More badly behaved women…

Daily Mail

Paternity fraud case, 17 years the bitch lied to the man, letting him pay for a child that wasn’t his. Not only deception but adultery. An ‘inveterate liar’, the Judge called her. Still, the case the man put forth for reimbursement was thrown out at Appeals. Imagine how fast and hard the misandric state would stamp on any man found to have children and not be paying for them!

The judge, sitting with Lord Justice Aikens and Mr Justice Bennett, said: ‘This whole case can be categorised as a misfortune to all those engaged in it. I would not wish to be the one to extend their misfortunes further.’

Horseshit. They know that  women are given preferential treatment in the courtroom, so they won’t even give the man a chance. Hell, we have a whole ‘child support agency’ designed primarily to force men to pay for children, even if it isn’t his. Woman puts hand in fire, state makes sure man’s hand gets burnt. Feminist equality for you.

Now Lily Allen, some girl who sort of sung a few songs, says this:

‘I just want to marry someone rich’

Her career may be ticking along nicely, but it seems Lily Allen’s ambition is beginning to wane.

The pop singer is instead setting her sights on bagging a wealthy husband.

The 23-year-old revealed her plans to artist and friend Damien Hirst in Interview magazine, in which she also appears in a smouldering photoshoot.

She said: ‘I just hope I can stay famous enough for a little bit so someone rich will marry me. That’s all I really care about these days.’

Join the club.

Lily was most recently linked to millionaire art dealer Jay Jopling, 45, and sparked rumours of an engagement when she wore a large ring on her wedding finger during a romantic holiday in St Barts earlier this month.

A source revealed: ‘Lily had been on a mission to get Jay for more than four months.’

She is obviously concerned about having more orgasms

Western women make me sick. Not for what they want, but for the duplicity in their actions. Deceit is a common weapon in the females arsenal, being as they are, amoral. This amorality inherent in women enables advertisers to sell them endless shit, enables the state to bribe them and tyrants to control them. Marx knew of their ‘qualities’, conspiring to recruit them as weapons against the only obstacle to global communism government, Men.

And, feminism was born.

It seems these days, that children are the property of women, but the responsibility of men. Not emotionally, just financially. Back in the day when they were the property of men things were different. Women couldn’t leave with the children. If they left, they would be on their own. Where they belong. This shift of power to women is part of the destruction of the family, repeated by bankers, feminists, fascists, the UN, think tanks etc. Like controlled demolition, one has to take out the core infrastructure to ensure that it collapses in a predictable way. One can then build a new structure in its place.

That is what is meant by a New World Order.

By the way, only a woman can do this attempting a three-point-turn!

3 thoughts on “More badly behaved women…

  1. ”It seems these days, that children are the property of women, but the responsibility of men.”

    Brilliant! I’m definitely going to use that in future, it really gets to the heart of this issue. That is basically what everyone believes and what the law enforces; children belong with their mothers, funded by their fathers.

  2. You’re right Anon, I usually take them for granted, people should always read the comments. And no, I don’t find the attitudes of the females commenting a surprise at all.

  3. Please scan over the comments from women to that article about the Paternity Fraud.

    Its a dam Gold mine

    Just look how the narcistic fuckers make excuses for the women.

    The ones that support the guys actions are far and few between.

    Those comments alone should be immortalized and reported on.

    You have missed the Main bread and butter of the whole thing; the comments please don’t ignore them, they require your attention.

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