London 7/7 Bombings Secret information

Question the mainstream media, question the government. Question everything with critical thinking. It is what you have a brain for.

5 thoughts on “London 7/7 Bombings Secret information

  1. I don’t know. America and Russia have been to the brink of nuclear war before. Both thought better of it.

    I think the sort of people who might possibly be insane enough to go nuclear are religious zealots / terrorists.

  2. Mugabe studied in the West. It seems a lot of nut jobs in the ME, Africa and South America either studied in Europe or America (infamous SOA -> WHINSEC)

    Mugabe is a sick “£&”£. Deserves to hang but not by a NWO Kangaroo court. Also I don’t think hating the West has anything to do with hating the NWO. He is a tyrant, that just seems to see it as a new Imperialism which I guess it is in a way.

    I keep wondering about a place to escape to.

    So do I, but lack of finance buts a halt to that (for now). Just need to find a place where government has better ideas when it comes to family.

    China is being set-up but I don’t think it is not fully in the NWO hand. Russia is an odd one out. I can’t figure out Putin. There is little doubt that by going after some of the oligarchy he went after the NWO. The most infamous Mikhail Khodorkovsky who gave his shares passed on to Rothschild

    “Voting rights to the shares passed to Mr. Rothschild, 67, under a “previously unknown arrangement” designed to take effect in the event that Mr. Khodorkovsky could no longer “act as a beneficiary” of the shares, it said.”

    And then his view on “unipolar” world. But then again Chinese generals and leaders have said something similar.

    Putin says Russia threatened by ‘Unipolar World’

    Though it is said he implies America, it could mean more.

    I never thought in my lifetime I would be supporting the rise of Russia. But what an odd world it has become.

    There is always the possibility that they are playing both sides, without world “leaders” knowning it. Nuclear war can’t be on their table, can it?

  3. There are some really sexy Russian women though.

    Chinese women still seem to know how to treat their men too. In really remote parts of China the government will have no real control either.

    North Korea?

    Mugabe, in Zimbabwe doesn’t like the west much does he? Shame he’s nuts.

    I keep wondering about a place to escape to.

  4. China is definitely NWO. I personally believe that the scum are deliberately moving global production to China to centralise it, as the ‘factory of the world’.

    Then they can start putting poisons in everything and distributing it around the world, using Chinese slave labour and their corporations.

    We all know about the recent deluge of crap found in food and other products from that communist shithole. The latest environmental-fascist move with CFL’s works the same way. All come from China, all have mercury in them.

    Good for the environment? One of the worlds most toxic substances? Riiiiight.

    Not sure about Russia, I don’t trust any nation myself. I trust myself, and the application of logic and critical thought.

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