I do not consent to this Government

PJC Journal

A Cromwell was the cry of the Revolutionaries as they swept towards the Bastille in 1789, we have to fight these tapsters and wastrels in a corrupt Parliament, and reduce their powers over us.

Obama quoted Tom Paine in his speech, let me give you another quote from Tom Paine-

….governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed; that whatever form of government becomes destructive of these ends; it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it.

I no longer consent to this Government, it was elected on a fraudulent electoral manifesto that ensures minority rule of fanatics wedded to the power of the State. Parliament no longer represents or reflects the will of the people. To quote Cromwell- In the Name of God Go.

Until such time as we have a written constitution that guarantees our Liberties and an Electoral system that reflects the diversity of political thought in this country. I do not consent to be ruled by it.

This British Government is one of liars, thieves and traitors. A bunch of sub-human bumbling pondscum who should have never gotten within a mile of Parliament, let alone be employed within it.

I do not consent to this government. Gordon Brown wasn’t even elected, so it is impossible for anyone in this country to have given him consent anyway. No consent means no mandate, no authorisation to act on our behalf. No right to make decisions for Britain.

As the (wealth creating) private sector stumbles, trying to hold itself up under these State-manipulated conditions, the (wealth destroying) public sector continues to expand. More civil servants, more pay rises, more non-jobs. This results in higher taxation for the private sector, coupled with ever increasing regulation from Brussels (via our ‘Health and Safety Directorate’, which is essentially an EU proxy) it is obvious to see that this is a war on our economy and our society. Such is the desired ends of the Frankfurt subversion of Political Correctness.

The goal of these one world government types is to eventually dissolve Britain into the EU. To destroy Britain as a nation, the national institutions must be infiltrated and manipulated, the economy ransacked, the education system and the media controlled, the nuclear family taken apart, with the resultant rise in crime and social disorder blamed as a Hegelian argument for ever more laws and regulations.

And this cycle is supposed to continue until there is nothing ‘British’ left. Just look at the new coinage. Why redesign the currency? What was wrong with the old design? Well, for one it is synonymous with British identity, so it had to be changed. Apparently it no longer identified with ‘modern Britain’, which is supposed to be seen a merely another state in the socialist dictatorship of the EU, hence the coins having the Royal Arms broken up and spread across them like so. When viewing individual coins, one gets the impression (subconscious or otherwise) that the coin, an unit of a sovereign currency, being just a part of ‘something bigger’.

That’s my opinion anyway.

There is no doubt in my mind however, that this is all contrived. The promotion of Islam in Britain is also part of the plan to create division and social chaos. Destabilise the region, then re-arrange society and the state in the chaos into what they want, which I guarantee will not be in the interests of individual liberty.

Ordo ab chao.

Fuck this government, I want FREEDOM.

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