Women have more orgasms with rich men: study

Hahahaha, hohohoho, teehehehehehe!

Daily Mail

Money can’t buy you love – but it can lead to better sex, scientists say.

A controversial study claims that a woman finds lovemaking more fulfilling if her partner is wealthy.

The finding adds to the evidence that for many females, money, status and success remain a key ingredient in sexual attraction.

The link between money and sex, and the apparent sexual attraction of fabulously wealthy men, has been debated since the dawn of civilisation.

It isn’t a debate. It’s an established fact!

It was famously celebrated by the spoof chat show host Mrs Merton, when she asked Debbie McGee ‘what first attracted you to the millionaire Paul Daniels?’ and is discussed every time a young female model marries a far older, but richer businessman, pop star or actor.

The Chinese Health and Family Life Survey includes information on the sex lives, income, education and other personal details on 5,000 people across China, based on interviews and questionnaires.  Among these were 1,534 women with husbands and boyfriends.

Dr Pollet found that 121 of these women reported always having orgasms during sex, 408 said they ‘often’ had orgasms, 762 ‘sometimes’ had orgasms while 243 had them rarely or never.

The researchers found several factors influenced the women’s enjoyment of sex. However, one of the biggest turned out to be the income of their partner.

Who would have known

‘We found that increasing partner income had a highly positive effect on women’s self-reported frequency of orgasms,’ Dr Pollet said in  the journal Evolution and Human Behaviour.

Now how is this for some serious man-hating femcrap.

Although many people find the idea that women enjoy sex more with rich partners offensive, some biologists argue that the instinct makes evolutionary sense.

Women have to invest so much time and personal risk into each baby, it is crucial that they get the most successful and healthy partner so they can to improve the chances of their own DNA being passed on.

A man, in contrast, can father hundreds, or even thousands, of babies in a lifetime and so invests less in each child.

Well yeah, women need to hunt men for money, because men just don’t care about children!

How’s this. Women prostitute themselves because they are just all whores.

No, broad derogatory remarks attacking an entire gender could be called sexism. Unless it is aimed at men of course. Who cares about them anyway…

6 thoughts on “Women have more orgasms with rich men: study

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  3. JB, that’s why I said it wasn’t a debate, it’s a fact.

    The sexism is in the last few sentences, with the assumption that men just don’t invest as much in children as women.

  4. You mean; they only call it sexism when it’s women who are attacked.

    Sexism hadn’t occurred to me reading this article. I suppose there was bias there. As if financial investment (the male role) is not so important.

    (Not that mothers seem to do much mothering these days – apart from the gestation period.)

    Leaving gender politics aside – some things are just facts, whether we want to admit them or not: women like men who are good providers; men like women who are ‘fit’.

    These preferences tend to be the most successful for producing offspring. Evolution has selected these characteristics in men and women, over other ones which would be less successful.

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