Don’t let MP’s keep their expenses secret from us!

In regards to this post on the Libertarian Party UK blog., on the subject of MP’s to vote on keeping their taxpayer funded expenses secret. There is also a Facebook group campaign regarding it.

Dear ****,

Re: Members of Parliament published expenses

I am sure that you will agree with me that one of things that causes such lack of confidence in MP’s is the constant attempts by Members of the House of Commons to claim for expenses at charge to the hard pressed taxpayer and then not to publish their expense accounts in full.

Personally I fail to understand why my employer and the HMRC require all expenditure to be properly receipted, yet members feel that they should not supply receipts for expenditure under £25 and have a special exemption under the Freedom of Information Act to cover their expenses.

Following the commendable example of Douglas Carswell MP, who has made a public declaration that he will publish his expenses in full upto April 2009, could you please inform me if you will also be declaring your expenses.

If you feel that is not something that you want to do, can you explain on what grounds you do not wish to follow Mr Carswell’s example.

Let’s see what he says, if anything…

6 thoughts on “Don’t let MP’s keep their expenses secret from us!

  1. Here’s some hope: my MP (Nick Palmer – Broxtowe) said he would have defied the whips, and voted against the proposal (if it had come to that).

  2. Thanks for the heads-up. I decided to write my own letter. It ended up taking a while – the first few drafts were too outrageously rude! I’m so fed up with them.

    In response I expect a letter of platitudinous nonsense, while in Parliament they will just continue to treat us with contemptuous disregard!

    If you don’t hope for too much, then you won’t be disappointed!

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