruptcy and failed, as soon as the initial blow was over, the recovery pattern would have led the free market forces to seek out banking systems that were solid – like Canada’s. For industry and everything – if they were worried that their line of credit may dry up at an American bank, forcing insolvency upon them, the prudent thing to do would be to set up an alternate credit line with a banking system that would not fail – like Canada’s was positioned to do. (Financing is global – one Canadian company I used to own stocks in recently got slaughtered when the Royal Bank of Scotland had to freeze its credit due to the bank’s own bad balance sheets).

    But, this is not what happened.

    Once governments around the world started “co-signing” for their banks, their credit rating essentially shot back up through the roof. Remember, all the western leaders got on TV and they “guaranteed to do whatever it takes to prevent the collapse of their banks.” And, well, the government actually does have the power to do this (apparently).

    So, once the “bad banks” were co-signed for – the ones that had drop to a crappy “B”, the act of the government “co-signing” for them, shot their credit rating right back up – in fact, whereas a Triple AAA credit rating used to mean that there was (say) a 5% default risk… a government backed/co-signed bank has a ZERO% default risk.

    So, here is what happened to the Canadian banking system a few months back, when all this started.

    Instead of maintaining a premier credit rating, thus eventually attracting business from all over the world (being able to charge free-market premium rates too, I would think), Canadian banks actually became a worse credit risk than the criminal fuckers still working at the banks who started all this crap.

    The US government “guaranteeing” their banks – no matter what – essentially gives them a 0% risk, and propels them PASSED a triple AAA credit rating – thus, dropping the desire of the free market to do business with countries like Canada, that merely presented a 5% risk.

    So, the rest of the world started to refuse to do business with our Canadian banks because our government had NOT “co-signed” for them. That our banks had not screwed up and had a 95% chance of survival suddenly became the bigger risk. Therefore, to prevent our own banking system from collapsing for lack of business, we did indeed get forced, dialectically, into nationalizing our system, along with everyone else.

    The sonsabitches are pretty smart. Had a few nations not nationalized their systems, if the ones who did nationalize would end up failing, there would still be the old system to fall back upon… kinda like back in 1920’s Germany – smart people merely transfered their wealth out of the currency and into another nation’s currency that wasn’t going hoopie – thereby preserving their wealth. It was a good thing that every nation in the world wasn’t using German Marks, eh? Where would they have transfered their money to? (There is always gold, of course).

    NWO, here we come!

  5. If we join the Euro it’s over, there can be no return from a financial union.

    We would have absolutely no assets left with which to affect a relaunch of the pound if (when) the people realized what a catastrophic mistake it had been.

    This is the endgame.

  6. The link to ‘The Tap Blog’ explained something of why joining the Euro isn’t going to help. The allegation made there, that there is an agenda to destroy the British housing market, also makes sense of why Northern Rock (fully nationalised) is so aggressively trying to get its money back – at a time when the government says it is trying to increase the money supply.

    In Iceland; at least it looks like they are going to have a vote – by way of a general election. We can still rely on vote counting in Iceland can’t we?


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