Quangos ‘spend more than £1bn on spin in a year’

Daily Mail

State agencies, boards, commissions and quangos spent more than £1billion on spin last year, new evidence has indicated.

The huge amounts of public money lavished on attempts to sway opinion were revealed by freedom of information requests.

State-run organisations admitted raising their spending on ‘communications’  –  much of it devoted to lobbying and public relations puffs  –  by almost a quarter in 2008.

The 32 public bodies which answered questions from the Tax-Payers’ Alliance together paid out more than £50million on ‘ communications’ staff and the material they produced

If all 1,162 unelected and unaccountable Government-funded organisations were spending at the same rate, the cost to the taxpayer would have reached almost £2billion. Communications budgets are certain to have passed the £1billion point.

The bills were disclosed at a time when recession is eating deeply into private sector jobs.

But the public sector gravy train rolls on. The inefficient, bloated, useless, unnecessary jobsworths continue to cream it off at the expense of the private sector. Billions stolen from hard working people without their consent ‘for the greater good’ right. Bullshit. One cannot be too surprised however, this pull-the-ladder-up attitude comes straight from the top.

MPs were accused of a ‘new level of arrogance’ last night as they launched a bid to keep secret full details of how they spend millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money.

And they will further mock voters with a new rulebook allowing them to carry on squandering cash on furniture and home improvements.

With households and businesses cutting costs, the moves will be seen as more evidence that elected representatives are hopelessly out of touch.

No, they just don’t give a shit. This is what happens in socialist states. The ever increasing power available to them in these positions, coupled with the ever decreasing accountibility means it is INEVITABLE that corrupt, tyrannical, totalitarian self serving scum will be attracted to these positions. There are two reasons for this. 1. Self serving, tyrannical scum are always looking for a situation where they can exercise such desires. Positions of power allow this. 2. Peer behaviour leads to a culture of corruption. Everyone around them is on the take, so they are more attracted to it because of this.

This is one of the major reasons why power is supposed to be decentralised. Imagine how evil and corrupt the scum will be in a global fascist dictatorship? The principle of individual freedom is the critical issue because self-ownership means self-sovereignty.

What is more likely to encourage greed and corruption? A small, limited, efficient, transparent, accountable state where they come second fiddle to the individual sovereignty of the citizen. Or one where the 670 or so MPs have power over the 80 million people in this country?

The centralisation of power always leads to this and it always leads to the power trying to centralise ever more from the country. To do that they must achieve dominion over the sovereignty of the citizens, essentially enslaving them through law, taxation and propaganda.

Nothing will change with the usual political parties. It is a rigged game. You are presented with these three ‘options’ because they are the ones vetted by the cartel behind the government, who also control the mainstream media. It is like a room with three doors, which all just so happen to lead to the same room on the other side. Any ‘choice’ you have is actually an illusion, as the outcome, the major policies and decisions will be the same, and by ‘choosing’ one of the sanctioned options you are giving them a mandate to continue the tyranny and police state agenda.

When you define true choice by outcome and not option, those three doors collapse into one. This gives you three real choices. Go through that door, don’t do anything, or kick the fucking wall in on the other side and see what happens.

I bet you can guess which choice the establishment want you to take.

I bet you can guess which choice I am going to take.

Freedom isn’t a right, it is a priviledge. In fact so are rights.  These unelected rulers are fighting to prevent you from even thinking about taking your freedom back. Using your money. By stealing your time.

What can you do? Well, first of all, start by looking at other political options. I will explain more aspects of this subject and more in later posts.

Thanks for reading.

One thought on “Quangos ‘spend more than £1bn on spin in a year’

  1. If it takes a Billion, it must be a good measure of how dire Labour really is.

    Callous, socilist politics at it’s best (Hiding the tears)

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